Tesla Sentry Mode Car Keyed
Tesla vandals laugh as they damage a Model 3 while Sentry Mode is actively recording

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Original Footage https://youtu.be/bOPNYoHymnM Entire right side of car keyed and dented. This happened on front street in Old Sacramento. Didn’t get the plate for some reason because the sentry videos has a gap. Need help to identify.


Sofiaan Fraval : Please post a follow up from the court house.

Scalemailmailmail : I like how they are so happy with their job and totally unaware of how they are recorded and likely to recieve a tiny shitstorm for their stupidity.

Scott Dempsey Jr : I love how they walk back to the front of the cars FRONT FACING CAMERA and laugh. Will be great in court.

arcadecup : Guy in “America” shirt keys one of the most American cars. .. ...

Yasmeen H Hassan : Hi! I'm a reporter with CBS News in Sacramento. I can't believe how crazy this video is! I'd love to do a story on it today if you possibly have 5-10 minutes available to talk to us!

Joseph Pregenzer : Dumbasses don’t see the big screen telling them they’re being recorded? They’ll get arrested soon I’m sure.

Luke C : These "patriots" keying the most American car in the lot

Alex F : As someone who just experienced this, I really hope this technology is standard in all cars very soon.

LookIntoHawaii.com : They're clearly from the shallow side of the gene pool.

Olof Persson : A couple of middle aged men acting like broken home-12 yr olds. Scum.

arcadecup : Some peoples are mad they still have to use keys to start and open their cars!

James Young : This video just got on CBS News Sacramento. Will see how fast the two get a knock on the door by the cops. Cops usually don't bother with such things, but now it is in the news...

Steve Vandeman : What's the location and where's the video with their license plate number?

Diego : Let’s make them famous my peeps

Alan Parry : Please add more details to your description... date, time, location etc.

komocode : check the other folder on the USB drive called "RecentClips". it should have caught the license plate.

Jake Rich : WTF? Why are some people total a-holes?

Cavaron EV : Whats wrong with them, do they hate cars made in 'merica?

Onyx Black : Wow, these guys are about to be internet famous.

fuck google+ : Please post update when these shitbags are caught and fined. I'm dying to see their reaction to knowing it was all caught on video while they're grinning like clowns

Cassandra Ward : What jerks. Keying a car built in CA, by people employed in the US and powered, (in CA at least) by energy that has nothing to do with countries that hate us. Further, Tesla is a company run by a man that is bringing space exploration back to the US and ending our need to use Russian rockets. These jackasses should lose their citizenship, after they do time.

Robi Hobby : Next Option. Weapons Defense System. High Voltage Taser! Electricity is enough in the Tesla Car. ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

Three Big Ideas : Hopefully the judge drives a tesla. It's the first new American car company since 1940s (Jeep) why would Merica be so against? Prefers to prop up foreign oil?

Scott Reams : After looking at online images, this is either a 2006-2008 Dodge RAM 1500, or a 2006-2009 Dodge RAM 2500. Identifying marks for this specific vehicle include very specific dents on the driver's door.

TrueReviewHD : Possibly a 2008 Dodge Ram truck, very unique dent on the drivers door. Hope they get caught!

noisycarlos : I wonder if the 'murica shirt guy knows that Teslas are made just a few miles away from where he is while Dodge is owned by an Italian company now and RAMs are partly made in Mexico. (not that I know his reasons, just wondering in public)

Kirk Davis : I'm embarrassed to admit I'm looking forward to seeing these 2 halfwits doing the perp-walk.

Ethan : Isn't Dodge owned by Fiat and not an 'Merica company.

Foamy Butt86 : This is one of the positive sides of technology and I LOvE it!

solohoh : Their consciences will kick in with a little help from the judge.

watchmeasifly : Update video in 48 hours please! WITH mug shots

t p : Also, I know have a sticker on the outside of my Model 3 indicating that video is being recording which I got from Amazon.

N A : They look like exactly the type of person who would do this. The inbreeding is out of control.

angelasoWA : Post this video on Sacramento Neighborhood or Community Facebook pages, you will get info in no time.

Roy Wessbecher : Hey, "just Merican Good Ol' Boys havin' some fun". We need those types of guys because soon we'll be going off to war again. If they do stuff like that to "fellow Americans", think what they'll do to them foreign "ragheads"! MAGA! So it goes... Keying Teslas is just the beginning... (Btw, the police will just laugh. They have better things to do than search for good ol' boys...) But don't feel too bad. They would do the same to BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, Jag., etc. too...

James Young : Just looked up Google Maps, it is at 1109 Front Street, Sacramento, CA. Go to Street View there is a match of the "Tasty Candy" poster on the wall. How cool is that? Not cool to key though. And a silver Ram pickup truck full of dents, laughing all that time, no, definitely not concerned about some damage on their truck. Yeah need to extend recording after motion stops. Hope Tesla is listening.

Ambitious Idiot : Just recently loaned the base model 3, I parked it at Publix with sentry mode on and only three-hundred miles on the odometer, somebody slammed their door into my right side passenger door and continued to open it to the point where it left a dent and a three inch clear-coat scratch. I checked sentry mode and the right-repeater camera files were corrupted with 0 kb of data, and the other cameras did not catch anything. The lady just opened the door, hit my car, and sat there... She did not get out or move because there was no footage from the front camera. (I was parked reversed.) Oh well, this is a first world problem. I'm just upset that I have to pay for this.

Mason Parker : Of course they're driving a truck and parked poorly.

Juju N : I want to see a picture of them crying next

J. Morris : Among all of its other features, this has to be the best for buying a Tesla...

VR46 Girl : Dude is wearing an O'Neill shirt, and keys an electric car. Jack O'Neill would be disappointed for his lack of respect for environmentalism and no chill.

SalandFindles : I hope they enjoy every second of forking out thousands of dollars for a full-car professional respray.

Kniffel101 : Do these butthurt "men" even know that Tesla is an American company? It seems like stuff like that's important to them, dunno why...

t p : Would it be legal to post their pictures like some people do when their pet is lost. You could ask for information on the flyer and maybe offer a reward if the information leads to an arrest.

Aron Hadleigh : These Dickheads need to be shown up as the Assholes they are, I shared this with a Sac TV station on FB.

Emma Jones : Imagine being so poor the only way to enjoy your life is to damage property

Doug Garet : This happened in Sacramento CA. Yes, California has just as many morons as Florida and Missouri.

D M : what kind of dickless ____ keys another mans car?

Sgt Fist : Tesla, keep Summer safe.