Bucky O' Hare - Intro

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xed alpha : God the 90's was awesome in the weirdest way

ECDT1089 : They don't make intros this epic anymore

YUG74 : 'The Righteous Indignation' what a great name for a ship! Deserves to be up there with The Millennium Falcon

DeftonesLive : Back in primary school, they'd set a room after classes for kids who were waiting for their parents to pick them up, and we'd be allowed to watch tapes and whatnot. They'd put this show on every now and then, I remember thinking it was cool as shit. For the longest time since then (20 years or so), I had been wondering about the name of the show, I totally forgot it back then. This is the first time I'm seeing the intro in twenty years. Man, I feel fucking old.

takeshiC1 : That feeling when you hear an intro after 20 years and understand so much more of the lyrics

SuperSongbird21 : This lot are bound to be reinvented soon  - Marvel managed to make a gun-toting raccoon look badass, why not a green hare?

Jonas Welldone : LET'S SING TOGETHER :) In another dimension, another time and space, A parallel universe was fallin' on its face When out of the chaos, who else could it be, But the animal adventurers from S.P.A.C.E.? Bucky! Captain Bucky O'Hare! Mutants and aliens and toads beware! You're looking for adventure? Well, this is it, With Jenny, Deadeye, Blinky, and Willy DuWitt I said Bucky! Captain Bucky O'Hare! “And now, an update on Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars!” In the battle of the aniverse, you don't know what's next, You only know amphibians have made it KOMPLEX! When you check out your scanner and the evil that it bodes, There's only one course of action: Let's croak us some toads! Bucky! Captain Bucky O'Hare! He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare! If your Righteous Indignation has suffered a hit And your photon accelerator's broken a bit And you're losing your mind, and you're having a fit Get the funky fresh rabbit who can take care of it! BUCKY! Captain Bucky O'Hare! You say Bucky? I said Bucky! Bucky O'Hare! Let's croak us some toads!


Monkey Mutant Boss : The Arcade Game was mint!

Magpie Randoms : I'd always wished the creators of this show would make a Starfox cartoon. This reminded me SO MUCH of Starfox, especially the original game.

ParkerdvMC : I love this song! FUNKY FRESH RABBIT!!

SamuraiGirl02 : Thumbs up if Death Battle brought ya here.

Stephen Terry : You know that voice is Chris Rock

Christian McNellie : This was the 90s at its best.

fictionfan0 : How many of you are here because of Death Battle?

Rowan Jacobs : I used to watch this as a kid at grandma's x')

daAmazin FatB0y : ...daaamn that intro is catchy lol

Katie Baily : Seriously with all the old shows being resurrected, why has this not got a reboot? I'd watch the hell out of it as long as it had some decent writing.

CatholicHTowner : Thumbs up if you're here because of the Nostalgia Critic!

Selvokaz : That is probably the coolest name for a space ship, "Righteous Indignation."

3981supersonic : I feel blessed to know I grew up in the 90s and cartoons back then was awesome and well thought out unlike the crap that's on tv today .

THIZZAVELI : lol where the idea of star fox came from

xthedarkone : As much as ducktales them was great this was the 90s intro for me :D

332211ggGHGFF : The cartoons of today could learn a thing or two from the cartoons from the past. Damn - best era of cartoons in my opinion from 1980s - 2005 . But that is being a little forgiving though I'll take it :)

Bob Snow : This theme song was a little more convoluted and unwieldy than the way I remember it as a kid.

Joey Fredrickson : the Righteous Indignation..... I have a new name for Mr. Wally!

Seirra Moon : ok tell me who whants to see jenny and krystal fight eachother?


Dreadlark : Who made the song? Damn they sound kick ass!! wonder if the artists made another song. :/

Raving Rando : This is the most overloaded intro sequence ever. So much is happening every second that you can't even process it all. Blink and you'll miss five things.

CyberRonin : Early 90's = Bucky O'Hare Late 90's = Pokemon

David315842 : The show came out in the 1991, along with Hasbro's toy line and a slight continuation of his comic book. But Bucky's first appearance was in Echoes of Futurepast #1 printed by Continuity Comics in May 1984, though the concept is said to have been made in the 70's, but Bucky didn't make it into any form of media until May 1984.

Forest : 0:16 Who's this hybrid hottie on the right?

KDCindustries : "In another DIMENSION, another TIME AND SPACE, a parallel universe was FALLING ON ITS FACE!" 1st off, best theme song ever!!! 2nd, look at that one line and realize how mature the concepts in this show really were. Remember this is a kids show... How many 6 year olds you know whose favorite shows expects em to comprehend something like a photon accelerator ripping open a portal across space time to a parallel dimension? I credit this show for helping lay the foundation of my abundantly unique creativity.

PR Junior : I was watching this when i was a kid, and later then i forgot about it. Then a few weeks ago i remembered the bunny with a gun and i was like wtf. What cartoon is that. Hmmm, i know its in outer space. And right now this moment i saw a Facebook page Thundercracker, they put the picture and a name of this cartoon, thats how i came here, man this brought me back when i was a kid and im so happy to finaly got this cartoon, the name and all. Cool

Gizmo Hibiki : Death Battle brought me here.

pin mojo : Now THAT is how to start a cartoon...

JIMBO8472 : anyone else want the fanfare sound from this as text alert?

Kayvan Boroumand : The singer sounds a little nervous.

VTwinty : 1980s. Games, bad graphics. Cartoons, great animation. 2010s Games, great graphics. Cartoons, bad animation.

TwilightArts : Just noticed: The stripes on the title card left and right from the "bucky" closely resemble the title cards of both "Parodius" and "Top Gun" - which are just like "Bucky O'Hare" all 80s-NES-games done by Konami/Palcom. I wonder if thats just a coincidence, a weird design choice or a 80s-thing?

Naer : I just remembered this cartoon through glymphses because i even wasn't 4 when i watched it. I just remember the protagonist was called Bucky because i my name Balsa and nickname of Balsa is Baki its pronounced the same as Bucky so i was able to remember it.

Jaeger Newman : This show has actually aged a lot better than it has any right to.   The only thing that doesn't hold up are the designs which need some adjustment for today's world.   I think they should be too, I'd love to see this show make a return....but with the way  shows like the new THundercats was treated, maybe it's best the series be left alone.

Ork Trukk Drivah : I remember the 1st time Ive seen this *funky fresh* rabbit kicking ass. We kids were pretty shocked about Bucky and his dope crew, as they were swearing as hell. He showed us what it ment to be a player and how to get hot bunnies from outah space. He was da real deal.

RestAssured : Think the intro was better than the show now thinking back

daleketchup : who else knew/remembered Bucky from Death Battle?

We gonna Make them Hurt : My 90's star wars

Dan Fennessey : This intro, Is it off the BBC Video By Any Chance?

Darius Olfus : “ you said Bucky??!! I saiid BUCKY!”

Jansta Gamsta : This song would suit dypso from dragonball super the tornement of power.