Mr. Happy Face [1080p]
Mr Happy Face

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It's Mr. Happy Face! Watch his fun and wacky adventures! Watch original flash video here:


Chisiwellcat : I was 5 when I watched this. And it was on my TV for my whole family to see +5 other children. We had a jolly time

Saltyboi _sawyer : My brother showed me this when I was 8 and it terrified me

skychasm13 : "mmmm, you're soooo sooooft"

Zhxra ! : This scared the hell out of me when I was little oh my god 😂😂

Jackson Gibbs : Why did filmcow take down the original?

SirChubbyBunny : Mmm, taste your blood Timmy. Newgrounds was a hell of a place.

Rhanraptor : Glad so many other people had been traumatized by this a kid lmao

italy the kitaly : saw this when like 8, traumatized me! also things seemed alot more realistic as i kid, so i saw this hyper realistic

CaptaiinTay : Literally had nightmares about this about, when I was a kid

Ashton : This is ancient

Todd Ramberg : Holy cow

Joshua Watson : I hated this as a kid still do 😅

Frequent Man : This terrified me as a child

Incognito Gaming : This will give me nightmares

Lawrence of America : This video is the reason why I wasn’t allowed on YouTube up until I was 10

EH Bricks : I remember my friends in telling me about this in elementary school. Then I went home and saw this. I can't believe YouTube used to openly allow videos like this on it's platform.

day day cheatham : Gross

Sefirah Stein The Fish Momma : I found this for the first time when I was two...I wasn't a normal child after that.