Why Are Joysticks Always On The Left? | Fact Hunt Special

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JDauntless : Such a rare spoken about Topic. Tune in next week for WatchMoJo version of this same topic...

L N : Look at this guy. Lost a game 20 years ago and still blaming the controller!

Mitch Douglas : Poor Larry, couldn't even afford shoes as a kid.

Pepsi Man : Larry's the kind of guy to make a video to damage control for a failed tv appearance decades after the fact.

Beriorn : Why? Because people often jerk off with their left hands so it's second nature to play with the rigid phallus while the right hand does other things. Next!

IKMNification : Think it has to do with movement becoming standard on the left and button inputs on the right through the popularity of Japanese home consoles. The standard "Arcade" stick layout we have now comes from the Japanese Arcade "Candy" Cabinet style button layout and as Japanese arcades didn't die like they did in the west, I doubt they copied the layout the west used to keep people playing their games.

Lucas Webley : I kind of want Larry Bundy's full name to be Lawrence Abundance Jr.

SilentBun Gaming : Lol XD Larry slapped the host

That Bald Gamer : I'm still waiting for "Fact Hunt: Why Does YouTube Dislike Guru Larry?" Chin up though, buddy! You're doing a great job and you definitely have my support. Silly YouTube and it's monetization shenanigans! :P

The Mutton Chop Gamer : Also ironically is that we've adapted to this format so well that if somebody attempted to do the opposite and have the joystick on the right again, this would mess with our heads and make it hard again.

Chris Spellman : No Peter Molyneux reference!?

Dave Brohman : I've always reckoned the reason was you needed the speed and agility of your dominant hand to hit the correct buttons quickly enough while playing. Something like Pac Man where you only need to move the joystick sure, use your right hand, but playing a like Street Fighter where you need to be hammering buttons fast in an a specific order? No way can most folks pull that off with their off hand.

delamoxica : At the end of the day I'm blaming Molyneux.

Sakanero : So having joysticks on the left is essentially the QWERTY of gaming

NeverEvenThere : I didn't know that Larry was actually Augustus Gloop as a child...

Simte : *What's next... Inverted Joysticks?*

manny ichi : Nice to hear from another southpaw!

????? : Larry as a lad was an absolute *U N I T*

matt carnes : I always thought it was built for right handed people by default letting my shitty hand do the easy task of moving the character and putting my good hand in the control of camera and aim

Crimefighter : Errr....I don't think I'm satisfied with this explanation.

-L- : Larry is 38? DAMN. Man, you look pretty damn young considering you're almost 40.

Nathaniel Foga : Maybe they just assume all gamers are lefties.😁

GetBant : Nice to see a bit of history of you on TV Larry! I too am a left hander but growing up I forced myself to use everything with my right hand. Now my right hand is my strong hand for strong powerful things and my left is for delicate stuff like writing and grabbing my nob

Kaitlyn beaver : ahaha, you were so cute!! :D (no offense meant lol)

Serendip : A rare victory for left-handers everywhere.

ReviewCheeseburgersUSA : Damn Larry Bundy Jr, You E X T R A T H I C C

Rick Parayko : I'm left handed and I HATE the joystick on the left. I'd much rather have my dominant hand hit the buttons

foxman105 : I'm sorry Larry, but you're the fattest kid I've ever seen. I wasn't even aware such a thing was possible.

An Actual Mother Bear : I always loved this fact... because, as we all know, these days right handers have no problem playing with a stick, cross pad, or WASD on the left hand. Now why non-native south paws can play like this is another thing I'd like to see explored. Why is that the majority of us with dominant right hands can play games ambidextrously?

That Guy : And then there was that weird Sega Master System arcade stick with the stick on the right...

xbeaker : I don't buy that this was done to make games harder. If people were drilling out cabinets to move the buttons, the joystick art would clearly be messed up, but I have never seen a cabinet with the art designed for the buttons to be exclusively on the left. I am right handed and did the bulk of my early gaming on the Atari 2600. I would always hold the controller by the top putting my right thumb on the button. My other right handed sister did the same, where my left handed sister held the controller by the left side putting her left thumb on the button (both of whom never played on any other console or in the arcade.) It is far easier to press a button rapidly with your dominant hand. Rapid button presses are far more important to most games than precise joystick movements. With a 4 way stick you only need to get the stick in the ballpark of the correct direction to get it to respond correctly. While the earliest of games may have assumed it would be reversed and the movement should be controlled by the dominant hand, as soon as rapid or precise button presses were useful it would quickly become apparent that the buttons were better placed in the control of the dominant hand.

NR Productions : I've heard a different story back in the day. Most people are right handed so there was more tension put on sticks than buttons (which are more durable) if they remained on the right, causing faster wear and needing more frequent replacements. The good (usually right) hand isn't only more accurate but 10-30% stronger.

LdeinerProductions : Really? So the flip function on the Atari Lynx was for right handed people? That goes against everything I learned over the years.

Temmie Plays! : Due to your brain's split task-performing; left side controls the right, right controls the left. most platformers and games scroll left to right, causing your left hand to perform th eleft to right movement. that's why when a stage goes right to left, it usually confuses the user.

LeeSpork : I woulda thought that by having the buttons on the right, it would make it easier for the hand to find the buttons, whereas on the joystick the hand does not have to find and press anything, just wiggle around in a general direction, thus making it the obvious choice to put the stick on the left, for the non-precise fingers, and the small buttons on the right, for the precise fingers of right-handed people.

One Gaming : Wait a minute Larry bundy jr. Left handed? My favorite youtuber!!! If you don't know I'm left handed :)

CrazyMike Gameplay : those arcade sticks are as bare and shiny as Peter Molyneux's head. sorry, there was no Molyneux jab in this one, so i just had to make one myself.

Drink a Beer and Play a Game : You know how sometimes you never think of something until someone brings it up? This is one of those times. Great vid as always

Kairu Hakubi : I never questioned it because you need more rapidness and dexterity on the right. I don't buy this explanation whatsoever.

chrisbomber101 : its strange because in the 80s my family had a zx spectrum and an atari st and we always used our right hands on the joysticks..... this is why i was never able to get into arcades when i went because it never felt natural to me

TheDarxide23 : I'm right handed and have attempted to use sticks on the right and it's the most bizarre feeling. It totally screwed me up and I couldn't really play that way. Might have worked when people were already used to it that way, but for me who grew up in the arcades in the 80s I've always used sticks on the left. I can imagine no other way.

Tom5tom Entertainment : That's just where they got left!

WaifuKnight : i have asked this question many times.

Abby : Oh, wow, I've absolutely never thought about this ever because I'm ambidextrous.

SonicMaster Sword : As much as that makes sense, I believe it has stayed because the dominant hand is faster and thus is the better hand to hit the buttons.

Jason Lee : Man rockin basketball shorts and flip flops Years before they were the standard attire of gamers everywhere

Comebackkid12 : Because the left side is the west, and the west side is the best side

ALG_ Rach : I too am a true southpaw and I make you pare of my experience on console, when I play street fighter it is unplayable with the controller, it should make a left-handed or customizable controller to be equal against the right-handed in the vs fighting it would be the top because of the controller poorly adapt to the southpaw, I can not evolve or increase my skill I stagnate it's a pity.It's the same in the fps, tps when I have the right weapon in the screen it annoys me it is unplayable it takes an option or game parameter to pass the weapon on the left as on counter strike is rare as a game that the bottom I hope that it will evolve the gaming.

FallicIdol : I was born ambidextrous but the nuns in preschool forced me to be right handed. Which controller should I use?

MarxForever : Something I'd like to ask the comment section here that I've always been curious about and I feel it applies since, after all, the stick always being on the left means the button are always on the right. I am left handed and suck at button mashing with my right thumb. Like I can't even do it fast enough to Lightning Kick with Chun-Li using the light kick button, nor am I able to get barely any height in Smash Bros. with Luigi's Tornado. Is this true for my fellow southpaws?