Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2

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Max Bennett : Moral of the story, Don't buy Apple's crap!

TheSneakyOnion : This just in: all Apple fanboys diagnosed with Stockholm syndrome

Dana Summers : It's funny........Microsoft gets sued for being anti-competitive because they bundled a web browser into their OS, but Apple can literally control it's entire parts supply chain with an iron fist and shut down any aftermarket repair and no one bats an eye.

Zylaris : I was considering buying an iMac Pro... iWas.

christophermism : *iJustine has left the chat

Verlisify : I don't understand how anyone can defend or support Apple after this. What an amazing sheep culture I would never let this topic die if I was linus until Apple is buried or changes policy

Marc : Those "warranty if removed" stickers are illegal in the US.

regularsharp : The "genius bar" isn't designed to fix your stuff; it's designed to make you buy new stuff. My Dad brought his phone to an Apple store because it wouldn't charge anymore. Guy waited for SIX hours for a "genius" to even see him. They ran some tests on his phone and told him it was irreparable; it'd be more cost effective to just buy another phone. Thankfully, he didn't buy another phone, he brought his "irreparable" phone to me. My Dad does a lot of woodworking and there was just a lot of junk in the lighting port that needed to be cleaned out. I cleaned it. Phone works great to this day. I still cannot believe that you'd proclaim yourself a "genius" without checking the most RUDIMENTARY of problems. (As a sidenote, if his phone was "irreparable, he at least wanted all the data wiped from it, which they assured him they did. Once I got it back to working condition, we found that it was just as it had been; nothing was wiped. All his credit card and account information was still there. Brilliant.)

Matt Cooper : I needed to replace a 1TB SSD in a MacBook Pro... Apple wanted $1,900 CAD for the new part, and an extra $300 if I did not return the failed SSD. Apple is terrible.

Shawn Elliott : LMAO "Canadian Rupees" and "Freedom Dollars"

BlueSmokeGamer : If you're really quite and you listen carefully, you can hear the faint sounds of a shit storm over at Apple as they try to figure out how Linus got his hands on a new logic board.

hithere : Samsung fixed my note8 after my stupid brother used soap and water to wash off stains on the phone, and when the phone was submerged in water, they replaced everything for free. Plus they replaced the charging entrance that was destroyed due to spilling bond in the pot. This was done by me, but they fixed it for free anyway😭 after that i became a hardcore fan

Scott Greene : .....and this is why I don't buy Apple Products!

dan75 : Apple products are fashion accessories, not useful tools.

Stephen Grubb : And on the opposite side, i took a 2 year old external hard drive into a Microsoft store and they swapped it out for free lol. Thats some shady repair/tech support service if they cant even let someone buy a ram stick

LiNX 4 : My iphone screen wouldn't turn on no matter what I did so I took it to apple. They said they couldn't fix it and I would have to buy a brand new iphone. I ended up taking it to a repair shop next door and they fixed it for $100 and its still working a year later. Honestly apple sucks for repairs.

InsaneFanta : *The white girl army is strong with Apple.*

Le reddit silver member : Journalists have turned into nothing but slim balls. They are so political and spin things to reinforce their own beliefs. How could anyone side with Apple on this. It's society as a whole that has turned these journalists into this. People get mad at them when they speak the truth and doesn't side with things they love.

Michael Pinnock : I don't understand three quarters of what you say in your Tec videos, but I still really enjoy watching umm!!

JK C : Apple consumer's are just sheep who baaa and get excited over someone giving them permission to go piss. They don't care to learn about and fix their own things, they just want their next meal.

Bob Ross : Like I needed another reason to never buy apple.

me nkat : Cheap fix....Don't buy apple....simple 😜

vide0gameCaster : Apple Fanboiis don't even know that they are part of a religious sect!

AwesomeGamezz - minecraft/ more! : Use FlexTape

Ty H : Lol that iFixIt plug at the beginning fit so well with the context

Gear Seekers : I keep saying this. Apple is god damn criminal and they are not special.

Tony Wang : so about the void if removed stickers are illegal in USA you can ignore them if any techs tell you about it ask for supervisor and quote the following. "Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act of 1975 bars companies from conditioning their warranties on demands that consumers use certain articles or services in connection with the original product."

Sean : Apple keep ripping people off. Hopefully people stop buying them in time.

Davron Amanov : I thought he called Lewis from Unbox Therapy ahah

VoZz : Did you try switching it off then on

Phillip Santos : Love the balls on Linus right now. The middle finger wasnt physically demonstrated on video,but we all know it was there.🤜🤛👍

Dm05_official : macs reversed is scam

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : What he dis to get that replace ment is the "ghost" made a repair tag for a unit that had a good board and just sent out another one. He is getting boards from completely broken machines and swapping them to Apple.

CASSE11E : Lesson learn't don't buy anything apple.

Sass Scartts. : honestly i was considering buying a macbook pro but after seeing this i'm having second thoughts

EposVox : Apple is getting absolutely ridiculous. No one should support this madness.

Blah Blah : So, Is there a black market for apple parts?

OmniscientWarrior : It is a shame that they do stuff like this. I am aware of what their products can do, but I am also aware of this type of thing that happens. My first red flag to Mac was they don't allow the consumer to customize their own computer. Nor do they let you install their OS onto any computer you want - but that one can be broken by any computer person as the OS is out there for anyone to grab.

Brett Hubble : No longer buying apple to avoid this rigamarole

Helpful Apple : I have an ad that’s longer than the runtime of Shrek by 6 minutes just saying ‘AMD AT CES 2019’ and the dates and whatever on the middle.And what seems to be some trashy royalty free EDM in the background. Edit: 11:22 QWIK MAFS

ThioJoe : "Rich white male YouTuber BASHES small startup for politely turning down ridiculous demands for rare computer parts."

14104 x1 : Is this guy the tenth doctor

Big Jutt : Android is much better ,at least I can get it repaired without so many problems.

Ross Macdonald : iixit fixes anything...except imac pros

Genuine Player : 6:39 Okay. You got me.

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : My man Louis is fighting for a good cause! Keep it up the good work Go roast apple more Linus

Romeo Barcena : I wonder why people still supports apple

RTDGamer 76 : I have yet to see a positive comment about Apple XD. Also all those comments at 12:34, THEY ARE JUST APPLE FANBOYS. Y’all are just trying to defend Apple when they really have nothing else to do about this!!

Barrett : 6:08, "monthfs naow."

Jason M : The whole “repair warranty” issue happened to me years ago on my white plastic MacBook. I brought it to the Genius Bar for a software issue and they noticed the keyboard edges were cracked where the screen rested on it. They said it was a known issue and would replace the keyboard for free. I said great, hopefully it won’t take too long. I’ve removed it a few times myself to upgrade the hard drive and clean out the fan. I could even do it myself if they fane me the part. Then they said sorry we can’t do anything now, since I had done that. Because maybe I broke something under there and would try to say they’d be on the hook for it since they did a repair and they must have broken it. Despite the fact the MAC was fully functional when they were fixing the software issue. It makes sense to a point but I was a little bit pissed they wouldn’t even give me the part to do my own repair on a know quality control issue they just offered to fix for free.