Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2

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Gear Seekers : I keep saying this. Apple is god damn criminal and they are not special.

TheSneakyOnion : This just in: all Apple fanboys diagnosed with Stockholm syndrome

Kauki Pickersgill : Those salty 2.3K dislikes

christophermism : *iJustine has left the chat

Killian Delamarre : I remember one day when my iphone wasnt turning on i went to the apple store to see if they can help me, a couple people said it was fryed nd nothing could be done to repair it. I went home to google some stuff and they said to hold the home button and power button at the same time and it worked. I just found it hilarious that they didn't even try that

Hyena : Linus is handing out *HOT SLAPPINGS* to all these Mac Boys.

Guilherme Rubio : You're going to anger the apple cultists

Mohd Jamil : Apple product was design for iDiots...

Dan Ward : It's ridiculous for $3,400 you could just buy/build a way better PC.

Molybdenum : ASUS repaired my laptop for free after I spilled milk on it. I guess they're the polar opposite of Apple.

Max Bennett : Moral of the story, Don't buy Apple's crap!

regularsharp : The "genius bar" isn't designed to fix your stuff; it's designed to make you buy new stuff. My Dad brought his phone to an Apple store because it wouldn't charge anymore. Guy waited for SIX hours for a "genius" to even see him. They ran some tests on his phone and told him it was irreparable; it'd be more cost effective to just buy another phone. Thankfully, he didn't buy another phone, he brought his "irreparable" phone to me. My Dad does a lot of woodworking and there was just a lot of junk in the lighting port that needed to be cleaned out. I cleaned it. Phone works great to this day. I still cannot believe that you'd proclaim yourself a "genius" without checking the most RUDIMENTARY of problems. (As a sidenote, if his phone was "irreparable, he at least wanted all the data wiped from it, which they assured him they did. Once I got it back to working condition, we found that it was just as it had been; nothing was wiped. All his credit card and account information was still there. Brilliant.)

Marc : Those "warranty if removed" stickers are illegal in the US.

Daniel Hesse : Damn, even tech YouTubers get hit pieces written on them now. Journalists are either lazy or disingenuous.

Nick K : This is why Right to Repair legislation is SO important. They can NOT keep getting away with this stuff. If they want to release a product on to the market they need to be able to provide parts and repair manuals at a reasonable price when requested! This goes WAY beyond Apple, it's prevalent across a lot of other industries as well, ESPECIALLY when it comes to farming equipment. John Deer are probably the biggest offenders, they are even worse than Apple when it comes to this kinda thing.

EposVox : Apple is getting absolutely ridiculous. No one should support this madness.

Curtis Hewlett : The only thing Apple does that is technically legal is steal ideas before they are patented

New age Justice : What's the point of being an Apple FANBOY when you take your love of a product and turn it into a false obsession??? If you know your company is horrible at owning up to their design flaws, and willingness to crap all over their customers why WHY do you choose to defend them? They over charge for products that have design flaws just like all products tend to have. The difference is other company's such as Samsung and Huawei take care of their customers for a reasonable cost. Please if you have to buy apple how about instead of blindly raging against other companies for the flaws you have with your company hold them responsible, and refuse to buy icrap until they become reasonable with there prices. Ever talk to a "Genius" I didn't know it took genius intellect to say "we can't fix that.....that will he $550 for a replacment".

Shawn Elliott : LMAO "Canadian Rupees" and "Freedom Dollars"

M P : After 15 years, I'm done with Apple. Never again.

Verlisify : Linus: Hey iFixit wanna sponsor our apple video about broken macs? iFixit: *Throws Money*

RickOShay : Apple's hands off strategy is dumbing down the US. Every kid who is unlucky enough to be given a mac doesn't even consider how it was made or how to open and replace parts or upgrade / customize it. Because you're not allowed to and can't even if you wanted to because of design limitations and of course you will void the limited warranty. (Putting in a hd or ram doesn't count). So much for the enquiring mind. When I was kid I used to build my own computers (and so did most of my friends) and learn about the latest motherboard design, cpu technology and form factors. I taught myself and learnt a lot and could repair and upgrade machines when I was in my early teens. Contrast this to how limited and incredibly superficial the majority of kids tech knowledge is these days. And their parents are even worse - they marvel when little Johnny sets up his WiFi connection or sets up their cell phone for them. It's utterly laughable. How incredibly superficial we have become as a society. The US is now just a super consumer buying Chinese products. They don't make a single smart phone in the US any longer - even Motorola moved it's engineering design and manufacturing to China. The reason is the skills are simply not available in the US. It would take at least 15 years for Apple to begin manufacturing in the US - assuming they could find a few thousand smart phone engineers and even then they would be a decade behind China. The effects of this dumbing down will be felt in the next few decades when the US is completely incapable of competing in the technology world and totally dependent on China for all hi tech design and manufacturing. You have to hand it China! Apple making China great again.

x340x : goddamn, i love Mac OS and iPhone so much but the behavior and greed of the company makes me freakin furious! i want to buy a regular Windows computer so bad but im already used to Apple stuff so much and everything works great so i dont have energy or time to migrate everything even tho it would be like 3x cheaper....this first world dilemma is actually bothering me every day, im praying enough people will call Apple out on their bullshit so they will have no other option than to start function properly and dont sell overpriced computers/phones so i dont have to switch

FE4R INS4NITY : I cracked my iPhone 6s screen and brought it to Apple and they broke the display cables during dismantle. They then blamed ME for water damage on the phone which has never even seen water in its lifetime. They made up a bullsh*t story about how the screen has multiple water sensors and when screen is damaged, even sweat can trigger the sensors ( btw this was researched later and was false). They then came out 4 hours later and advertised to buy a new iPhone right then and there. Even third party repairmen told me it was not possible to repair and it’s toast. We called Apple and they completely refused to get me a new phone and/or help my stupid problem. It has been sitting in my drawer for 3 months now doing absolutely nothing. Apple deserves to lose all of their business. The employee who broke the device then LIED about it was left off Scott free and wasn’t even repremended at all. F*CK APPLE. 600$ down the drain. It’s been 3 MONTHS and I’m still pissed about it.

Oliver Maglana : most corrupt company ever haha

ThioJoe : "Rich white male YouTuber BASHES small startup for politely turning down ridiculous demands for rare computer parts."

Fushie smith : Apple needs to go out of business.

The Shägman : What's that? Apple is a terrible company with ridiculous policies, needlessly expensive tech, and the worst optimized operation system ever developed? What will the world do with this breaking new information?!

JK C : Apple consumer's are just sheep who baaa and get excited over someone giving them permission to go piss. They don't care to learn about and fix their own things, they just want their next meal.

Mohamed Youssef : Ok no more Apple

BlueSmokeGamer : If you're really quite and you listen carefully, you can hear the faint sounds of a shit storm over at Apple as they try to figure out how Linus got his hands on a new logic board.

Maximum G : Look at those dislikes from the Fanboys.

Mr 285 : It's like when your favorite tv show crosses over with your other favorite tv show!!!!!

Hey You : Do not buy apple products.

Heribertoprofe : This kind of videos made me not buy their Imac Pro, I bought a super computer. Greetings from Mexico!

Verlisify : I don't understand how anyone can defend or support Apple after this. What an amazing sheep culture I would never let this topic die if I was linus until Apple is buried or changes policy

Estrading Co : Ditch the iphones and ipad POS... I am waiting for my first folding phone from the mighty SAMSUNG!! Can't wait until I show to all those iphone prisoners!

Spicy Flavor Tide Pods : Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple's version of planned obsolescence. This is one of many reasons I have avoided Apple products my entire life.

SewerCat : I'd be interested to see a comparison with Microsoft repairing a Surface Studio or something.

Michael Pinnock : I don't understand three quarters of what you say in your Tec videos, but I still really enjoy watching umm!!

LiNX 4 : My iphone screen wouldn't turn on no matter what I did so I took it to apple. They said they couldn't fix it and I would have to buy a brand new iphone. I ended up taking it to a repair shop next door and they fixed it for $100 and its still working a year later. Honestly apple sucks for repairs.

vide0gameCaster : Apple Fanboiis don't even know that they are part of a religious sect!

Fritz Van Zyl : I love Linus Tech Tips - such a cool guy and really knowledgeable

Fritz : Steve Jobs is turning in his grave. This behavior is the epitome of Greed.

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : What he dis to get that replace ment is the "ghost" made a repair tag for a unit that had a good board and just sent out another one. He is getting boards from completely broken machines and swapping them to Apple.

Phillip Santos : Love the balls on Linus right now. The middle finger wasnt physically demonstrated on video,but we all know it was there.🤜🤛👍

AwesomeGamezz - minecraft/ more! : Use FlexTape

Ромашка 1941 : Who in the right mind would ever buy an apple after something like this?? It's like Silicon Graphics back in the day. Only worse

John Chase : The Mac Pro Towers are very well built machines, that I have used for years in the music industry, maxing out processing year in year out. However, need to keep the machines free of dust if you expect a long service life. The last Quad Core I picked up, was fairly bare bones as the plan was to max it out with third party hard drives and RAM. Apple said they could not warantee this, and I should pay them $200.00 a pop for 1TB hard drives, lol. Explained about my years repairing recording consoles, and all the equipment in the studio, as well as maintaining the computers, that installing hard drives and RAM are thing that could be done while sleeping. The sales guy said I probably would not have any problems 😅 The old 9600 had to be half disassembled just to install more RAM... Total pita. Love the new drive trays!

OmniscientWarrior : It is a shame that they do stuff like this. I am aware of what their products can do, but I am also aware of this type of thing that happens. My first red flag to Mac was they don't allow the consumer to customize their own computer. Nor do they let you install their OS onto any computer you want - but that one can be broken by any computer person as the OS is out there for anyone to grab.