Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2

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BlueSmokeGamer : If you're really quite and you listen carefully, you can hear the faint sounds of a shit storm over at Apple as they try to figure out how Linus got his hands on a new logic board.

Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play : I don't understand why Apple aren't more afraid of the future when most tech-people do not like Apple and we are all walking-talking promoters of tech in general... But when you talk to Appletards, they are simply to stuck in their ecosystem and think it's too difficult to switch.

Electronics For Fun : the iSheep would defend apple even if they were throwing babies in fire, and decapitating puppies.

Sheila Dey : If Linus is willing to pay for repair why they're refusing to repair this is why I hate apple.

Pixil Productions : I have always been a PC user, but I'm also an iPhone user. After seeing this video I will never purchase one of their products again. I don't want to support a company that puts so much energy into betraying the very people who support them. Their dedication to the consumer obviously died with Steve Jobs.

EposVox : Apple is getting absolutely ridiculous. No one should support this madness.

☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ : after watching this i sold all my apple stock! no more apple

nachoman1631 : Apple's conduct is anti-competitive, illegal and nothing short of disgraceful. They have just recently been targeted by the Australian Govt for similar behaviour, and it's about time.

MeanManSlayer : "A new model would cost less than a repair" *EXCUSE ME WHAT?!* In what world do you live in that you pay more for a repair than a new model

285 Tech : It's like when your favorite tv show crosses over with your other favorite tv show!!!!!

Verlisify : I don't understand how anyone can defend or support Apple after this. What an amazing sheep culture I would never let this topic die if I was linus until Apple is buried or changes policy

Guilherme Rubio : You're going to anger the apple cultists

Jonathan Riehn : You would think Apple would of simply sent him a new one. It would stopped all this roasting to even happen. The PR nightmare is worse then the money lost.

Killian Delamarre : I remember one day when my iphone wasnt turning on i went to the apple store to see if they can help me, a couple people said it was fryed nd nothing could be done to repair it. I went home to google some stuff and they said to hold the home button and power button at the same time and it worked. I just found it hilarious that they didn't even try that

DerKommissar : Apple's policies is as restrictive as their iOS ecosystem.

Verlisify : Linus: Hey iFixit wanna sponsor our apple video about broken macs? iFixit: *Throws Money*

TechMantra : Apples policies aren't only anti-consumer, they're anti-environment.

Marc Braunschweiler : This is why I don't buy anything from Apple. Windows, linux or Android is fixable to some degree. Hopefully we all learn from this.

SKETCHYxFUTURE : Apple is honestly a garbage company

RickOShay : Apple's hands off strategy is dumbing down the US. Every kid who is unlucky enough to be given a mac doesn't even consider how it was made or how to open and replace parts or upgrade / customize it. Because you're not allowed to and can't even if you wanted to because of design limitations and of course you will void the limited warranty. (Putting in a hd or ram doesn't count). So much for the enquiring mind. When I was kid I used to build my own computers (and so did most of my friends) and learn about the latest motherboard design, cpu technology and form factors. I taught myself and learnt a lot and could repair and upgrade machines when I was in my early teens. Contrast this to how limited and incredibly superficial the majority of kids tech knowledge is these days. And their parents are even worse - they marvel when little Johnny sets up his WiFi connection or sets up their cell phone for them. It's utterly laughable. How incredibly superficial we have become as a society. The US is now just a super consumer buying Chinese products. They don't make a single smart phone in the US any longer - even Motorola moved it's engineering design and manufacturing to China. The reason is the skills are simply not available in the US. It would take at least 15 years for Apple to begin manufacturing in the US - assuming they could find a few thousand smart phone engineers and even then they would be a decade behind China. The effects of this dumbing down will be felt in the next few decades when the US is completely incapable of competing in the technology world and totally dependent on China for all hi tech design and manufacturing. You have to hand it China! Apple making China great again.

Max Bennett : Moral of the story, Don't buy Apple's crap!

New age Justice : What's the point of being an Apple FANBOY when you take your love of a product and turn it into a false obsession??? If you know your company is horrible at owning up to their design flaws, and willingness to crap all over their customers why WHY do you choose to defend them? They over charge for products that have design flaws just like all products tend to have. The difference is other company's such as Samsung and Huawei take care of their customers for a reasonable cost. Please if you have to buy apple how about instead of blindly raging against other companies for the flaws you have with your company hold them responsible, and refuse to buy icrap until they become reasonable with there prices. Ever talk to a "Genius" I didn't know it took genius intellect to say "we can't fix that.....that will he $550 for a replacment".

Tatiana Fomina : The genius bar doesn't even serve Appletinis

Kauki Pickersgill : Those salty 2.3K dislikes

Xerazal : i used to work for apple retail, and i'm disappointed to hear how shit they've been. Pretty sure they've always been like this, but at the same time, i'm pretty sure during my tenure there they weren't this damn awful. If you were willing to pay full price for repairs, they'd do it.

Gear Seekers : I keep saying this. Apple is god damn criminal and they are not special.

forthegod : in russia we just dont buy apple products... and because of that we has alot less ligma!

Daniel Hestopher : Damn, even tech YouTubers get hit pieces written on them now. Journalists are either lazy or disingenuous.

Nehan Khan : looks like im switching to samsung

ImmersiveGamer83 : Apple.....what a bad walled garden company.

Phillip Santos : Love the balls on Linus right now. The middle finger wasnt physically demonstrated on video,but we all know it was there.🤜🤛👍

Mohd Jamil : Apple product was design for iDiots...

Marco Guada : APPLE MAFIA

TheLoneCabbage : Never owned an apple product. This video has pretty much made sure that I never will.

Eric Chandler : Was Wendell the back alley connection?

ThioJoe : "Rich white male YouTuber BASHES small startup for politely turning down ridiculous demands for rare computer parts."

Travis Holt : Can you make a similar video on how smartphone manufacturers are designing their phones to be increasingly difficult to change simple components such as charging ports and batteries. Trying to force customers to either send the device in for repair or buy a new device all together. Motorola for instance covers some of their charging ports with a plastic casing on the inside of the device which cover the solder points. It seems OEMs have stopped trying to make quality products. There are many other lowball moves they make as well. Such as limiting performance on lower priced devices. (For instance utilizing 32bit software on a 64bit capable chipset), disabling capable features just to make the device feel less premium. For instance I own a LG K20 plus which is a fairly low end device with a quad core snapdragon 425 chipset with 2GB of ram. LG's stock software for this device is limited to 25 frames per second across the entire system, and ran a 32bit version of Android. I dabble with compiling LineageOS for phones and managed to add 64bit support to the stock kernel source and took some 64bit vendor files from similar devices on and the performance difference is huge. My average ui framerate is between 30-60 fps depending on the load size of the current task. The consumers are unfairly played by these monopoly corporations. With smartphone, its not as easy to utilize its full potential as it is a laptop or desktop computer. By the way I'm a huge fan of your videos, I love the enthusiasm and your deep appreciation/knowledge of the technology you review/discuss.

Fritz : Steve Jobs is turning in his grave. This behavior is the epitome of Greed.

Oliver Maglana : most corrupt company ever haha

Anthony Barnes : Linus, welcome to the world of "journalist" hit pieces and FAKE NEWS. Our president goes through it every day.

Bob Ross : Like I needed another reason to never buy apple.

Ромашка 1941 : Who in the right mind would ever buy an apple after something like this?? It's like Silicon Graphics back in the day. Only worse

The Shägman : What's that? Apple is a terrible company with ridiculous policies, needlessly expensive tech, and the worst optimized operation system ever developed? What will the world do with this breaking new information?!

Wei Ming : you know what's easier then fixing the desktop? Don't buy apple and just build your own pc for a fraction of the cost! :D

Paranoid Husky : How could it have been fake?

Hyena : Linus is handing out *HOT SLAPPINGS* to all these Mac Boys.

Book Snake : Where's Linus's chair? Nevermind. 5:30 Should have finished watching the video before I left a comment.

erfan elfariza : Hahaa, Nice Counter..

It's La Salade Gelée. : So Linus, are you still defending Apple, and saying the IMac is better than a PC/Linux machine ?

gameflux : I will never use an Apple device thank you !