Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2

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Snazzy Labs : 11:40 is the sassiest I’ve seen Linus in a long time. I watched it like 4 times. 😂😂 Thanks for the shout! This whole situation is bananas and I hope Right to Repair laws start to put pressure on shady repair practices like this.

TurboHawkV6 : It's because of Apple's attitude of "Our way or no way" that I don't use Apple products anymore. I had a gen 5 iPod and iPhone 4S, and the 4S was my last Apple product. At the time it was mostly due to one of the worst programs I've ever used that HAD to be used with an iPhone, which is iTunes... Losing ALL of my music loaded to the phone simply because I had to use a different computer to load new music was the last straw. There's ZERO reason to need to lock a phone to one computer, ZERO reason. I haven't had any need to use any of their desktops or laptops, and when I had, it wasn't as easy as they make it sound. I don't understand why people still drink their Kool-Aid...

nem tudom : 0:24 The answer is very simple Linus. Apple fanboys are dumb.

Greg Gallacci : Apple has never been in the hardware reseller business. And certainly has never willingly been in the repair biz. They have, and continue to be in the image selling business. The image of the product, the stupidly high prices, the draconian repair policies and many more 'troubles' are part of a bigger plan. It's like that impossibly beautiful woman that you finally ask out on a date, only to discover that she has a poor education, hates most the things you like, might be racist, definitely is class-conscious, eats only at the most expensive places and demands that you spend yourself broke on her every time you go out! If you can't 'keep up the payments', she finds another sucker. See also DeBeers and diamonds. The perception of the value transcends the true value. Is that what you want?

InstaSound : Gotta love watching Apple get roasted

Roberto Blake : This was essentially an Apple Content Cop! And guess what, I have no problem with that! As an Apple user for most of my life (own droids and PCS too) I have been increasingly frustrated with them, especially when it comes down to right to repair and and how Anti-Consumer they are...

Jay Jenkins : Just replace the dang display and CPU Apple. Not that hard

Canadian Mavic Air Guy Brandon S. : When Steve Jobs passed away, so did Apple

thejunkman : Apple: Communism in the palm of your hand, er desk in this case.

Techniques For Everything : You got me by that the end thing. LMAO and I can see this case getting worse... but again apple can do whatever they want. It's your choice to buy their products. BTW I am not an apple fanboy, I​ use windows, the ultimate RGB build and a Samsung s9, NO APPLE!!

LiNX 4 : My iphone screen wouldn't turn on no matter what I did so I took it to apple. They said they couldn't fix it and I would have to buy a brand new iphone. I ended up taking it to a repair shop next door and they fixed it for $100 and its still working a year later. Honestly apple sucks for repairs.

Ruben Kelevra : See? Apple is a great company, just having the good of the world in mind!

Maniac536 : Seriously it’s disheartening to hear how poor the investigative/intelligence quality of the people who work in the “mainstream” press are.

Ashleigh Syller : apple can suck on my ovaries before the day they see the colour of my dollars

watcheem : That phone call to Louis was some Marvel after-credits cliffhanger right there!

BlueSmokeGamer : If you're really quite and you listen carefully, you can hear the faint sounds of a shit storm over at Apple as they try to figure out how Linus got his hands on a new logic board.

ElAlexxis : if you continue you will unveil corruption of mayor scales. i hope you continue

Silica : WEEEWW LOUIS HYPE Also warrenty stickers are illegal

Izack Edwards : Aren't "Warranty void if removed" stickers illegal?

Mark of Excellence : Apple fanboys are pathetic. How can this even be defended? Look, I don't have anything against your preference of hardware and software. If you like Apple products, that's great that you've found what you like - but don't defend them when they are wrong. I love OnePlus and have a 6 on order, but they were awful about how they handled the OnePlus 5 display defect. I do not understand how people can blindly submit to any company.

Gear Seekers : I keep saying this. Apple is god damn criminal and they are not special.

Michael Hookano : Apple fanboys down voting this instantly LOL

erica : Remember when iMacs had standard SODIMM slots on the bottom that were easily accessible?

Headshot HatTrick : This Apple isn't Steve Jobs' Apple

Luis Mediavilla : I've learned something, buy lenovo and dell computers. Very good hardware support.

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : My man Louis is fighting for a good cause! Keep it up the good work Go roast apple more Linus

Drakilicious : Apple is over priced disposable junk that trendies buy. In other news trees grow in a forest.

ThatGuyBenTen03 : This is why I use windows

CJWarlock : Back in the days of PPC, Macs were indeed a different hardware than x86 PC's. SInce about a decade or more they are just ordinary x86 PC's with not so ordinary pricing and fake fame. ;) Plus there's a slave-training mind wash on many steps of using the damn thing (policies, the "we are smarted than you, you do what we let you not what you want" attitude of the OS). Hence it makes no sense whatsoever to buy a Mac. Just put normal PC parts together and if you want to experience the said slave-feeling - install MacOS on it as a second OS. ;) Plain and simple.

XANTOR : "Canadian Rupees" killed me

Phillip Santos : Love the balls on Linus right now. The middle finger wasnt physically demonstrated on video,but we all know it was there.🤜🤛👍

killer101_5 : Sponsored by SAMSUNG 😂

BigChiefWiggles V : Apple is a company that bends you over when you are stupid enough to buy their product, then, once they know they can bend you over and slide in with no lube ... they keep on doing it at every chance. People that buy Apple products could be best described as chumps and the Apple business model sits on the scale somewhere between scam and rape.

Chris Kendall : theyre apple fanboys. speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. apple is perfect. apple is god

733Rafael : average apple user iq is lower at least 20 points than pc user. comparable with console user probably.

High Vis Harry : ROSSMAN TO THE ROSCUE!!! :D. Can't wait, It's so satisfying seeing Louis roast apple on their anti-consumer policies on repair. This time he'll be doing it on a channel with 6 Million subscribers. Get ready Apple, the internet is coming. :D

Simon : apple is going downhill long times ago, this video will push them even harder, die apple die

La VoS es DeuS : its not refusing to fix it that is the problem to me, its the fact that they tried to make you seem like a problematic uninformed idiot because they dont want to help. Exactly why everyone hates star wars. It is NOT because the movie sucked, it is because how they treated people with issues as uniformed idiots.

Mordecai Walfish : Bout' time someone took on these scam artists. Best of luck to you and Louis, we will all benefit from your work here, I feel.

Alepap : Apple is the Console of the PC world.

Hyena : Linus is handing out *HOT SLAPPINGS* to all these Mac Boys.

Azure : Linus has done more than just about anyone to justifiably burst the bubble of the cult of Apple. They're anti consumer and market overpriced tech to people who generally don't know anything about it but still desire them because they're 'fashionable' or 'premium.' They know many of their users will simply break or lose their devices through sheer carelessness and buy new ones, so why bother with repairs and they don't want their more astute customers to have that option either as it means less money for Apple. It's like they want to create a mystery and prevent people from learning about the pretty basic hardware they paid for. At this stage they're just expensive and increasingly limited fashion products, now even a lot of younger designers are seeing through the whole Apple is better for design myth. Linus deserves plaudits for being so principled about his stance knowing how many fanboys will be fuming about it.

TheDragonSlayer : OH how I hate apple

Benjamin Wilson : We need an anti-apple anthem...

HilaKleiner : And people still wonder why Steven Wozniak left apple and stopped doing repairs for Macs.

The Verctor : Press *F* for respect

chbrules : Your bad quality content should be

MrStereo55 : With hardware policies and repair policies like that , who needs enemies. Funny most of their hardware these days is basically pc/intel related with a few twists in-between . I would imagine the average Apple head does not have a clue how bad their support really is .

josh885 : Some of these comments make no sense to me. Another, often repaired expensive electronic item is professional cameras. Nikon for example will fix you're camera and warranty the work for 6 months and still honor the original warranty for the full term on the rest. This is for cameras and lenses that can cost more, in the case of lenses WAY more than an iMac. They didn't have any trouble figuring out how to warranty and stand behind repairs and even for cheaper stuff can do it for less than the cost of a new one. Apple for sure can too. If they wanted. I mean a computer is far easier and cheaper to work on. A layman can do it if you are talking just swapping parts like a MB or ram. But a camera is a precision tool with tight tolerances and a very complex assembly that has to be extensively tested for spec every time you take it apart for it to work right. Look at a DSLR tear down online for example. Look at what you have to do just to replace the MB in it. Then compare that to dissembling your PC to replace the MB. If Nikon/Canon can figure out how to do cost effective repairs and accept liability for them on cameras used professionally for things like the Olympics (in other words if they screw up someones career is potentially over. Talk about liability lol) that cost as much or more than an iMac and that are way, way more complex Apple can too for their computers. They just dont' want too.

lu3mm3l : I was pro apple once. Bought the first Intel macbook pro and was happy until it kind of melted the cpu & gpu together which, from apples side, wasn't a construction error but my fault ("you're holding it wrong!"). Bought a (brand new) iMac after that which had a tiny crack on the lower right corner. Didn't see the crack early since it was in the black border area and they also refused to replace the glass. Not even the screen. And I had guaranty left. And that's where the enthusiasm ended. Fuck them. If I ever get the feeling that I might have to buy an apple product again, I watch a video by Louis Rossmann. Cured. Thanks.