Queen - Tie Your Mother Down (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from A Day At The Races, 1976. Queen - 'Tie Your Mother Down' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Tie Your Mother Down' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.


DoctorWoohoo : I love how Brian May opening riff's basically saying, "Right, that's got their attention. UNLEASH THE BULSARA!"

valdi vall : John Deacon singing? IT'S A MIRACLE

sdovas : "Take your little brother swimming with a brick..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Mr. Brison : The most underrated Queen song

Aus80sRockRadio : Brian May.

IloooooooveBeatles : This song has one of the best Rock'n Roll riffs, thanks to Dr Brian May!

roryemery 87 : My little brother knows all the words to this song and always sings it, my little brother is also 3 years old...

Daniel Petcu : best song to dedicate to your mother on mother's day

Zsuzsanna Benke : Brian May wrote this song. In a 1976 interview on Capital Radio, Freddie Mercury was asked "why tie your mother down?" Freddie replied: "Well this one in fact is a track written by Brian (May) actually, I dunno why. Maybe he was in one of his vicious moods. I think he's trying to out do me after 'Death On Two Legs' actually." Queen commonly used explosions for effect during live and video performances of this song. During the video shoot, Roger Taylor was blown off his stool and off the stage due to an explosion placed in a bucket on his riser. While watching certain versions of the video you can see the part cut out, where Freddie turns around to face the back of the stage almost immediately. The recording had to be stopped for a moment because Roger was on the floor. Luckily, he was fine, though Brian May states clearly in video commentary, "Nearly killed Roger, it has to be said!

Chantelle Adlington : FUCK I LOVE THIS SONG!! My mum and my sister once caught me singing and dancing around to this and acting like Freddie did on stage oops 😳😂 Does anyone else just feel really powerful and feel really good when listening to this?

David Bell : Freddie is brilliant

Robert King : This is one of those tracks where the second it ends, you go back and play it again ... and again ... and again ... and ...................

SANDRA SMITH : Isn't this the video that Roger fell over when the pyrotechnics went off?

ThatKidWhoLiesAboutHisAge OnTheInternet : When people say that Robert Plant is the greatest frontman of all time, I start laughing at them so hard. And they say Led is the greatest band. He no, Queen is the greatest band of all time, and they have the greatest frontman, and that's our pal Freddie Mercury ;) Edit: I just realized I made a lot of people mad just because of this comment, so for any of you butt hurt newcomers out there, just know that this comment was made months ago, and I didn't meant to sound so "arrogant" as some people called me. I'm just some faggot who loves Queen, lol. That's all.

Magnus Urban : i am fourteen and im the only one in my class who love queen... guess im the only one who heard of them...

María Montijo : Freddy Mercury is a real king

El Abuelo Simpson : 147 peoples live with their mother

ruby : it's funny how I've heard so many queen songs but don't know they're by queen

red pool : [Verse 1] Get your party gown Get your pigtail down Get your heart beating baby Got my timing right Got my act all tight It's got to be tonight my little School babe [Guitar solo] Your momma says you don't And your Daddy says you won't And I'm boiling up inside There is no way I'm going to lose out this time [Chorus] Tie your Mother down Tie your Mother down Lock your Daddy out of doors I don't need him nosing around Tie your Mother down Tie your Mother down Give me all your love tonight [Verse 2] You're such a dirty louse Go get out of my house That's all I ever get from your Family ties, in fact I don't think I ever heard A single little civil word From those guys But you know I don't give a light I'm going to make out all right I've got a sweetheart hand To put a stop to all that Grousing and sniping [Chorus] Tie your Mother down Tie your Mother down Send your brother swimming with a brick That's alright Tie your Mother down Tie your Mother down Or you ain't no friend of mine! [Verse 3] Your momma and your Daddy going to Plague me until I die Why can't they understand I'm just a Peace loving guy [Chorus] Tie your Mother down Tie your Mother down Get that big big big big big big Daddy out the door Tie your mother down yeah Tie your mother down Give me all your love tonight All your love tonight

Sharon Jensen : Why was "Tie Your Mother Down" not on Queen's "Greatest Hits" collection? It is great!

James Rundle : I love this song. My channel is dedicated to Queen guitar lessons. I've just done guitar tutorial for Tie Your Mother Down

Carleen JJ : This is one of my favorite guitar solos from Dr. Brian May!

Kostas Azalin : He would be 70 today.....R.I.P Freddie.....

happyguyx1 : maybe im just gettin old but fk these new bands

Courtney Fleming : The guitar beats in this song are brilliant!

StinkFist 41 : Rest In Peace Mrs. Jer Bulsara, mother of legend/music god Freddie Bulsara

Christian Leonardo : This song is the pure energy of rock n roll, that riff, holy shit balls, is one of the most amazing things my ear ever had the pleasure to listen

Nina Lisa : Just love this song, nice song for driving ... 

Becky Edwards : ♡♡♡ you Freddie! WISH YOU WERE STILL HERE!

Big-Thor 546 : La mejor parte es de 00:00 a 03:52

Андрей Мельников :  How I love this :))

Tj Landry : Trivia: Brian May couldnt afford a guitar so he and his father (an electronics engineer) built the one you see him playing to this very day.

Artur Iwiński : Holy crap, that song sure is powerful.


OchenteroyNew wave mireligionLOS-80s : DEFINITELY The best voice of rock and roll

Grr Kpp : It's easy to overlook how much John Deacon rocks but he is a badd a** bass player and an important part of Queen

Hank Johnson : This is rock n' roll served straight up.

NatzKulz : What was Bri thinkin about when he wrote this? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

0Killer Queen0 : I just tied my father down


german gerl - : This riff is all I need to hear when I'm in a bad mood. 😁

Naoufal Hitmi : this song 100% rock :)


Reeco Rees : What a band. The first band I ever got into. ATB Reeco

Kr 887 : Pure Rock n Roll!!! I love it!

Thanks be to God : However: Without Brian May, Queen is just princess, And Freddie's just Fred. It's all about That Guitar.

alina baykalova : This music is so powerful and cool ! Freddie and Queen, you are always ahead !

Zorian : Brian May on guitar, Roger on drums John on bass and Freddie on lead vocals. Shaken not stirred. What a DRINK!

MUSIC DANCE : He is very pretty with his uniform white and his beautiful face.