Face to face with a cannibalistic sect

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KG Productions : Old dude: I will cut your head off Interviewer: I think I need to get outta here... Director: Nah bro, just chill. Let's see where this goes

bliz𓁾 : guy: hey Aghori what you want for dinner man? aghori: *yes*

Leo Laaksonen : He protec He attac But most importantly He eat human snacc

Sachin Anoop : Their favorite shampoo be? Yes! Head & Shoulders

majestaec : Shouldn’t he be jailed? Cannibalism is illegal. Just wondering! 😅

-Đ a n t ē- : The only guy that would call me snack

Ashley Marie : 3 letters: R-U-N.

Jadden : Stuff was getting serious the dude at 0:49 just disappeared hahaha

Hailey : CNN News? Are you sure this isn’t actually a Snickers commercial?

mister sister fister patrol : *Insert vegans smirking*

Corrupt : Could you explain why this is in my recommended? ...

TheDerpyWarrior : When your sleeping in their tribe and you wake up in a cauldron with noodles and carrots

Johnny Favorite : *Q:* Why don’t Cannibals eat Clowns? *A:* Because they taste funny🤡

Crystal Clods : I couldn't tell if this was satire or not

The End : We in the U.S. do not like the CNN tribe. Feel free to eat them at your leisure.

mark tuan : cannibalism vids on my recommended.. gee, thanks??

Morten Madsen : What a beautiful and culturally enriching people.

Sonix o : Cannibalism has the potential to solve both of the world's hunger and overpopulation problem.

Jay Gupta : Neither this is Hinduism and nor they are true aghori he seems to mentally sick aghori means one who have disassociated himself from the society nothing is there with him to lose You could find many of fakes ones and he is one of them I personally saw many aghori they don't behave in such way

Cleetus : *This should be called: Top 10 Dangerous Wakanda Tribe that isnt from Wakanda*

Diet Bleach : 0:44 "I'll cut off your head, if you keep talking too much" **Next scene, guy with glasses is gone*

Lauris M : To be continued music plays...

שגהש : That aghori acts like an indian anime character, how could the white dude possibly take this seriously?

Tony Star : Is this supposed to be funny 😂😂coz my stomach is really aching right nowwww

DEEZY THE RUNT : I feel like they somehow should have known those folks were aggressive

Old Soul : Guy#1 "maybe someone can distract him and I'll just leave". Guy#2 " let's just see where it goes" Buahahahahahahha!

Parshan. A : The crew doesn’t have guns?

Sonia the Hedgehog : 0:58 Was i the only one who thought agori was gonna light the reporter on fire

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 127

Cameron jz : Old dude: Let eat snack Me: K what should we eat. Old dude: U!! Me:-RUN!!!!

Carlos Ortiz : If i was him i would carry a gun and then pop one on his god damn face if he threatens me like that

Vasu Cherukuru : He's just mad and mentally ill conditioned Why do you people interview him?

Hugh Mungus : Fake News

Devawrat Vidhate : Aghori eat dead meat (human and animal)and what ever we waste produced they eat that they dont eat live things they just dont follow your rules This aghori looks fake .....

WettestArtist 67 : Why is this in my recommended?😂 I ain’t no dang cannibal😂

Tanmay Kumar : Aghoris dont eat human flesh by killing people.They eat the flesh of dead bodies near cremanation ground.

Roshan Paswan : No worries just a normal day in India .Love and light

Jay : Cannibalism and cutting heads off? Oh that’s how they get down? They trippin trippin. They need to let that man leave.

Spacetime : If im to go there i gonna bring a gun and shoot him in the head the instant he charge at me, let see whos boss ur ancient crap belief or my gun

Wolver Derp :P : _I didn't sign up for this_

Bubblelene Lene : And legends say they never came back

Big D Nate Aussie : That bloke needs to get of the bongs 😂😂

Jesse Mora : The white guy with the black dot on his forehead looks like the type to get himself into this situation.

Yoan Dimov : I am a cannibalist I once ate a scar tissue I had

Ya gurll Dede : Umm why is this funny to me 🤣

Ruksana saeed : My grandad ong

EliteAstro Gamer : I feel like they had a gun in the back

Zachary Alexander : Uncivilised freaks

hshshshshshshs : You want to tell me this is not a parody?

Frizzable : What happens when you stumble into something you shouldn't on skyrim...