Face to face with a cannibalistic sect

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-Đ a n t ē- : The only guy that would call me snack

mark tuan : cannibalism vids on my recommended.. gee, thanks??

Gavin : _”Oh, I could just eat you up!”_

TYLERSKYLAR : Utube recomendations are like getting socks for Christmas.

Andrew : The reporters reaction is hilarious😂

Frizzable : What happens when you stumble into something you shouldn't on skyrim...

GlamGuruGina : Lmao he’s like “y’all distract him and I just leave , I can be polite about it , I can be polite “😂😂😂

Sean Sean : Why does this have the vibe of a comedy sketch ?

Jiren : Me thinking to myself before watching video : hmm it sounds disturbing and I know I shouldn’t .. but ok maybe a quick peek ... me after watching it : hm yeah that’s enough YouTube for today ..

King Khaleed : Why did this pop up in my recommended? LMAO

Shoayb Alam : Did you see his face at 0:49. The I’m dead face lol.

Adam Gil : I could do that only if there were like ten soldiers with rifles behind me.

BriLily : “You’re not you, when you’re hungry” 😩

SUU WHOOP : He literally eats ass

Mycroft Holmes : Me talking to my split personalities

Jungshook : I be watching the weirdest things on YouTube swear

steveo1kinevo : The beginning of the end for YouTube when this video shows up as a recommended video in your feed.

Hanbin Xchocoo : *“I feel like this might of been a mistake”* That’s what my parents said when I was born.

ringpop103 : Why is this so hilarious😂😂 "can you distract them and I leave?"

Rekken 200 : Sect leader: Let me eat you out Her: Pff at least take me to dinner first ;^) Sect Leader: Same thing really.

Hrhur Hehehdj : Rip X

jumal jimin : "I will cut off your head if you keep talking so much!" 00:44 when someone I hate starts talking 😂

Joseph Kamalendran : Sounds like a comedy sketch.

Coin Stacks : Fake!!

Marco Almogela : They were never to be found after the making of this video

It's ya boy, Chips Ahoy. : In Guts We Trust

Teshani xoxo : YouTube if you don't quit recommending this bs to me I swear

Mi llamo Jose : Here before it turns into a MEME

sCuNTaZoid sNiGGerZ : So is cnn making skits now?

arsenicCinnamon : 0:44 Translator: *thinking* I... don’t need the money that bad.

Trist Kiz : He’s high asf

Abhi Nair : Okay I'm an *Indian hindu* and this is a *fake* one ...its actually a scripted *drama* .. or else they may not be the real aghoris because these people won't come up in front of camera and do like this.. Aghoris are bhakths of *lord shiva* and they dress up like this but here *CNN is doing this for viewers*

Aloha Kyle : Rip X

Sloth Father : They smokin that bargain weed

RABBIT SEASON : When you go to the weird kid's house.

Youi54 : “I will cut off your head if you keep talking too much” -cannibal

ShanFromTheBookOf Legends : Fake cannibals trolling journalist 😂

Sahara : I speak hindi, and for my fellow Americans, this guy is the equivalent of the crazy impulsive homeless guy that lives by the dumpster judging by how he talks.

Ofentse Mwase Films : YouTube why are you recommending this? Do I look like I eat people for a living

mary nan : This video doesn’t seem right. How does a guy living the middle of nowhere who’s supposed to be a cannibal know how to use matches. Where’d he get matches? He looks like he lives the unevolved lifestyle so what he doing with matches?

Lisa Fan : fake

Kj Tv : Sound like a troll that be under bridges. Lmao

Euthyphro : Remember kids, all cultures are equally valid and beautiful... except, of course, for white cultur,e which simply doesn't exist.

Old Soul : Guy#1 "maybe someone can distract him and I'll just leave". Guy#2 " let's just see where it goes" Buahahahahahahha!

SyKe Clan : He never shudda asked for him to take the head thing off cuz thats where he felt disrespected

Sunny · Waifu : Face to face with a guy who might eat your face

Rico Opi : There was a video about living vegan on my recommended and now this cannibalism thing...donno what's next 🤷‍♂️

Jude Griffin : I got Aghoriphobia man

Herbert : Why are you there in the first place lmao

Tamr224 : Looks like BS to me