Face to face with a cannibalistic sect

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KG Productions : Old dude: I will cut your head off Interviewer: I think I need to get outta here... Director: Nah bro, just chill. Let's see where this goes

Ya gurll Dede : Umm why is this funny to me 🤣

Drakath Gaming : He protec He attac But most importantly *Dude become snacc*

Mystique : So we're just going to ignore the fact that this so called tribe lives on a beach with ppl walking around in the background? lmaoo this whole thing seems staged

Internet Explorer : Why does the cannibal's voice reminds me the tasmanian devil from bugs bunny?

-Đ a n t ē- : The only guy that would call me snack

Mac : “I’ll cut off your head if you keep talking” Me: “I bet you’ll do it anyway”

Zugzwang : So, we're really going to ignore that between 0:45 and 0:49 the guy near the cannibals disappeared? XD

Come Here Boi : What do you call a security guard at a samsung store? A guardian of the galaxy. Can I at least get a sub for that?

Justin Y. : 1-I got a big bick 2-you that read wrong 3-you read that wrong too 4-you checked 5-you smiled 7-you are wondering why you’re still this reading this 8-you saw the mistake... right? (On 7) 10- but did you see I skipped 6? 10-you checked 11-and saw you that u double 10 and skipped 9 12- I said saw you, not you saw 13- i also skipped 2 14-you got tricked 15-I’m just wasting your time, I deserve a like for that, go back the reading those comments

Corrupt : Could you explain why this is in my recommended? ...

Karina Ungureanu : Every time I watch this it becomes funnier

Alex Menendez : Imagine this interview except the reporter is Michael Cera

ppp ppp : The interviewer is scared af 😂😂😂

Christopher Chinchilla : "we try to avoid fake news in our diet"

mark tuan : cannibalism vids on my recommended.. gee, thanks??

Hype_ Nik713 : Its CNN probably fake

Ayla Hudson : Can someone please explain to me why this was legit in my recommended?

ElvenTime : Director low key knows how to find new employees.

Don't Read My Profile Picture : Go vegan.

Wolver Derp :P : _I didn't sign up for this_

Nathan Thomson : This is creepy

Cassini Jr. : This is fake. They don't kill and eat human. It's just the corpse that they find at river side or floating.

Barsat Karki : I guess they were fed up with people.

Vague • Blossom : *Just see where this goes* Me: NI🅱️🅱️A! Let's see YOU try and talk to a cannibal and not feel uneasy. Also, why tf was this recommended to me?

Old Soul : Guy#1 "maybe someone can distract him and I'll just leave". Guy#2 " let's just see where it goes" Buahahahahahahha!

R R : Crack head old dude: “I will cut your head off” Me: “well alrighty then” Me: walks to car to get da choppa, lets it rain and eats them all😋

שגהש : That aghori acts like an indian anime character, how could the white dude possibly take this seriously?

Najma Abdullahi : I come back to this video monthly

Hannes : Bruder muss los

Diet Bleach : 0:44 "I'll cut off your head, if you keep talking too much" **Next scene, guy with glasses is gone*

Bob Cooper : As Trump would say, fake news. LMFAO.

Queen Kayla : Ummmmm YouTube why in the world is this in my recommendation

Joshua Battle : hey dude instead of eating humans stop playing with the real food and making necklaces out of them thnx.

WSWEss : fake af

WettestArtist 67 : Why is this in my recommended?😂 I ain’t no dang cannibal😂

benjamin bethel : I always end up on the dark side of YouTube

Manpreet Brar : If all Muslim vanished from earth animal suffering will be lessened

тнeana ѕ. : Vegans must watch this

Lauris M : To be continued music plays...

CAMERON Jz : Old dude: Let eat snack Me: K what should we eat. Old dude: U!! Me:-RUN!!!!

Legendary King : I am also cannibalistic tho the bones sometimes are inside the meat which may make me choke

sam : lets eat him and see how he likes it

Racer D : Fake News

Rekken 200 : Sect leader: Let me eat you out Her: Pff at least take me to dinner first ;^) Sect Leader: Same thing really.

Anna Lafayette : Lol why did he take off that pretty headband? 🤣

Emmy Lee : he a snacc literally

Mike Nosa : They remind me of black parents tbh

John Church : The only contact we should have with known cannibals is with bullets. The world won't miss them when they are gone.

Ofentse Mwase Films : YouTube why are you recommending this? Do I look like I eat people for a living