Face to face with a cannibalistic sect

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N R : Hahaha us bechary ko dara deya koty ny

Vipul Anand : Gand maar le anrejo ke😂

mohamed Yeye : And it was at that very moment that he knew that he fucked up🤣🤣☠☠

Shubham Chauhan presents IGNITED INDIA : I loved the way Aghori got angry on that guy and didn't give a shit.. I wish for a ThugLife video on Aghori baba..

PEDROJELLO : the guy on far left look confused 0:45

Itz Jay : Bruh he said he’ll cut off that dude’s head for talking too much.

Ashish Rana : We should have used Aghoris against Britishers.

jason rothfeld : dude sounds like the angry doodle bob! NEYHOYMEMOY

hamil Trash : *that’s enough internet for today*

Sam Mitchell : that crazy ass has a necklace of teeth, jawbones, god knows what else seriously, run, run for life and don't look back lol.

mr capone : Dude @0:45 dipped quick af 😂

Friend : He took his precious time to make the head ornament. At least do the decent thing and wear it. Anyone would be passed too.

pbg clan : #0:43 my teacher when I talk lol

conor : dude sounds like a video game character

kameron Mcdaniel : Lmfaoo niga got scared he wanted to escape 😂....shiiid.. Ion blame em doe niga crazy...talking abt "he would eat his own flesh. FOR AND EXAMPLE"

WarBlade : Behind the camera 10 armed security guards lol

Dont_get_offended_420 : Just bring guns lmao

Max Allen : Well shit. I thought they were going to be chill cannibals. Tf

mr capone : I'm high asl watching this 😂😂😂

Atul vaibhav sharma : CNN stop hurting the image of my country abroad... There are handfull of people like him in this country You post these kinds of creepy stuff and people think that my nation only have snakecharmer

bellatamara : me at everyone at school 0:44

Mihir Bhise : Bhai fatt gayi uski

Brian Domenech : finally CNN does a segment on John Podesta and Marina Ambramovic.

Human Mushroom : is that reporter Charlie puth? 😂 are those gnawed off penis bones dangling from his head?😅 how does chicken dust taste on a side salad ?🤔

Illuminati Confirmed : Awkward. I thought Aghoris should be zen, not pissed off

dogeninja dude : I kinda feel like this is fake

Eff : Poor man

TDPets : you should send Gordon Ramsey there to check if they cook well

MetalizedButt : Rofl this was hilarious how scared shitless he was. But why'd they agree to an interview if they didn't like him talking too much? They should have guns with them though for safety then we'd see how tough the aghori are lol

Adonis Khan : Dirty Indians

Nathan Subagio : "i will cut off your head if you keep talking so much" LOL ,

Grasfurzer : Now... he knows da wea

TDPets : you should send Gordon Ramsey there to check if they cook well

Retarded Pepe : cuck

RAFKHOV : why chat with those beast?? the only good thing is bring military and blast them with chooper or better strike them with rocket....

Wipley : I would rather socialise with a cannibalistic savage than someone who describes themselves as a feminist

HuM TuM : tatti nikal gayi angrez ki

PEACE! : What language is that?!

samiul gamer : this is why people hate indians

ASAP RJ KICKZ : He look like kyrie irving😂

Landon Dull : Man I hope he eats him, one less fake news in my world

1 Charge : 0:44 the moment he knew he is not the captain of his life.

jacksonyan : lovely.

Benjamin M : Typical CNN snowflake

Il Principe : this seems fake as shit

Jack Alley : I ate myself

Fancy Wizard : Literally thought this was a skit for SNL.

Eric Hoffmann : LMAO GET FUKD

iLLest Tv : 0:40 cuz disappeared after that lmfao

Mad Face Kounmpo : 0:38 or 0:39