3 Reasons Camelot Unchained Will be the Best MMO in a Decade

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3 reasons the kickstater game Camelot Unchained will be groundbreaking and possibly even revitalize the MMO genre. Its initial beta is almost upon us! It starts July 4th! WARNING: that means it's still a long way from release. I personally can’t wait for this incredible sounding sandbox pvp MMO to begin. It is the spiritual successor to my favorite MMO, Dark Age of Camelot. In this video I will describe in detail the difference between the Camelot-style games and other popular MMOs of the past. My social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hungrihippo/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hungri_hippo_/?hl=en Twitter: @hungri_hippo Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to any movies, games, or songs in this video.

Comments from Youtube

PlagueTv Clips : Its about time an mmorpg was made from a pvp based perspective

Benjamin Levin : I'm so excited for UC! Totally agree with the things you said in the video. July 4th cant come soon enough!

DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh! : We can see your passion in your 24/7 smile. :D

Alex Wisecup : This is a good hype video good luck bro

Victor Perez : Just stumbled onto your channel :) I subbed and hit that bell. Thanks for the videos.

Jason Cessna : My biggest fear, which I know is something they will take into consideration, is how lower level people are going to hang in an open world PvP environment. In 3 years, will it be possible for a lower level player to even level up? I'm sure zoning will help with this, but how will they contribute to the overall realm? I have faith in the team, DAOC was the best MMO ever made in my opinion strictly because of how the 3 way open world PvP worked. Thanks for the content!

Efraim : im looking forward to this game

Carole Carbone : Wow! You really have thought about this! And I can tell you are very excited about Camelot Unchained! You make me want to follow your playing. I hope it is as good and as exciting as you expect it to be. Enjoy!

Dunehammer : Great video, you got me pumped again for CU again!

Lapahn : I really liked how they did PVP in Warhammer Online. Open world zones that once you enter are instantly all out PVP that were being battled for 24/7 (when the game was active). Also, the wars to capture a tower with your guild were so fun.

Ondrej Marek : ever played Warhammer Age of Reckoning (currently only as Return of Reckoning) that might be right up your alley

WHK Games : Simply make mmoprg for competition..example bnS..moonlight blade.. Why not? Moba got hundred hero..wait whats totals in skill? No excuse..every game can made competitive..balance its hard but possible..

Ingwia Fraujaz : Great overview! Everything you mention really resonates with me. I loved open world pvp back in Vanilla WoW more than any other PvP experience in WoW like bg's, arena, etc.

Berkay Engin : I mean check old school runescape had Deadman Tournaments, but it literally become a Clanman/Zerg rush mode, they are still trying to fix it.

Lemon Squeezy : I see a lot of comments in here about saving the genre. For those interested in a good MMORPG there is Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Pantheon is here not necessarily to “save” the genre, because let’s be honest who really cares, but to give those of us a game that need saving from how awful the genre has become. The rest of the mainstream MMO players can continue to play WoW, or the next clone, or the next Korean MMO or whatever. Camelot Unchained looks like a cool PvP and strictly PvP experience and I’m excited to check it out while I wait on Pantheon.

Oleric : the thing is i love DAoC and its from the same game designer and he said its based a bit on DAoC

omar sameh : i really love your face its seems as if you smiling always , but its kinda creepy when you say ( i think the genre has been dead stale for like a decade ) with smiling face xD PS: i cannot stop laught when you keep saying everything is clone and negative stuff with smily face to the point i have to close my eyes while watching you and take it seriously xD , no offense xD

kilaforniaifly : In a decade u mean that i willbe ready in decade or ? LOL

Brandon Martinez : Nice pepesalvyia.jpg

Adam Russell : You nailed it.. The MMORPG genre is just dead..oh, unless you love "Asian" grinders. Subbed/liked.

omar sameh : Hungri Hippo and finally i hope you read my previous commens first then this comment , they have good points but please give plaent side 2 a shot , maybe you don't like fps , but this game duo to massive scale with tanks and air craft and robot suit class will make you love fps , also it has trinity system and progression system and so unique ,i am guy who care for old world games but after i played plaent side 2 i really loved it because it has alot of mmoRPG elements and craft new weapons and sandbox and good stuffs

Cream Cheeze : Don Quixote reference, eh? Well with the level of sanity of an average mmo player it makes perfect sense, sure.

Dark Lord : .-. I have reach this channel and I just want to say.... nice doorknob.-.

Jamie Somerville : "Friends" PepeHands

Barkla Butson : & there's your problem right there lol

virgo4200 : at first i thought this was the guy from the hit song "somebody that i used to know"

Mikael : All the things you mentioned in the video, ESO has.

Couatl : CU won't save MMOs simply because it's PvP focused and that's just not what the majority of the MMO wanderers want. This is going to be niche for those of us who want a primarily PvP experience, which, if you haven't noticed, is literally almost non-existent atm. CU and Crowfall are both going for niche audience and the team from both openly admit that and design around it. As for the MMORPG genre on a broader scale... well, there are a few hopefuls, Star Citizen, Pantheon, Ashes, Chronicles... those MIGHT save the genre. Of course, going by how you started with arenas, the "examples" of pvp games you gave, how you talked about it, and how you look, I'm guessing you're a younger player who didn't play older games and wasn't around later when messy open PvP was still a thing and arena/battleground concepts was really still infantile. Anyway, nice video, but CU/Crowfall will probably never be anything more than niche, and that's fine.

Krisztian : the last decent mmo was gw2 and it died after people noticed there is no content after reaching lvl80 at launch... 2012...

Kris Brown : I want the PvP we saw in Shadowbane.

Kyle Rowland : sounds like albion online

Lemon Squeezy : Hi there, I don’t mean to be rude but you mentioned the golden age of MMOs as WoW and GW2. The golden age of MMORPGS started in 1999 with the release of Everquest and many will argue it ended in 2004 with the launch is WoW. Others will argue that it ended in 2008ish and include “Vanilla” WoW and the maybe the 1st or 2nd expansion. GW2 launched in 2012 and is by no measure part of the golden age of MMOs. GW1 launched in 2005 and while a definite classic isn’t generally considered a golden age MMO.

Jacobeem Moogberg : I think we're on the same page Hippo! Very excited for CU, have been in both the alpha and beta testing and am very excited for what's coming. What realm do you plan on maining? My friends and I are having a tough time picking this go around

sam solmonson : I dont know that it will save MMOs but I am super excited for this game. Also one thing i think you forgot to mention. When you play world vs world pvp vs battleground pvp there is less concern with balance which is why theyre able to have completely different classes for every realm or have those kind of over the top realm wide skills for ranking up like DAoC had that you mentioned. Obviously there is still some balance that needs to take place but since its sooooo many people there wont be people saying oh well the hunter is spending 300 mana to do 1500 damage when the mage spends 400 mana to do 3400 and thats just not fair because when they 1v1 or 2v2 them they will lose 95% of the time.

Gilgameshi Warimeshi : 4. Its not a korean mmorpg milking their audience with overpriced cash shop items.

omar sameh : Hungri Hippo you are right i love massive battles too , thats why i stick with planet side 2 with very big battles and never get bored , i recommend you play this game REALLY jewel game, the issue here is in plane side 2 you are allow to swich between classes so it make your experince more flexable during the massive battle , butin camelot unchained you only class , its good because it means you have identity rather than jumping from class to other , but at the same time it means your years of progression will be only on this 1 class character and you have to start from scratch if you want try something new

DasLetsPlaySchaf - Let's Määäh! : And if he didn't died, he will still smile today.

omar sameh : Hungri Hippo i am sorry about this point but i am 100% disagree about fun with friend in massive games , i remember i played game call warhammer eternal crusade it was 20v20 and me and my friend didn't care much about each other because maybe he died and i play alone or maybe i died and he play alone and have to run from spawn point to location , and ofc its hard to find him or very far away from me which make bad experince of running to him or he running to me each time one of us died , same thing with camelot with massive battels it will be very little to do combo or do any big things with each other , maybe in moba 5v5 were you in bot lane play adc and support or overwatch but not really in massive scale duo to chaos happen around you with massive numbers

Jason Johnson : It is down right ugly and sparse looking, not much better than DAoC. Now a days it should have a style that is pleasing. For this I think Crowfall will fill this PvP notch.

Barkla Butson : Omg dude your talking about games that have been dead for years ,your to young to judge about what is good & what isn't lol ....

Ewok Nation : Lookup shadowbane

Boba Fettuccine : I hate your face