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the inventor of chess has earned a reward SUBSCRIBE ► VIDS IN 60 SECONDS ► MID-LENGTH VIDS ► COMEDY THEORY VIDS ► hey Show More and mobile folks. how are you doing? have you ever heard of a story or puzzle like this? the main variation i'm familiar with is "would you pick a million dollars or a penny doubled every day for a month", and the answer is decidedly the latter. i originally heard it with rice, and as a kid, i was like "woah, that's sick! he totally owned that deal!" but then looking back at it i'm like "oh yeah that was weird and i'm sure he didn't get that rice." hope you have a great weekend!

Comments from Youtube

WangleLine : It was, uh... a lesson? *internally screaming for help*

Live Easy : This is really great content. Your acting on "Ok! But I'm not going to do it is what I'm saying because I have all the swords" is killer. Subscribed.

Untitled Untitled : *Gives the guy a total of 127 grains of rice* King be like: That's a lot of rice already peasant, don't test me

Anthony Grandinetti : 18 quintillion procedurally generated grains of rice

Richard Luzum : Now that's the kind of pettiness I can get behind! #PHILGANGNICEBOYS

Puff,TheMagic : Okay this is probably your best video yet congrats. I will point them to this whenever someone tries to tell me that stupid tale again.

EPIC GAMER GUY : This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Amazing dialogue!

tomatoanus : yeah but we got chess, so worth tho

Pippy Palmer : His face at the end 😭😂 Thank you for this, i’m screaming lmaoo

Trailer Park Cowboy : I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked the video but it ended up being frickin hilarious

Luke Fitzpatrick : Fantastic video, you really outdid yourself with this one.

Dr Doug : Dude I love your videos and I love that you are getting bigger

Zach Digital : Phil has some pretty eyes.

Hyland Park : This was so well thought out! Reminded me of the when I first heard that tale.

Timothy Blumberg : This is some of the highest quality content I've seen on YT in a looooong time. 11/10

Uncomfortable Cat : Thanks for the Idea. It looks amazing. Bill Gates ,i am coming.

Vasia Patov : I started laughing hysterically at the end, holy shit well done! Also, you're beautiful

Trebor 10 : Love the video! Noticed your vid on r/videos. Subbed instantly!

FenixBlade911 : What were you even gonna do with the rice?! 🤣🤣😂😂

Kallie Perkins : you’re kinda hot js funny vid 👌🏼

Silas ofNj : One more sub. :-)

Adlin Ling : The first person to cook rice probably cooked way more rice than they expected.

Brooke Jahnke : Genuinely going to use this when I'm teaching math. Thank you!

Donut2Ninja : Damn that was hilarious. Great video

yuehh tewbb : That went in a direction I didn't expect, real fast.

Pinnacle Advisory Group : May we use this at an upcoming conference on investing? Please reply . . .

Krystian : Yoooooooo I really liked this what the heck

Jamie Pierce : Hey I actually recognise this song, it's Brunch (Sequel to Breakfast). Also nice job phil!

Sage Myth : Thank you Reddit, for showing me this

Larry : This is hilarious and very well made.

Eric Connor : hahaha, this should have been shown in class back when I learned about powers.

Johnathan M. : Damn you Loki! Trying to swindle a mortal king like that!

COLANCE : Loki? Is that you?

ChrisBrownHitMe : Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey  Ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah  Now that your rose is in bloom  A light hits the gloom on the grey…

Snaxfrlnch : I did the math and in total if the rice was in a cube each edge would be 10 times the distance to the moon.

battlegrace731 : this was fantastic!

S3thc0n : 'because i have all the sword' are the best words i've heard in ages

Celina Centeno : 😂😂😂 actually lol'd

Action Frank : This was awesome! Really clever & well-executed take on an old tale and a basic premise. I haven’t seen your other stuff yet, but I’ve already shared this and will be subscribing

Luis I. : Another great one. There is a revival of absurd humour in mainstream atm. Have you applied as a writter/performer to Conan or SNL or something like that? I watch A LOT of comedy stuff in all format and genre. That might not be what you want to do but you definitly have the shine man, you could go for it.

ironatom : i have all the swords, i have all the swords.

Doty Fuzz : here from u m a m i channel...not disappointed

kerrr rr : I laughed and got smarter, thanks!

Calvin Walker : Fantastic lesson

yesnogo : Dude youre like Gus Johnson except funnier and without the cringy music videos.please don't start making musical comedy

sierra : Oh my gosh his videos never disappoint. I have yet to find one that didn't make me laugh

_ : It's actually closer to 36 quintillion

No Body : I have all the swords

world record egg : Apparently Marvel is looking for a younger actor to portray Loki in the new Disney+ series. If this dude can pull off an English accent he should try to land an audition.