Making a Song in an Hour

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RoomieOfficial : Wow. WOW.

Vlad the magnificent : thag was alright until you added the lyrics

Yazaell stories Collected channel : Rob : He Make Music Perfect Roomie : He Sing Perfect Huang : He Remix Perfect Dave : He Have Style He's Creator Perfect #What if thier come to make some original song together. Something is special thing to be born 😅

Ethan : Low-Budget Pink Floyd

MAX : bill sure knows whats up

Davie504 : Best diss track 2018

DeTodoUnPoco : Hey there Roomie I got something to tell you (this is just me talking bout Roomie) I got something to tell you bro Sorry to tell you this way, but you're bad, oh man I sing so much better than you And here's the plan: i'm gonna tell everyone about it man haha Everybody knows that i'm, i'm That i'm a better singer than Roomie I'm sorry to tell you this way But just cuz you're swedish doesn't mean that it's not Ok for me to let you know through a song... ¡I got seven seconds Roomie! That... Ok i just have to overdub something, goodbye Everybody knows that i'm, i'm That i'm a better singer than Roomie Everybody knows that i'm so much better than Roomie Woah, Yeah Woah (wah wah wah wah), Yeah (that's what i'm talking about Bill)

Afonso Ferreira : in 1 hour this guy can do better than every pop star

eagleman983 : When your project is due in an hour

SpicyStegosaurus : Accidental diss track

RobScallon2 : Song seems normal to me!

Rob Fortune : Hardest I've laughed in a long time, love this

Emeric Switch : Is it just me or does roomie always sound auto tuned? Like even when he talks!

Kaleb : I personally would've just left it without vocals, the rest the song was great. Can we find a instrumental version of the song? It's a nice instrumental song.

Benjamin Vroman : Hahahah hahahaha it's true rob you have the voice of an angel

Andrew Watson : The most beautiful song Ive ever heard. Roomie? More like Whomie. Bill gets it

MoBro : Still better than American Footballs second full length

HICKSTA227 GAMING : We're all forgetting the unsung hero of this.... Bill

Mazen Amara : How about a huge collab,including everybody(you,Davie ,Andrew ,Boy in a band and Roomie),for the one hour song challenge

Sped Spedding : That’s what I’m talking about Bill!!!!!

Babyboodle : 13:10 - Honestly that bit of the chorus where you came in too early with the "that I'm... I'm a better singer than Roomie" works out really well. You saved it, and it actually made a really interesting two-vocal part. I like it so much that I think it's worth putting into an actual song. I hope Roomie covers this, by the way.

Another Week Music : Challenge idea. You, andrew, Dave, and roomie all have an hour to make a song BUT...everyone picks everybody else's presets and samples to try and screw them over

Errold Tumaque : 5:12 sounds like the kind of tune before someone says "Do you want to know 20 secrets on how to live a properous lifee? Hi I'm Sandra, welcome to my audio book"

Edward Bennigsen : "I can't sing to save my life" neither can the guy from American Football though haha

Foqs : without the vocals, I'd listen to it.

David Ysasi : Chorus saved this song from total fail lol

Shangman : the only music youtube who didn't comment is roomie

EternalMetalDevastator : The response from Roomie, was hilarious. I'm glad it pissed him off!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jarick Losey : Thumbs up for the American Football reference!

Tabi TV : Ok, so this is a gay love traingle between you, Bill and Roomie ?! XD

Flix : Don't criticise yourself and don't be afraid to publish your works because even if you don't like it, someone else will, and that's all that matters.


mehwhyausername1 : => rob hates his work => still authentically makes me shed a single manly tear. it would be really beautiful with some polishing and actual lyrics

Nicole MeMe : Sorry, Roomie owned you, lol 😉❣

Melakie Simrak : Best diss track I've heard so far.

• TheLostKid : *"Legend says Roomie is watching."*

Bidoof : The real star of this video is the framed embroidery of Spyro the dragon lol

Alexander Entertainment : The song's instrumentals kind of remind me of "Walking After You" by Foo Fighters. Am I the only one who hears the resemblance?

Opuskrokus : This should be a challenge among youtube musicians, only you get 2 hours (1hr is obv impossible). Should also be started by a given riff or melody. Some great stuff could come out of this. And starting with drums was a horrible idea, at least in my mind.

Sergio Moreno : Waiting for Roomie to release the song "I play shovel guitar better than Rob Scallon"

kitty kat:3 : Actually roomie sings better than you :3

Lucc Boii : Making a Song in Half Hour Making a Song in One Minute Making a Song in Half Minute Making a Song in a Second Lel

Arun S : I think roomie is better 😑

B Kut : Roomie is a better singer den you sorry doe my bad engis

will dvsds : Wait till roomie hears this

MachoXMan : Am I the only one who thinks this kinda sounds like a Modest Mouse song?

BiRDiE : Lyrics: "Hey there Roomie!, I got something to te....I can't....It's just me talking about Roomie, I got something to tell you bro. Sorry to tell you this way, But your bad, Oh man!, I stink so much better than you. And here is the plan, I'm gonna tell everyone about it man! Ha Ha!" "Everybody knows, That I'm, I'm, I'm a better singer than Roomie" "Sorry to tell this way! But just because your Swedish doesn't mean that it's not okay, For me to let you know through a song, I got 7 seconds Roomie! That, I'm just gonna have to over dub something, Um Bye!" "Everybody knows, That I'm, I'm, I'm a better singer than Roomie" "Everybody knows, That I'm so much better than Roomie!" "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!" x2 "That's what I'm talkin about Bill!" -You can thank me later ;) 12:09

Da Jew : And thats how a lot of popular pop songs are made these days.

NAJ Productions : That’s what I’m talking about Bill! 😂 Hahah I died 😂😂😂

Kate 12345 ! : roomie is a better singer than u anyday!