The Right Turn Of Tae-Ahn Lea... That turned Ugly!! Soooo What happened again?

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Nerys : actually I am pretty sure they are not allowed to "Just take" you out of the car. they have to have an actual reason to do that. its not as simple as "they are allowed to do that" ANYONE getting pulled over by cops and NOT nervous is naive or stupid or inexperienced with cops. YES they are giving him attitude. HE Is not wasting their time ONLY they are wasting time. NO Its not the same thing guilty people do. he is so full of shit its disgusting. OFFICER needs to bring it down. he did nothing wrong. I even suspect if that turn was even illegal. it was not a dual lane turn but a single lane turn. also more bullshit. the k9 never even indicated. at all. zero indication. total bullshit. they would be receiving a bill for the damage that k9 does to the interior of the car too. Humiliation and Intimidation on a fishing trip. nothing more. Revoking of 4th amendment by illegal K9 FUCK YOU. handcuffs means you are under arrest. period. no discussion watch that cops hands. he is ITCHING for a fight too. SHE has it right. stay back but tell him NO to his specific illegal orders to make him annoyed. GOOD. GOOD mom and good citizen. Dirty Fucking Cops. Then the wallet questions. FISHING for PC after the fact. god damned asshole. Treasonous Criminal Gang Members. to the end that cop is ITCHING to beat the shit out of that completely innocent kid. just watch his hands. a violent critter that one. kid is very justified in being nervous and afraid. then the thorough humiliation tactic ball fondling search at the end to grind their dominance in. scum. so your not out their for traffic your out their for violent crimes so why the fuck you pulling black kids over for wrong right turn and bringing out K9's GO FIND violent crime you assholes. watch him for 5 minutes. yep that's how they violate your rights. just follow you and then claim you violated one. SO you took him out of the car WHY you fucktard ? and good on her get louder with him. don't let him talk over you. why the negative view toward police. How about that entire encounter ? how about that officer asshole. he went no where with it. THE COP did 100% of the escalations. 100% as long as you keep treating people like that they will keep having the same negative review towards you. you have NO feelings toward him at all. no conscious. that is part of the problem. she don't have to make SHIT Up you assholes. all she has to do is put your own damned footage online. YOU are the disease. they are so delusional and indoctrinated that they really don't realize they are wrong. charges dismissed with prejiduce. ZERO consequences for the criminal gang members.

Jonn wray : 3 cops, a K-9.........all for a simple traffic ticket? We have way too many cops on the payroll!

a2zme : They pulled him out of the car & patted him down cause he 'turned into the wrong lane' .. lol #Murica

kmwood11 : Someone should test the officer for drugs. Can't stop scratching his hands.

X X : "Why do you have this negative view towards the police?" Seriously?

Steve Jobe : Cops alienating today's youth, one kid at a time.

Njubish : The condescending officer at 22:00 is the worst. He's making up excuses for why a young black man was treated like a criminal, and attempting to make the mother feel like an idiot for not understanding why they are abusing the authority given to them,

MattC : Wow how can the cops have the nerve to ask him why he has a hostile attitude to the police? He's a young black man being pulled over, for something that if I had done they never would have removed me from the car. Just another example of racist cops in the US lol

jjmblue7 : I love how it *never* occurs to cops that maybe the black person they are accosting over a minor, non-malicious, likely accidental, traffic violation is nervous is because cops have accosted, harassed, beaten, tased, shot, and/or killed many black people for very minor infractions or nothing at all.

J R : I can't believe one officer has the nerve to ask "why do you have this negative view of police?" after this young man was pulled out of his car and put in handcuffs for a simple traffic violation, followed by a falsified drug dog alert and illegal search of his car. Not to mention they called three police units for the simple traffic violation and multiple cops keep harassing him the entire time trying to find any reason to take him to jail. Racism is alive and well in America, absolutely disgusting.

Alrek Arinbjorn : 03:54 "He uh...denied consent...He's pretty nervous" Yeah, it's not like you're shaking him down and acting like he's a criminal for no good reason or anything. Serve the ticket and let him be!

** ** : This is exactly what being black in America is like. Kudos to this young man for acting so calm in what was clearly racist targeting by the police. Had his mother not shown up, he may have been shot. I'm also upset that he was pulled from the vehicle and handcuffed for zero cause and that dog was allowed to hop in and out of that car and scratch up your paint, your interior and your dash. I was absolutely disgusted by their disrespectful side talk claiming the family was there to cause a "ruckus". Im even more outraged that the officer claimed recording racist police is a disease. On the contrary, racist police are the disease and they knew that once people see what they did to her son that everyone else would know they are racist as well. As a mother, I was in tears watching this shit. You can't retrain racism. They all need to be relieved of their jobs!

Brett Hazelton : So 100 % proof drug dogs are useless? Indicated but found nothing. Punk.

Northwest Patriot : What agency / location was this? Blatant violation of SCOTUS rulings in Caballes, Rodriguez, etc... as well as several other obvious civil rights violations. Has a competent civil rights attorney seen this? Please show this to some attorneys! Get an enhancement or FOIA the police recording of the radio audio ~25:36 where one officer says "I dont think , and the OIC says "we can just keep trying, keep trying", if this is what it sounds like, it would prove conspiracy to violate rights, and lack of PC/RAS, critical elements to a lawsuit against this corrupt agency.

Joshua Achampong : Can’t believe he tried to use “looking nervous” as a reason to be suspicious. I’d be nervous too if a cop made me get out of my car for turning into the wrong lane. Of course the kid is nervous. He’s seen how these videos usually end.

av5498 : "what's ever happened in your life to give you a negative view of police?" The answer should have been "have you ever been pulled over by police for making a lawful right turn and them placed in handcuffs while you are unlawfully searched and detained against your will?"

MsMsmak : Wow. Cops being racist. What a surprise. I think they have a legal case against the cops and I hope they sue them. The cop trying the "explain" just made it worse.

La'Darrius Thomas : Antagonizing the kid and the mother the entire time! The cops tried to say that she would make something up and get a thousand likes on the internet; she didn't have to say a thing, the video speaks for itself.

Jar Of Cats : "We are the Violent Crimes unit... so we prioritize pulling over people for a simple traffic infraction"

Pauls2theWall Gaming : That police officer is everything wrong with american law enforcement. Discretion means he has the ability to do something, not that you have to do something. These cops flew their discretion and make the kid feel like he is a criminal. They are questioning whether they can lock them up. For a traffic infraction! Talking about how they don't need cameras. This is by far the worst cop I've seen in a long time.

John Staszak : I don't buy into a lot of the "cops are racist" narrative you constantly hear, but this is such bullshit. Turning into the wrong lane?! I hope this boy or his mom sees my comment and knows this older white guy can see this for what it is. They saw a young black kid in a nice car and decided to roust him . Then, when he was nothing but compliant and respectful, THEY escalated it for no reason. I've been in handcuffs before and it's humiliating. This young man did not deserve to be treated this way.

chickenpommes : ,,If he did a wrong turn give him a ticket" ,,Thats not what we're here for" Bruh what

Frisco danconia : supreme court ruled that it is illegal for them to make you wait for a k9 unit to arrive.

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ : The kid is 100% guilty of driving while black.

Jaime Hernandez : 26:31 cop: so why do you have this negative attitude towards police officers? - as the kid is handcuffed, searched and had a k9 "find" something in his car. Gee I wonder why officer?

Dood Monkey : And if the K9 indicated and nothing was found, does that mean the dog is not working?

mark parish : This makes me so furious to watch. I feel awful for you and your family. As a white man I hate to say it but this was pure and simple racial profiling and abuse of power. A complete waste of time and money. listening to that cop talk was almost as bad as the whole ordeal. I'm so glad I live in the rocky mountains.

jeffy acorn : No need to bring a canine in for a minor infraction .

cycloneous : . . . .and they wonder why Kaepernick and the Americans take a knee!

Brad Williams : I generally support cops but these shit police ruin it for those follow the law and do the right thing

tError4O4 : As a white man I guarantee I would have gotten a warning and would be on my way in a few minutes. I wouldn’t be in handcuffs. Take it for what you will.

Medic Jay : I understand the importance of violent crime units. But, when she suggested just give a citation. He said thats not why we are here. Why did you stop him then? You cant just make shit up in hopes of stopping crime. There is that thin line between good guy and bad guy when your a cop.

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ : *Escalation, retaliation, lie, entrap, harass, cover up, plant evidence, murder, rape murder abuse and traffic children, blue wall of silence, extort, intimidate, violate, manipulate, fabricate, incarcerate.* That's how some police "protect and serve" in *_"this day and age"._* Amen

Nathan Thweatt : Notice the conversational tone the officer takes. This is not making conversation or being friendly. He is pumping the driver for information. The more you say, the more likely you are to contradict yourself.

fleasname : Good on you mom! Don't let these pigs get away with that crap!

Jimmy Jambon : Can these officers not see how wrong they are? This peaceful young man has valid reasons to fear and loathe police, and this video shows precisely why. It’s truly disheartening to see them beat him down, and they didn’t have to physically hit him. Disgusting display of policing. The pitchforks are coming people.

Usman Zafar : This video makes the blood boil. These officers need significant communication training. The poor kid was made to feel marginalized and suspected of drug possession. The police officers, not the kid, escalated the traffic stop from a simple traffic infraction to full on investigation. rampant systemic racism in america on display here. When the kid says to the officer, something along the lines of, "you will never understand"-- that is absolutely heartbreaking. I can't ignore the fact that these officers put their lives on the line and they have families waiting and praying for them to return home safely. But this does not excuse their lack of humanity in situations like this.

Mandril : wait "canine indication"....the doggo was waggling his tail the whole time there was no gonna hand cuff you but you not under arrest.,,,so you just held someone against their own will without proof of anything...huh?

PaDoOf : this is literally the same type of shit SS officers do.

Nathanael Ries : I'd be looking over my shoulder to watch his partner too, don't know if they are going to plant something.

Heroes : Those police dogs are about as reliable as field drug tests for detecting drugs.

ac mantle : I am just looking for any reason I can find to ruin your life. Why the negative view of me?

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ : Mom in order for your video to found in a Google search. You must place officer's full name, badge number etc in both the video title and description box. Is there numbers we can call to voice our concerns over this matter?

Hip Hop Footage : make this as viral as possible

ENOREL : It's called a pretextual stop. They used a minor, technical, violation but really wanted to search for guns or dope. So, they are committing crimes; based on the "history" cop. They are a violent crime unit, and need to observe some act of violent crime to act. The reality is, they focus on traffic stops; that's what "history cop" said. So, in order to search people, the roll around looking for minor infractions or offenses. That is the reality of what they are doing and who they are.

militar3rd : Wow. Not all cops are like these but these ones are scum and needs to be dealt with.

From Briggs to you : All due respect to all officers but k-9 will indicate at anything the handler points at, they are there for show...nothing else

Joker : "It's a disease." No officer, you're the disease.

Christopher Constant : The officer in conversation at 24:00 appears to have problems speaking with members of the general public.

Pepe Roni : bullies with badges, anytime the k9 indicates and they find nothing, the k9 officer should be charged with a crime