Homer's Donut Hell

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Alex Gerges : That’s the last time demons try to torture Homer with food (unless it’s good for you).

UltimateFormula1Fan : Hell? This must be heaven for homer.

Yussuf Hussein : how can he eat that much donuts yet he couldn't finish a giant steak

LayzeeGamerJ : "So you like donuts, eh? Well have all the donuts in the world! Hahahahahah!!!" One of the funniest scenes of any Treehouse of Horror episode.

dnasty312 : 0:22 "More." 😂

Mr Snrub : James Coco 😵went mad in 15 minutes 🤣

Starkiller Saber : This more like heaven to homer

Mr. Burns : It is ironic, because he enjoyed it.

DarthSailorMoon : his hell would be realizing he just ate all the donuts

Disney Guardian : I don't understand it. James coco went mad in fifteen minutes!

Slapshot257 : i must have seen this scene 50 times and I just realized that the blue demon is moe

Sun Tiger : *Finishes second to last batch* "More" *resumes eating* XD

thePredman#9 lol : This is a reference to an old porky pig episode

Joe Williams : one of the greatest Simpsons moments ever

CaptainKenway : In German he says "Pavarotti" instead of "James Coco" but it makes no sence, brcause Pavarotti was alive then.

GogoSato : Diabetus.

DJ flying taco : homer managed to eat an eternities worth of donuts

Astragen Astro : One man's hell is another man's heaven. I don't remember who said that...

Richard Cheshire - Getting On With Life : Moral of the story; don't feed the trolls

Dominykas Zakrys : "ironic punishment division" or "all you can eat" ?

Alijah Ambrose : Homer is addicted to donuts.

Joseph Lepiscopo : I could probably do that if the donuts were all krispy kreme.

Ben : This was oddly satisfying

Regular Invader : To think that Homer would still have consumed so many donuts if he stayed in that universe where it rained donuts.

irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria : 0:22 "MORE!" XD

Looksharp staysmart : Deviantart.jpg

Kiba tsume : is it even possible to drive him mad with food he likes

Glady : That demon sounds like Moe.

ettlz : I want this, but with Jaffa Cakes.

jen : "Don't Deal With The Devil"

SFJUMP : Happy National Doughnuts Day Everyone :) This scene is a classic :)

OneFunnyAnimeFan : Hell? Looks like heaven to me.

PastafarianGamer : some say he's still eating donuts to this very day!!!

Robbie Quinlan : get him outta that chair! give me all the donuts in the world!

Titus : Poor Homer, He didn't get enough Donuts

hippa2dahoppa2 : i remember seeing this in i think 2nd grade and the next day of school me and my friend laughing about how complex this machine was that fed you stacks of doughnuts and how fat he was and the teacher telling us to be quiet hahaha.

Higinio Morales : I remember watching this as a child, when it first aired. Sweet Jesus, I'm getting old.

F1 Bobby : OK, so I've calculated, Homer eats 32 donuts, in at least 6 seconds. 10 Billion donuts are made each year, this means that homer has spent, by coincidence, even though he is in hell, 1,666,666,666 seconds in hell. Or 52 years, eating those donuts. In fact, because 52 years passed, this means homer has eaten at least 520 Billion Donuts. Or less, this means he has eaten more calories then the human body could handle. Good thing he was in hell and this is a cartoon eh?

Psycotic DJ : I feel like this be more of heaven for Homer instead of hell

Thunder Goku : Now I want donuts

Asura Shun : Homer,the first man to turn hell into heaven

HolySmokes22 : Well, this explains all the weight gain art on DeviantArt.

Girly Candy : Pink donuts lol

Azura Aduraice : the place homer is in is called hell but honer pronuoces it heaven long as he eats all the donuts in hell

EnigmaticParadox : Back when this show had that seemingly immortal charm

Ex-Poser Toons : I think this is a parody off an old looney tunes episode

Caolan Robinson : Om om om om om More! om om om om

SwAg BrOs32 : am i the oly one who thinks homer is kinda cute at 0:16

Phoenix : I wish someone ate my ass the way homer eats donuts

Ryan Smith : I bet homer would be fatter than that if he ate that many donuts