Latarian Milton Still Doing Bad Hoodrat Things In 2018

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Have a Nice day : I hope he still doesn't smoke with cigawettes

kassan qaadir : They even got the same reporter damn

Cecilia Martin : This is so disappointing smh. Shoulda let the grandma feel free to whoop his butt when he was younger.

1v1 PRLB : Give him a break, he just wanted to do hood rat stuff with his friends and smoke with cigawettes..

Mightyduck7993 : And to think this kid finally turned his life around 😓

Kennedy Wilson : Come on man.

Freetime Sketchbook : He still smoking them cigawettes?

Jarret Chambers : yeah let me Rob the lyft/Uber which has some of my personal info on the app which can be traced.

Ment3l Torture : Come on Latarian you can do better! Do it for yourself! Good luck 🙂

RTL The Musician : Why didn't the judge just tell him no video games for the weekend

Fleece NoScope Johnson : C'mon man, it's only funny when you're 7

dgj212 : Lol imagine what the boondocks will do this time

miguel Rodriguez : Where’s the boondocks when you need them 😂

Patrick K : can we at least hear him say it again? lol

Erin C : They should've let his grandma best his ass.

Jose C.A goldenwhite : Once a G always a G

crysis 9000 : Hoodrat stuff 2017

Kamal in the House : GRAND KID AUTO

xiTrollerx : Dude needs to wear a bra

Ringo : stay in school, kids!

Will Thacker : I sort feel bad for this kid. Hes known violence since day one. In the video where he steals the chicken & beats on his grandma for refusing to buy them for him, she says he was sent to live w/her because his parents were abusive to each other, & he was constantly seeing that & acting out. Im sure he knows right from wrong, but not only is violence normalized in his mind, he also has it in his genes, thanks to his shit parents. I esp feel bad for the grandmother.

eric gillespie : Where are the dads?

lexxx the destroyer : im sure riley was wit him too ...smh

Alvonte Rogers : This kid stole cars at least twice now, theres no hope for this one.

Timothy Vogt : He needs a strong male and female teamel to take care of that problem he has. Grandma shouldn't be raising this kid she should be enjoying her few years or how ever many she has left. You can see she's fed up with him that's why she's doing nothing but praying for the lil hoodrat!!

Sahar El_fayed : I can't stand that little bastard, throw a way the key

MGTOW And Jubilant : Don't mind him; he wanted to do "hoodrat stuff with his friends" because "he loves doing bad things."

Mike : #FreeLatarian

Roman Sage : Fatass likes to eat 😂


Anonymous : He dindu nuffin

GJ Brown : His whole life is a meme.

Brianna Stainbrook : Real sad .

Simply Gorgeous by Melanie Tm : I would like to help him

Jordan Bolduc : Damn bro

NurseCoffy : His parents ought to be ashamed. His grandmother should not be the only one in charge of this boy. He needs serious discipline. Either his parents need to take charge or we are going to hear about him being killed.

Simply Gorgeous by Melanie Tm : He needs help his environment is bad and he don’t have his parents

Samantha Converse : The first time,i wouldve broke his spirit,one good ass whipping wouldve changed his life

Aamir Basir : We’ve failed another young black brother 😪instead of making fun of him we need to be HELPING HIM , ESPECIALLY US BLACKS, HES IN OUR NATION/WORLD/ETHNIC GROUP .....we already failing we need to be winning 🤦🏽‍♂️then you got these Caucasians making fun of us “he dindu nuffin “ smh

Beth black : And.. still stuffing his pig mouth too. By the time he's 25 years old he will be a 400 pound prison inmate shanking prisoners for their muffins and cupcakes.

Fortnermations : Lamilton Taeshawn in 2015!


D : I would say push him off of the top of the building.....But we already know that doesn't work either....

Ruthless Red : he dindu nuffin

Anton Lilja : Damn he upgraded from carjacking to carjacking + armed robbery. Can't wait for The next step

corneilya jones : Everybody that's my blood brother on god

Mr. E : Bad seed... Lobotomize and sterilize him. Save people from these types of animals in the future.

izzy B : Should have killed him.. he's only gonna get worse

Ben Youssef Kenzeddine : mmmh..... I'm no doctor but I can see this is a clear case of insufficient ass whooping, If you want to see any improvement Ass whooping should star immediately for a very long period of time to recover the lost time lol

Ste B : No father figure to guide him or put him in his place n discipline him. No way in hell grandma could do it on her own. Oh well, ol boy is now a man and he will be treated as such.