Yanny or Laurel? Hear both! (Pitch shifting)

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Savage Wolf : Faster: Laurel Slower: Yalley

I love BTS with my entire heart and soul : Normal: Yanny -20: Yanny -33: Yelly -45: Yelly -50: Yeely +20: Yanny +33: Yanny +45: Yanny +50: Laurel +75: Laurel +95: laurel

Sushi Detective : Laurel Laurel Laurel Laurel Narel Narel *N a n i* *n a n i* *n a n i* *n a n i*

I'm your mum : I can only hear yanny with the pitch changed 😕

FFoXX : The dress is gold

Saida : -20 yanny -33 yanny -45 yanny -50 yanny +20 laurel +33 laurel +50 laurel +75 laurel +95 laurel

kpoop4lifeu : Yaurel?????

DogeLifeKate : Normal = Yanny Slower ( -20% ) = Yanny Slower ( -33% ) = Yanny Slower ( -45% ) = Yanny Slower ( -50% ) = Yanny Faster ( +20% ) = Laurel Faster ( +33% ) = Laurel Faster ( +50% ) = Laurel Faster ( +75% ) =Laurel Faster ( +95% ) = Laurel

Mr. Narwhal : I hear “Granny” XD

Shister is quaking : Yammy Yammy Yammy Yammy Yammy Yelly Yelly Yelly Yelly Faster: Yammy Yammy Yammy Yammy Yammy Yammy Laurel Laurel Laurel

_princess neshia _k : i heard jelly😂🤷🏾‍♀️

ChaoticGamer : Normal: Laurel Slow 33%: oral Slow 45/50%: Yuri The faster is all laurel.

ᴇɴғᴜsɪᴏɴ : At first im hearing yanny, idk why others hear laurel but after hearing laurel, i cant hear yanny anymore, laurel is stuck in my head😂


Albus Arthur Hollington : At the beginning I could only hear Yanny and now I can't hear it at all anymore!!! 😱

VadelmaF1 : Normal: i hear Laurel Slower: i hear Yanny Faster: i hear mostly yanny sometimes laurel

Emi B : Before I could only hear yammy now I hear Laurel. ahhhhhhh

JollyJadenTNT : yammy first then in the last 2 or 3 i heard laurel

AtaBrk GT : +20 laurel

Tim Sprinkls : Yammy

J G : I could only hear LAUREL at 75% pitch increase. I hear YANNY all the way down until he lowers the pitch to the lowest two, then I hear JELLY.

Sophia Gamer : Normal: Laurel -20%: Laurel -33%: Yally -45%: Yahley -50%: Yayley +20%: Laurel +33%: Larek +50%: Larih +75%: Lori +95%: Lanti Plz plz plz train my silly ears againn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

J G : 0:35 At 50% pitch increase I hear both YANNY and LAUREL at the same time

unieck vines : Thank u Simon....U maked a confusion clear of mine😊😊before I used to hear only Yanny but now I can hear Laurel too..thanks a lot😊.. A Nepali Supporting u😙😙

Olive Hue : I hear both.

Seadrex : That is literally the first time I’ve ever heard Laurel ughh so weird xdd

Camoletkin Camoletov : Я слышу" ЛЕВЫЙ" "ЛЕВЫЙ" "ЛЕВЫЙ"

Bangtan Sasswars : YANNY!

Rey Pabz : At like 40% Slow it sounded like Kill Me wtf and I prefer like its laurel and more people voted laurel it was a 53% for Laurel and a 47% for Yanny


Jayden's Corner : It sounds like laurel with an accent

The Brad Gaming : 1st Normal - Yanny. -20% -Yanny -33% - Yanny -45% - Yally? -50% - Gary? 2nd Normal - Yanny. +20% - Yanny +33% - Yanny +50% - Yanny +75% - Laurel +95% - Laurel

BTS MAMAMOO and BTOB are legends : First part of the vid I heard Yanny Middle part I heard both at the same time Last part I heard Laurel.

Le casque de Squeezie : Slower: Laurel Normal: Yanny Faster: Laurel

iFrancoA : Normal: Laurel -20%: hardly Yanny -30%: Yanny -45%: Yanny -50%: Yanny +20%: Laurel +33%: Laurel +50%: Laurel +75%: Laurel +95%: Laurel

Elly-Mae x : I hear yanny but the higher pitch I Laurel !!!!!

Leila Taveras : I heard BOTH but when messed with the pitch my self I heard laurel The Whole time

xBubbleh : When it was the slowest speed i heard billy xd when it was the fastest i herad laurel.. and i usually hear yanny

Charsept : Yanny until 0:36 , then it's Laurel.

DaKi : Before I heard Yanny but now I always hear Laurel

DRAW SOMETHIN : Omg when its normal i heard yannny then when it got Faster (+80) it says laurel

Shiloh creative life : At 22 seconds I hear laurel then yammy but mostly yanny

lavendermeatball : Yelly?

Riv Vin : The low pitch normal pace sounds like yerry. The fast one sounds like laurel.

MurdaBoyz & MBT : In normal And slower I hear yanny but in faster I hear laurel

Syed Nabil Bin Syed Hassnor : When I first heard my friends argue about this in school, I thought they were referring to the youtubers, Lauren and Yammy. Am I the ony one? Yep maybe ._.

BaderTGS : Laurel when its pitch is +90

Joseph Owusu : now i hear ally and ellora

Liia Vennery'FLY : In faster +50--- I hear laurel ,but i normaly hear yamureal

Marko Gaming : Both