Milk vs. Red Bull (English version) - Crazy farmer bashes Redbull
In light of all the talk of milk tariffs Id like to remind us all on the merits of milk In the words of our favourite Austrian dairy farmer

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Petutschnig Hons, an angry farmer from Austria analysis the difference between the artificial produced energy drink Red Bull and natural milk. #redbull Petutschnig Hons on Facebook: Hier könnt ihr Hons live erleben:22. März - Hermagor, 23. März - Passau, 30. März - Unterfrauenhaid, 4. April - Mauterndorf, 5. April - Wolfsberg, 6. April - Hainbach, 11. April - Spittal, 12. April - Spielberg, 13. April - Villach, 26. April - Amstetten, 30. April - Lustenau mehr Infos unter


xXPuNkRoCkRulesXx : didnt realize he was speaking English for the first 10 seconds. 

sam712 : o mein gott das ist gut

Kieran L : I completely agree Mr. Big Angry Austrian Dude (please don't hurt me)

Urbestestbuddy : This should be a commercial.

joel joudrey : 6 months later and this is still hilarious. He is the Austrian Hulk. Petutschnig Hons zerschlagen!

Genis orts punti : Be the president of Europe!!!! You are my hero. :-)

willow herger : I am a dairy farmer in Canada this is some serious belly laughs fpr me.I try to explain to people the same but many dont get it still . Its odd. Thanks for the laugh.

Kawaii_Sovjet_ Boy : Red bull ist Gift

Steyr Mannlicher : Petutschig Hons soid president werdn

Andromeda Space Station : This should be shown in health classes around the world.

ArchSkyy : This video landed me an Austrian girlfriend

Der Kaktuszüchter : Geiles Video , auch für nicht Englisch verstehe ! 🙉🇦🇹🇪🇺

Zandaz : I drink milk all the time, it is lovely.

Greg Sampson : this video is a beautiful work of art rural man showing passion for his milk rural man gives educational lesson rural man destroys piss water can of red bull with pride And he tells you milk is good for you at the end gold video

Fishbelt Gaming : I feel like I just won an award for understanding what he just said. OuO

LordAqua Blood : Woher sprichst du so fließend englisch gutes viedeo👌

Schitricks 11 : I sauf zum Frühstück milk zu mittog und am obmt! Oft in da schual ba da mitogsbausn a

Crenam : Ahtifishal calah ahtifishal flavah

zapfinger : Makes me proud to be austrian... kinda.. meh :P

x511100x : I have no idea what he's saying, and frankly I don't care. I still love it.

sauercrowd : sehr guat hons! endlich hast mal soviel views wie du dir  verdient hast 

NickAngel777 : Because of that chemical spill at the end, he can't be certified organic for another 4 years. damn shame.

SYLBM : red bull and milk fans need to stop the fighting and come together in agreement that they are both better than bull milk, so let's just be happy we aren't drinking that.

Scott Strong : Sir, I like your style.

Peter Hill : @Danny Ward "Own unique brand of milk"...

Jerbens Jarman : He is Olaf, you are Svën He is Olaf, you are Svën

Le reddit silver member : Le reddit army is here to educate us on milk. Milk gives us wings {{tips le fedora}}

Koopagon 8 : Auf englisch noch geiler!

Steyr Mannlicher : Petutsching

Walter White : love his passion! Reddit brought me here!

Samuel Straßer : fia wos mochstn englisch xD

Joshua Johns : and now you're covered in that piss water.

Philip Verwüster : Ih hate Red Bull oh love milk

burnzy3210 : yeah i'll be honest i'd rather see a milk themed formula one team

Rathmor : I absolutely love watching this video. I mean I do have fizzy drinks but I used to hate milk. I like it now. It is very refreshing :)

Six Addams : where are your wings now? thats was great

Dean N. : "And now huh, where are your wings?" Lmao


Terry Miff : Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Greg Beckwith : This Cahnt (pause) is holding a Red Bool in his hand!

Danny Ward : inb4 internet famous and cashes out by selling his own unique brand of milk

Nick Beard : this is the top meme on reddit xD congrats *tips fedora*

Ryan H. : If you gave this video an alternate ending, you could make a Redbull advertisement. He opens the redbull and gives it a sip and says "Hmm, that's not too bad actually", wherein he protudes wings out from his back and flys away gracefully.

darryshan : Press 1 for a kiss.

frigginjoe : At some point in human history someone decided we should drink cow's milk.  That weirdo won the world over somehow.

vagslayer1999 : le reddit armie is hear

Jay Wulf : Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We are going viral.

Faisal Abdallah : Milk makes  you stronger; redbull thickens your blood and causes you heart attack.

Nevermore IV : This man is my hero.