What happens in your throat when you beatbox? | Tom Thum & Dr Matthew Broadhurst | TEDxSydney

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Tom Thum : Thankyou TEDx for indulging me once again! A few things I learned from this. 1. It’s really hard to beatbox with a camera in your head. 2. Anaesthetic wears off pretty quickly 3. A lot of people have super open minds and are willing to learn despite being confronted by some pretty graphic parts of me. Also respect to Dr Broadhurst too, he graciously donated his one day off to help me out. This guy performs amazing life changing surgeries on the regular and even just working with him in the few opportunities I have had, I have really appreciated his (and many other medical professionals) tireless work ethic and passion for helping people out. Can I get a thumbs up for the doctor? 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Freedom Strider : Oh that was creepy weird...

Facu Padi -MS- : I want to remark that he did it with a stick in his nose

Beatbox Allstars : Tom Thum is one of the greatest Beatboxer in the world! Love and respect.

Neil Llanes : Thanks for this TedEx and Tom Thum. Now we all know everything in our throat while doing beatboxing. Good job! 😊👍 We learned a lot.

Mi : I always thought little DJs have a party in your throat with colorful disco lights.

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : A lot of people get laryngitis, inflammation of the larynx when they over use their voice.

Sam Jeon : Who else came from TOM's channel??

stefanos2691 : It's like Predator's mouth when he's angry.

IIXzmozXII : For those who want a timestamp: 5:26

Uh the III : Me, nearly vomiting: *That's really cool duuuuude!*

Rahul Ramteke : Esh! Where dem swissbeatbox squad at?

Void : Anyone who's scrolling through the comments while watching this video. Hope to god you're not eating! Please do not eat while watching this!

Janjuaification : Subhan Allah, Humans are great creation.

Mayank Makwana : Inside throat exactly looks like the visulization of Windows Media player 😂

Ariel : I've seen him perform before. I was so impressed with the things he can do with his mouth.

Pinochet Pilot #666 : wow, TEDx didn't disable comments for once, lol.

3rd Sherman : That should be a music video

Phrygian Dominant : (Currently) Five jealous douchebags gave a thumbs down.

Topaz Rose : You guys are uplouding so many Videos, you don't even give them a chance to reach 1k views...

KHAWFF PEEKABOO : If you having your dinner. My dear please finish it and then come back.

Wtf ?! Woman : Perfect, amazing and incredible control and sounds!! Great science-medicine! !

Panda三さん : So that's what it looks when I beatbox, thanks Tedx!

Jake Witvoet : It’s like there’s a mini party happening inside his mouth

Bunny Fluffball : Nope nope nope nope nope Who’s with me?

Post'sFromYourPast : Where's my flappy bits and little dangles

Hugo I. Torricos : 11:03 Here starts the best part of the video. I still don't really know how he makes those sounds.

4EverBest : How does he create these deep bass notes? I want to do that, too. o.O

imadurtbag 1 : 2:43 i see what u did there (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

the king of cool : That's a lot of spits on that mic right there

Patrick Khalifeh : it looks like a night club from inside 😂

Kush Shah : I don’t know what I expected clicking on this...

Fábio : Subtitles PT-BR, PLEASE

bajram rexha : You can keep the laringoscope bruv!!

Pixsage 2.0 : It looks like the Flood from halo three

Blu Dude : when your throat is a speaker

Zuhaib Durrani : I thought Ted is about expressing ideas.....

Lazer Rage0789 : Cool but very weird

Nicss The Great : Looks like an alien inside of him :O

Pis Pis : Tom Thum is legend, he deserve getting this medical stuff

Gurpreet S : I Was Eating Cearel While Watching And I Throw It Then My Mom Yelled At Me For Spilling

Amanda Bianchino : What am i watching

taken username : HES BACK BABY

Kitty90 : Fantstic. I just can't deal with how invasive the nose camera is.

Rajneesh Bharti : Who is biggest fan hit like👍👍👍👍👍👍💗💗

xMamoon : I feel sad for that guy, I`ve tried the same thing but for a surgery, but from my experiance getting something like him inside my nose makes me go insane but i cant do anything about it, its like a sharp object in ur nose, but feels good when it goes out

EL NINO TV : My Favorite Beatboxer. 🙏

Anton Iugov : I've never actually thought about where my vocal cords actually are before this video; amazing!

Seffer : His shirt is ironed this time.

Reo Lanaw : So weird