Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone with my Dog in an Ice Storm

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#logcabin #offgrid #dog Relaxing at the cabin with Cali, my Golden Retriever. The weather was incredible, warm and sunny one day with deer coming out to dine on the acorns exposed by the melting snow, but the next day, rain ice pellets fell all night long before changing to snow the following day. It was not the worst ice storm I've witnessed, not like the ice storm of several years ago that shut the northeast down for a few days, but it did some damage. With our drone, my wife got some incredible aerial footage and photographs of raging rivers, pristine Canadian wilderness in the snow and the log cabin. The rustic tiny house is extremely cozy right now, especially when my wife and dog are there and the fire in the woodstove is burning, the candles and lanterns are lit and the furs are piled high on the bed. It's extremely cozy now that the floor is insulated and the spaces between the logs have been filled. Woodworking and bushcrafting the structure was very rewarding, but the interior finishes are the icing on the cake. Whenever I'm inside with the fire burning and I look out through the windows and the winter storms raging, I'm inspired to finish the tiny log house as soon as possible so that I can get working on the front porch, the outdoor kitchen, the cellar, workshop, maple syrup shack and more. I'm particularly excited to live off the land, foraging for wild plants and edibles, growing my own vegetables and becoming self reliant. I can use this off grid cabin as a shelter and base where I can practice living off the land and use primitive technology, learn bushcraft skills, improve my survival skills and my self reliance. Of course, no video would be complete without the meals that I prepare on the wood stove over the fire with cast iron cookware. In this episode, I make stewed venison spiced with garam masala, with leeks, onions and broccoli. For breakfast, I have fresh chicken eggs from the nearby rural homestead where they raise chickens and turkeys. I will be showing how I put the eggs in long term storage, preserving the food for the future. My dog and I fall asleep to the hooting of barred owls, and the wind through the trees and the falling rain were a big ASMR triggers for me. It's deep winter outside, but in the cabin was cosy and warm. Sometimes I think living off grid in a tiny house seems much easier, away from the daily stress of life. In fact, dealing with my high blood pressure and becoming much healthier is my motivation for building this cabin and living the simple life. Not my only motivation of course, I'm also inspired by my wife and my parents, who are living long and happy lives. Inspiration is important in this crazy world, and of course I'm not the only one who wants to escape from society and retreat to a cabin in the woods. To accomplish my goal of living off grid with as little money as possible, living cheap and saving money wherever possible, I need to continue to hone my woodworking and bushcraft skills, along with tree identifications, foraging, making maple syrup, harvesting chaga, catching fish and game, preserving food for long term storage (dehydrating, salting, curing, smoking, freezing, drying). Why Should You Subscribe To My Channel? To relax… To virtually immerse yourself in nature… To see how I live debt free, stress free and low cost… To see how I build things alone… To see how I cook with no electricity or gas… To hear what steps I took to retire in my mid-forties so I could live my dream life… To interact with the happiest and most helpful community of viewers on YouTube… To become more self-reliant. Links to Products Used: CABIN LIFE T-SHIRTS - Makers Mark Branding Iron - Moka Pot - Bragg's Organic Sprinkle - Camera Equipment: Canon 6D Mark ii - DJI Mavic Pro - To see what I’m up to during the rest of the week, please follow me on my other online channels; Website: Facebook – Personal Facebook Page (Shawn James) – Instagram – Mailing Address: P.O. Box 20042 Barrie, Ontario L4M 6E9 Canada #logcabin #offgrid #dog

Comments from Youtube

Vaalferatus : Why the hell am I living in a city working all day in a hotel full of grumpy people

AwesomeRobot15 : This is one of the best things in life. No need for a fancy car or a gold watch or whatever people consider success. Just a peaceful night with your dog.

Janet Newbill : Very interesting..and neat.

Kimberly Peacock : Keep going. There is no such thing as perfection, the best we can do is constantly improve.

Ravey Cross : What a beautiful home you have built. The food looks yummy, the fire looks warm, the doggo looks very happy, and you have inspired everyone who watches. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

John of Words : NO MUSIC. Man, that is so refreshing.

Ann Lindsay Wright : Just found your channel. I am a 59 year old woman who looks after her terminally ill husband. I have osteoarthritis, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis and am unable to walk around much. I was a nurse for 30 years and spent 10 of them in Oregon. Thank you for the relaxation, tranquility and beauty. Above all the blessed silence and the sounds of nature. The simplicity I realize is something I should have tried to nurture instead of separating work and relaxation. It seems to me you have discovered, or, are in the process of doing that. I am so glad and happy that you and eventually your wife will have time to do that. I will continue to watch from the UK. Thank you.

snaggletooth 70 : I wish every one treated animals like this man..i love my dog..

yackme muck : I say off grid mean you have your own source of power , water, heat, toilet, bath. It means to me you just don't have to go town to live a peaceful life.

Tom Geraghty : The dog steals the show. What a nice animal as a companion.

Trashy Potato : That dog... a true good boi (Edit) oh nvm he said it was a girl

Uprooted Wanderer : The people are moving back to old days. The days which were full of organic things, like life, food and style of living. I also want that life back which was pure at least. That's my opinion.

Marjory Rainey : Love the doggie. What a great partner and friend. The house is fabulous.

Rick Payton : Man if every man had log cabin to get away from the problems of life. The divorce rate would go down.

Brendan Perry : What's not to like; love to be able to do this myself! Thanks for sharing, be safe 😎.

giammira : I enjoyed the clip. Admitting hipocricy.... removes it... . There is no obligation to be totally consistent, that is unhuman. In the old times they were looking for modern things because they lacked of it, now on the contrary we have too much of it but we miss what our ancestors used to have in abundance: a simple life, direct contact with nature and with our means of survival and their source. But we still like and need some of our modern discoveries and gadgets!

David from Texas : Your not a hypocrite sir. Nothing wrong with mixing in some technology with the old school ways. If people from the old west could have conveniences they would have. I’m envious!

John Long : Now that is the only life I want.. Me, my retriever and a cabin.. This is is heaven to me..

SpicyDragonWings : The more the modern world advances the more appealing this simple way of life seems. Truly inspirational.

Carolina D. : Man!!! Your place is amazing. I hope to live like that as soon as possible, here in Chile, south america. Congratulation, I will follow you. <3

HIS Footprints OnWater : I suggest a a ham radio set up..and fat oil renderings just in case for light and fuel..a semi connected outhouse that can be warmed by a simple connection tube from the main source..with a shoot out the back that has the different sections for would be on a natural downslope so gravity helps ...with the sawdust and slight separation the odor wouldn't be bad...of course a vent for seasonal airing out...a summer kitchen.. animal proof root celer ..and don't forget the means to defend yourself and family..being in Canada it's probably better not to openly speak of that too much...I think what you're doing is smart and responsible...wishing you and yours all the best.. Ps..yes.. laundry has always been a somewhat difficult task for off grid can be laborious for sure especially in winter...there are wash tubs that are crank/wringer style..some Amish equipment perhaps..

Rebeca Salinas : A wonderful contact with the need only peaceful for to live happy....I will live like you soon in a altiplanic place in South America.. altiplanic

Miles Peckover : Your YouTube channel is like a blend of Jack London and Mr Rogers Neighbourhood. I love it - and for all the empty noise on YouTube, you say a lot more of value with a whole lot less. Thanks for your videos, they are a gift.

Mattias Wennerhult : Dude, stop with the apologies. You do what you do and if someone doesn't like it, so what?! It's not like there is a crapload of youtubers doing this better than you. And why don't they? Becouse you do a damn great job and you've become a mighty inspiration to many.

sonya griffy : I grew up in Alaska like this. Loved it and will return one-day. Beautiful life you have made for yourself and your puppy♡.

John Helms : This is better than TV any day! Kudos to you for what you have accomplished! I'm a dog person too - love your dog.

Jennifer2017 : this looks like paradise <3 plus I love your dog lol she seems really happy to be there

Wolf ScA : omg the doggie <3 I was awww-laughing when you were chopping that tree trunk and he was chaotically running after the flying wood bits, so adorable

TheTutorialGamer : You know you like someone when you like their video before you even watch it.

Bill white : I don't think you are hypocritical at all. All circumstances, combined with your intent, have you playing contradictory roles, based on compromise and the availability of choice. You are being as honest as you can in judging your choices. There's nothing unethical about choosing wifi, good heating, solar electricity and so on as long as these things are achievable without huge expense, and are sustainable.

Alia Jacta Est : I'm sorry, but how could any one give this guy a thumbs down? Whether you agree with the sentiments driving his choices, he's created a pretty decent little set up using his own skills and a shed load of hard work. Well done sir.

Shawn Kenyon : Hypocrisy??? LOL!!! Here's what I have to say to your critics... It is not the critic who counts, or how the strongman stumbled and fell, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotion, and who spends himself in a worthy cause. If he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that he may never be one of those cold and timid souls, who know neither victory nor defeat. - Theodore Roosevelt You're an exceptional human being and an inspiration.

Brittania : the governments and bankers created a false reality to steal money and they call it taxation/ mortgages etc. Think about it - the land provided trees, which you can build your own home. Totally free.....the reality we all live in is a scam!

Gary Mastroberti : That dog.....IS PRECIOUS

Ladybug : So admirable and I'm so jealous! I want to live this way and would be so, so happy!

Kristina Cl : Happy accident coming across this channel. Nature, cooking, building and a dog. This is everything I love rolled into one video. I'm gonna binge watch from the beginning. Subscribed!!

factstraight : 20:56 "Nice warm bed in here." - My Self Reliance "Yeah, but a ton of noise!" - Dog

demonpakleni 666 : hej if i can get you to read this i can share with you free light idea.its not mine..i just saw it on youtube.get parabolic mirror dish.for light..pc fan..magnet..12v light bulb and some wire.simple..btw..thanks for sharing..i ve learned a lot.

peter skånberg : This is how dogs are meant to live their lives.

Jack Woods : You livin' brother.

James Viles : Lovely cabin and one happy doggo. TY for sharing.

Chuck TiberEnd : Dear Mr. James. , , RE: 24:29 and mindfulness How did I know what you would say just at this time frame... I said "in the moment, Mindfulness" just before you did. I used to live in a shed as a homeless person with my dog. I lived there for about ten years. Now my dog is gone and I am blind but I can see you cooking; the sounds evoke images like cutting greens and cutting wood for a fire. I miss my Pepper and living free. thanks for the memories... blessings chuck

Nurten sehr leka danke dir Demir : Sehr sehr schön wunderbar und alles gute 😍👏👏👏👏👏

SuperDave : That dog though!! Talk about man's best friend!

Cryptidian : Just a man and his best friend. You can't ask for more than this. So wholesome.

Drackkor : It's scary with bears and wolfs around even a pissed off deer. But to each there own.

I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker : Just ran into your video what you doing is awesome. I'm liking your video going to sub to your channel for more videos 👍👍👍

Norman J. Murk : I'm a builder myself and I'm very impressed with the wonderful job you've done and more over you have a solid attitude towards what you've set out to accomplish; very stoic with much integrity to boot. Good on you! From, Norm out in New Jersey, USA.

Thoreau : This video is like an antidepressant without any side effects. I watched it before going to bed, I relaxed, and I slept soundly.