Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone with my Dog in an Ice Storm

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My Self Reliance : 🌲🌲If you thought that was cool, check out the Forest Kitchen I'm building now . 🌲🌲

Stephanie Margeth : living the dream, and many can live theirs through you. much love, awesomeness

AwesomeRobot15 : This is one of the best things in life. No need for a fancy car or a gold watch or whatever people consider success. Just a peaceful night with your dog.

snaggletooth 70 : I wish every one treated animals like this man..i love my dog..

Janet Newbill : Very interesting..and neat.

Ravey Cross : What a beautiful home you have built. The food looks yummy, the fire looks warm, the doggo looks very happy, and you have inspired everyone who watches. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

John of Words : NO MUSIC. Man, that is so refreshing.

Rick Payton : Man if every man had log cabin to get away from the problems of life. The divorce rate would go down.

Brittania : the governments and bankers created a false reality to steal money and they call it taxation/ mortgages etc. Think about it - the land provided trees, which you can build your own home. Totally free.....the reality we all live in is a scam!

Rick Tomlinson : This video is so inspiring but it seems almost dream like! Not reality! Someone please tell me where one can go, buy a small piece of land, build a little cabin and not have the government come in and F it up with property taxes and fees etc..!?!?

Phil Bebbington : Greetings from the Republic of Ireland, you have a great channel thank you for sharing it with us. I am intrigued by the effortless way you put together food for yourself, a lot of the ingredients look different to what we have on this side of the Atlantic, for instance the root vegetables that looked like sweet potato on the outside, looked like our "Irish" varieties on the inside, and I was wondering what seasonings and spices you were using ? The fruit dish with apples, pears and ENORMOUS blueberries looked good also. My son and I pick wild blueberries in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains most years ( in Gaelic they're called Fraochán and in English Fraughans or Bilberries) but they are probably only 1/4 the size of ones in America and Canada. Keep up the good work and stay safe, le gach dea guí ó Éireann ( with every good wish from Ireland)

Mark Hoffman : Who gives 1.2k thumbs down. I don't get it???

get in : I have a friend that has lived in a cabin he built when he was in his 20's. He and his wife raised 3 children there. His kids are gone and he has remarried and is now close to 70. I've stayed there 2 times now in a separate tiny cabin by myself and loved hearing the owls in the middle of the night. Total black and a long trip to the outhouse. Several bears attempted to get into the large cabin but none bothered me. If only I had found someone to do this with when I was young but hauling water, chopping wood at my age with two bad knees, arthritis in all of my joints it just isn't feasible for me any longer. Every day is work if you want to eat, be warm and clean. Best wishes for you, your wife and your beautiful dog.

Old School Jams : Your dog is smart, I have never seen a dog give a human being "A High Five" that is Awesome!!! ☺️👍👍👍👍😎🤣

Svetka Aleshenka : You're not alone! God is with you! Enjoy the peace!!

yackme muck : I say off grid mean you have your own source of power , water, heat, toilet, bath. It means to me you just don't have to go town to live a peaceful life.

Scrambled O : That sledding scene was great hahaha

Artem Lebedev : I know you can get solutions for that on wood prix .

Bill white : I don't think you are hypocritical at all. All circumstances, combined with your intent, have you playing contradictory roles, based on compromise and the availability of choice. You are being as honest as you can in judging your choices. There's nothing unethical about choosing wifi, good heating, solar electricity and so on as long as these things are achievable without huge expense, and are sustainable.

I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker : Just ran into your video what you doing is awesome. I'm liking your video going to sub to your channel for more videos 👍👍👍

John Long : Now that is the only life I want.. Me, my retriever and a cabin.. This is is heaven to me..

factstraight : 20:56 "Nice warm bed in here." - My Self Reliance "Yeah, but a ton of noise!" - Dog

James Viles : Lovely cabin and one happy doggo. TY for sharing.

Adam Gouge : My dog is watching with me and he's getting so jealous! haha

Ann Lindsay Wright : Just found your channel. I am a 59 year old woman who looks after her terminally ill husband. I have osteoarthritis, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis and am unable to walk around much. I was a nurse for 30 years and spent 10 of them in Oregon. Thank you for the relaxation, tranquility and beauty. Above all the blessed silence and the sounds of nature. The simplicity I realize is something I should have tried to nurture instead of separating work and relaxation. It seems to me you have discovered, or, are in the process of doing that. I am so glad and happy that you and eventually your wife will have time to do that. I will continue to watch from the UK. Thank you.

Vaalferatus : Why the hell am I living in a city working all day in a hotel full of grumpy people

Gimpler Da Happenin : I envy your passion, work ethic, courage and determination. You have a very desirable outcome!

Zdravko Planšak : Bravo,to je pravi deloven človek in vse mu privoščim,naj sedaj uživa in spočije svoje utrujene roke in telo,bravo...

Michael Davis : Looks like at 34:07 the dog had had enough and packed headed back south!

Nasser MJ : There is something very endearing, warm, cozy about owning the forest.

Cheri Finkbiner : Really enjoyed watching this. Sorry to know that people are busy being snide in comments. I really enjoyed this video. You are so tallented. Also love the dog~ <3

John Helms : This is better than TV any day! Kudos to you for what you have accomplished! I'm a dog person too - love your dog.

Rockfire : This is the first video I've watched on our channel and found it very interesting and thought provoking. I'm subscribing and going to watch many more. Great channel.,

Eymen Turkic : ideal environment for my dog ​​and my cat they are not happy in the apartment constantly trying to escape from home 😅

Álvaro Henrique : 14:21 in window????????

peter skånberg : This is how dogs are meant to live their lives.

おとはまちゃん : Please do a well digging water turbine Please build No 2 LOG House near the river

VICTOR FERRARI : Tax free living! The Puppy seems to be happy in the woods : )

fitchy4O : That high five was absolutely phenomenal

Chuck TiberEnd : Dear Mr. James. , , RE: 24:29 and mindfulness How did I know what you would say just at this time frame... I said "in the moment, Mindfulness" just before you did. I used to live in a shed as a homeless person with my dog. I lived there for about ten years. Now my dog is gone and I am blind but I can see you cooking; the sounds evoke images like cutting greens and cutting wood for a fire. I miss my Pepper and living free. thanks for the memories... blessings chuck

J F : Having one foot in each world is self reliance. Knowing and using skills of yesteryear and "modern-times" is smart and self reliant. What saddens me a great deal in this computer age, is the lack of self reliance. I can't speak for all of your viewers, but "some" younger folks of the day ... a generation or two lacks the ability and desire of being self reliant beyond a computer. This is a concern. I'm from your generation or close to it. I think, believe and work much like yourself. I see myself in you. I hope guys like you and I can pass along self reliance. Nothing wrong with today's technology if you don't loose yesterday's. Something can be gained by everything you do. The only history that anyone should repeat are the skills that created history.

Matthew Penfold : I wish I could pet the pupper.

paul cooper : What were you cooking in the small pan.?

Mixalis Topalidis : Καλή φάση μου αρέσει 👍👍👍

Jeff Chaney : You don't need cellular wifi, you can put an antenna up and use ham radio to send/receive emails... videos would take much longer to send, so if you had enough power to keep the radio operating you could send it at the cost of fuel to run it, or battery charge. Ham radio can be used for phone communications also in the case that you need a backup, or you'd like to get off the tit of the cell phone companies.

Paula Tristan : I just came across this man's video and I couldn't stop watching it, I loved watching him saw, nail, measure and take the dog out for walks, making his coffee .. it was all so great ! Oh.. and listening to the rain fall on the roof wow👍❣️🎈🎉😄

NixonRules963 : You are literally living my fantasy life.

Nurten sehr leka danke dir Demir : Sehr sehr schön wunderbar und alles gute 😍👏👏👏👏👏

袁居安 : They didn't cause climate change

Miles Peckover : Your YouTube channel is like a blend of Jack London and Mr Rogers Neighbourhood. I love it - and for all the empty noise on YouTube, you say a lot more of value with a whole lot less. Thanks for your videos, they are a gift.