Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone with my Dog in an Ice Storm

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TheTutorialGamer : You know you like someone when you like their video before you even watch it.

Stephanie Margeth : living the dream, and many can live theirs through you. much love, awesomeness

QC Davis : very peaceful and relaxing. great job with your building skills..

SuperDave : That dog though!! Talk about man's best friend!

Alan Cover : Very well said “If you can call anything traditional, what is traditional? At what time in history?” Nice place, best of luck!

Andrew James : i dont understand why it has dislikes. When people click on a video that says off grid log cabin with my dog in an ice storm and its exactly that wtf do they expect to see lol

Cheri Finkbiner : Really enjoyed watching this. Sorry to know that people are busy being snide in comments. I really enjoyed this video. You are so tallented. Also love the dog~ <3

Johnny Harris Fast Lane Diaries : I’d had a stressful day. I made a cup of tea and the last 45 minutes have been a sea of calm and tranquility watching you and your dog. ❤️

John of Words : NO MUSIC. Man, that is so refreshing.

Freeisbetter86 : Oh My Goodness I Live in Ontario too would love to make my own cabin :) Great Video

Mark Hoffman : Who gives 1.2k thumbs down. I don't get it???

MR. FIX-ALL INC. : Great video your dog is very smart, and a great company in the winter.

layde1 : There is something mesmerising about this film and a beauty in its silence. The quiet dignity of a man living alongside nature and working with it is shown simply and without affectation.

Nouchka de Vries : omg that doggy backpack is supercute

Kevin Boi : All I have for you is respect

LIttle Jeeper : I love your log cabin its beautiful

truthmefree : Been around since before the viral video. Really appreciate your channel and what you're about. Keep it up!

tony tunison : Relaxing, Honest & Intelligent. Thank you.

MagiCC Panda : I came into this thinking I would watch the first minute of it and get bored, but I ended up watching the entire thing. I’m beginning to love this channel haha

Sally Ire : A man and his dog, self sufficient, living off the land. A feel like quoting Thoreau but I think I'll just watch more of this guy's videos.

BlackCloud NoYx : A son would do him good

Arcani Prea : These video's get better and better and that outside scenery was awesome! I look forward to your video's Shawn and really enjoy them. Your channel will keep growing and and you should be proud on what your doing. Get you a good solar power system up that will provide you charged batteries and maybe some lights etc. Keep the video's coming!

M K : used to be my dream, Jack London life, just me and a wolf in a cabin

Mikkel Grum Bovin : I feel completely relaxed - like zen - watching this ..... i could litterally just watch for hours on end - time stand still - looks like eternity from here ,-👍

Adolfo H Cristo : I love your video. Way more interesting than anything they show on TV nowadays.

Vortex Sky : This is honestly the coolest guy ever. He’s a good cook, a good dog owner and a great builder

JAMES PURKS : I just came across your video today and I am happy to announce that I am your newest subscriber.and I am most iin living off the urge to

MyousicK T.T : Man! You gave me 40 fine minutes! Thanks for that and all the best for your family.

NegaSonic TeenageWarhead : I don't know, I'm feeling eternal peace after watching this :'(

Mike Patterson : Long live the log cabin and the people who know how to enjoy them!

LaDonna Wipf : Not sure I could do this but it is beautiful to see a person doing it.

Scrambled O : That sledding scene was great hahaha

Windsor Castle : All my best wishes from the UK. For 40 minutes I just stopped and watched. 40 precious minutes that I hope will stay with me for a long time. What a beautiful 4 legged companion.

Mary Broderick : Gee I'm amazed your dog doesn't talk back to you , you have such a lovely bond with her , cabin looking great !👍🏻

Emmy Lou : What beautiful country and such a beautiful dog! You are truly blessed.

TheMasterMoto : i love how your dog try's to collect all the chunks of wood that go flying, like a game for her

Shell Family : I don’t know what the hell happened for the last 40 min in the world, I have a very fast paced hi stresssful lifestyle it’s cool to finally have a dosage that can pull me away from reality and have a chill moment once in a while ... thx man. Your cabin is growing very nicely .

Kin Bailey : I love to see people that love their dog :)

Grainne Hand : Just came across your channel, very interesting, looking forward to watching more, very calming to watch after a stressful day, loving the high fives with Cali, what a sweet bright girl.

Asif Hossain : I can't believe I watched a 40 plus min video om youtube without skipping a second!!! Amazing work!!!

Paul Deland : It was fantastic to watch you make that comfortable bench for you & the dog to enjoy together. When I was a young man I used to read ancient Chinese poetry & many of the poems were written by wise old Sages & Poets who fled the conflicts & political turmoil of their day by retreating to lonely but peaceful cabins in the mountains. Living in these crazy times I now understand what it was all about....

Stan Zuray : Nice cabin building - looks tight seal between logs. I've used moss and fiberglass etc. and squirrels raise heck with it each year.

ANTI HERO : Any weird or scary stories yet out there?

Monkey D. Sparx : Man! This guy is the real deal!

GROWTH DEVELOPMENT : That's living for me,miles away from everybody and everything no address just me AN MY dog

Joxんi : Ok so... that dog is the cutest thing ever. Subscribed

Ian Carr : Would love to live like this away from the rest of the world. Peace and tranquillity. Living the dream.

Jan Ottolangui : Your dog is a true friend good luck to you

Destro Mars : I will survive anywhere on planet if dog like that comes along with me. Peace.

EldonH1 : Adorable dog!