Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone with my Dog in an Ice Storm

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TheTutorialGamer : You know you like someone when you like their video before you even watch it.

Stephanie Margeth : living the dream, and many can live theirs through you. much love, awesomeness

Mark Hoffman : Who gives 1.2k thumbs down. I don't get it???

Freeisbetter86 : Oh My Goodness I Live in Ontario too would love to make my own cabin :) Great Video

BlackCloud NoYx : A son would do him good

LIttle Jeeper : I love your log cabin its beautiful

Cheri Finkbiner : Really enjoyed watching this. Sorry to know that people are busy being snide in comments. I really enjoyed this video. You are so tallented. Also love the dog~ <3

LaDonna Wipf : Not sure I could do this but it is beautiful to see a person doing it.

SpicyDragonWings : The more the modern world advances the more appealing this simple way of life seems. Truly inspirational.

M K : used to be my dream, Jack London life, just me and a wolf in a cabin

Asif Hossain : I can't believe I watched a 40 plus min video om youtube without skipping a second!!! Amazing work!!!

MR. FIX-ALL INC. : Great video your dog is very smart, and a great company in the winter.

GROWTH DEVELOPMENT : That's living for me,miles away from everybody and everything no address just me AN MY dog

NegaSonic TeenageWarhead : I don't know, I'm feeling eternal peace after watching this :'(

Monkey D. Sparx : Man! This guy is the real deal!

TheMasterMoto : i love how your dog try's to collect all the chunks of wood that go flying, like a game for her

truthmefree : Been around since before the viral video. Really appreciate your channel and what you're about. Keep it up!

MyousicK T.T : Man! You gave me 40 fine minutes! Thanks for that and all the best for your family.

Sven S. : I love it. A man and his dog in the wilderness and only a few words left to speak,..what more do you need;-) Greets from a overcrowded Germany.

Frezze : I love your dog! 😍

Mary Broderick : Gee I'm amazed your dog doesn't talk back to you , you have such a lovely bond with her , cabin looking great !👍🏻

Arcani Prea : These video's get better and better and that outside scenery was awesome! I look forward to your video's Shawn and really enjoy them. Your channel will keep growing and and you should be proud on what your doing. Get you a good solar power system up that will provide you charged batteries and maybe some lights etc. Keep the video's coming!

Ian Carr : Would love to live like this away from the rest of the world. Peace and tranquillity. Living the dream.

village idiot : No electronic noise. No radio or tv. Not much said but a lot got done. I loved it!

Grainne Hand : Just came across your channel, very interesting, looking forward to watching more, very calming to watch after a stressful day, loving the high fives with Cali, what a sweet bright girl.

Jan Ottolangui : Your dog is a true friend good luck to you

QC Davis : very peaceful and relaxing. great job with your building skills..

One sock WE COME TO YOU : You treat your dog good so your alright in my book. Plus I love your routine. Don’t listen to the negative nellies there just miserable people

Dotti Currier : This was posted January 26, is May 19, 2018 and this video is just under 3,000,000 views! Y'all don't really need me to state anything of why we're all here watching and thoroughly enjoying this! I'm grateful for this wonderful collection of entertaining "Life in the Big Woods"... We love it ---- thank you for letting us into your life ----- for the pupper that's added another great element to your series.

Dennis Lee : I enjoy your log cabin. Your dog is super. You are a good team.

megaotstoy : a sort of ASMR for me ))

Scrambled O : That sledding scene was great hahaha

Jumbo Das : what a peacefull bacground music......awesome

Jokni : Ok so... that dog is the cutest thing ever. Subscribed

Lee Qing Long : You never alone if there's a doggo with you Doggo never betray

Cinnamon Citizen : You should build a traditional Finnish smoke sauna or a normal sauna. A smoke sauna does not require a chimney, but requires more work to heat up. Look up some videos on them and build one properly. You can search with finnish words like: "savusauna" "perinteinen savusauna" "hirsisauna"

Shell Family : I don’t know what the hell happened for the last 40 min in the world, I have a very fast paced hi stresssful lifestyle it’s cool to finally have a dosage that can pull me away from reality and have a chill moment once in a while ... thx man. Your cabin is growing very nicely .

Galaxy : I want to build a cabin now!

Allison Baker : I love this video. Especially the dog.

Faith Chi : I really enjoyed watching this Shawn. Like others, I didn't expect to stay for the full video, but it was so relaxing akin to crafting or creating and the time flew... Kindest regards to you, your wife and adorable Cali :) Faith Chi xo

Terry Kath : A LITTLE commentary would've been nice for a 40 min video. This just put me to sleep... Zzzzzzz

Stan Zuray : Nice cabin building - looks tight seal between logs. I've used moss and fiberglass etc. and squirrels raise heck with it each year.

iVlogBuzz : Oh my she is so cute looking over your shoulder and giving you 👋 Your cabin is great, may I ask what is put between the beams to help seal it? Just at the part you made her scrambled eggs, it's just the kind Imogen thing I do with my boy Cecil (rescue greyhound). So cute

Мила Лана : If I understood correctly, this is a winter residence. We only have winter huts allowed in the forest. In Russia, one can not permanently reside in the forest because of the danger of fires. From settlements to the forest should be a distance - not less than thirty meters.

carmen avila : really like you pans.....just like my grandmothers.....are wonderful. i love eating with my dog too. silence......smell of nature, and looking into the eyes of your best me the feeling of being like this makes people so thankful for the small thinks, the smell of nice coffee , a good fire, the wind........and so much more.thanks for sharing.

Gale Andrews : I have the spare land, you can put your cabin right there on it! I need one badly! I am waiting to have the $ to do so!

Joyful Noise : This video is very relaxing just listening to the sounds of nature, and you living life there. Your vocal silence through most of the video actually helps pull the listener into your world! Nice dog too!

William Murray : I don't care if anyone complains or criticizes what you have done, I am extremely jealous. I wish I wasn't disabled. If I had the mind I have nowadays back when I was young and stronger, I would have attempted what you have done. I would have put in solar power just for the basics but other than that, I would love to live completely off the grid. Congrats to you on your accomplishment. And what you spoke of with the community helping each other, that is what I have dreamed of.

WisdomVendor1 : I used to have a golden retriever , he was an amazing dog and great friend :)

Kai Rohrbach : so jealous....