Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone with my Dog in an Ice Storm

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My Self Reliance : 🌲🌲If you thought that was cool, check out the Forest Kitchen I'm building now . 🌲🌲

Stephanie Margeth : living the dream, and many can live theirs through you. much love, awesomeness

richter75 : You are never alone with a DOg! You can be alone with a human! Im at my cabin right now, in the middle of Finnskogen. Scandinavias biggest forest. Windy , 12c and got a fire going. I still think its ok to have a laptop with me :D . Best of two worlds right :D

Ronnie Sorters : You can tell a lot about a person how he treats his dog....makes sure his dog is tended to before he tends to are ok in my book...

Gamina Wulfsdottir : This was so enjoyable to watch. I especially enjoy that there is no distracting music and no obligatory voiceover or explaining what you are doing or making. You just let the viewer watch and pay attention and figure out the details. Making self-reliant viewers.

Carson Young : I've finally found it. The most satisfying channel on Youtube

Mattias Wennerhult : Dude, stop with the apologies. You do what you do and if someone doesn't like it, so what?! It's not like there is a crapload of youtubers doing this better than you. And why don't they? Becouse you do a damn great job and you've become a mighty inspiration to many.

Ser Daar : Amazing😍, what a silence what a peace and most important no humans

Steve Fortuna : I can smell the clean, crisp air all the way here in Hawaii. Canada is so beautiful. You're living the dream, brother. Stay true to the wild buried deep in the heart of all men who yearn to breathe free.

Anne Aylsworth : You aren’t a hypocrite. You aren’t preaching. You are just living your life on your terms. God Bless You!

just nature : My Self Reliance Nice that I found your channel. I live in Germany state Bavaria, in the rural area. Nevertheless, I envy you for this beautiful quiet place where you have built your dream house, better started to do this. When I see how you deal with your dog, so carefree freely and without loud words, so I see a nice peaceful man who is the model for all of us. I wish you, wholeheartedly, that you achieve your goals and grow further beyond yourself. With effort and patience you will succeed, I believe that very firmly. I grew up on a farm in "Einödhof" (secluded house ), with a wood fire and wood-burning bath, a plump toilet outside the door. This was the happiest time in my life. Anyone who has listened to the crackling of the fire on a stormy night will never forget it again. Sometimes less is more, your renouncement can be your greatest gain, some things you do not need at all. Maybe being happy is a decision question! Be happy and well behave yourself, all the luck that you need enough courage to dare this, I wish you, greetings from Lower Bavaria, near Passau D 94034 Germany. In German: My Self Reliance Schön das ich Deinen Kanal gefunden habe. Ich lebe in Deutschland Bundesland Bayern, im ländlichem Raum. Dennoch beneide ich Dich um diesen schönen Stillen Ort, an dem Du Dir Dein Traumhaus gebaut hast, besser begonnen hast dieses zu tun. Wen ich sehe, wie Du mit Deinem Hund umgehst, so unbeschwert frei und ohne Laute Wörter, so sehe ich einen Netten friedfertigen Menschen der uns allen zum Vorbild gereicht. Ich wünsche Dir, von ganzem Herzen, das Du Deine Ziele erreichst und weiter über Dich hinaus wächst. Mit Mühe und Geduld wird es Dir gelingen, das glaube ich ganz fest. Ich selbst bin auf einem Einödhof aufgewachsen, mit Holzfeuer und Holzbefeuerten Badeofen, einer Plumps Toilette draußen vor der Türe. Dies war die glücklichste zeit in meinem Leben. Wer in einer stürmischen Nacht dem Knistern des Feuers einmal gelauscht hat, wird es nimmer wieder vergessen. Manchmal ist weniger mehr, Dein verzicht kann zu Deinem größten gewinn werden, manches braucht man gar nicht. Vielleicht ist glücklich sein doch eine Entscheidungsfrage! Sei glücklich und Gehabe Dich wohl, alles Glück das Du brauchst genug Mut dies zu wagen, das wünsche ich Dir, Grüße aus Niederbayern, nahe Passau D 94034 Deutschland.

Vaalferatus : Why the hell am I living in a city working all day in a hotel full of grumpy people

Jamie C : 14:22 "It's colder out here than a witch's tit, can I come back in now? I'm done with #1 AND #2."

can i get 50 subscriber : You really are living my dream!😇

Stephen Gunnoe : This is how every dog should be treated.

Desert Wolf : No family to Stabb you in the back, no one cheating or lying to you. This is the way to live. A dog will always be loyal.

SpicyDragonWings : The more the modern world advances the more appealing this simple way of life seems. Truly inspirational.

Irish South Sider : I love the simplicity of your life. I live in the inner-city of Chicago and while I love my city and all the great things it has to offer, it has become a city that I don't know anymore because of the violence. Everyday when I come from the subway and EL train after work I wonder if today is the day I get caught in a drive by. Your cabin that you built, your love for your beautiful dog and not having the stress of city life inspires me to make some major changes in my life. I felt such peace watching your video. So thx for posting and it's great to know there are still real men in this world. So tired of hearing the weak ass Soyboys whining all the time. Absolutely love your sweet dog!

Edge : Man... you definitely don’t like social life.. you got nice dog 🐕

Bella Lewis : Just Beautiful, God Bless.

Opy Brook : Amazing. Well done you! Great dog!

Lost in Sperry : Pretty much my favorite channel right now

Janine Ismail : I truly envy you my friend, you’re living the dream.

The Lone Soldier : This is what my parents want to do when they retire. Live in isolation together in a nice home on a river for fishing

Fallen Feather : The world is too cruel... Can i join....

Mike fishead : Lived in a cabin in Vt working for the forrest service alone it was the best time in my life . Your pup does the same thing mine does won't touch the food til you say its ok

Sven S. : I love it. A man and his dog in the wilderness and only a few words left to speak,..what more do you need;-) Greets from a overcrowded Germany.

Naomi Beery : I really liked watching this.

burlms : This is the first time that I have watched your video. I am super impressed and your cabin is beautiful. Carry on, I'll be tuning in!

Patrick Repko : I'm 23 years old and hate technology can't wait until I can have a life like this ❤😍Away from all the noise and grumpy people.

jesenia serranolizardi : Next time feed her the egg shells. Good source of calcium. You can dry them and grind them up and sprinkle over her food. Also, raw eggs are better for dogs too.

SuperDave : That dog though!! Talk about man's best friend!

sean lee : Awesome life

MasterBaine : All a man needs is the woods and his dog, no women required

Rst28 : Peace and solitude can never be over estimated..

mimi mi : people don't need much stuff to be happy. it's a state of mind

Thoreau : This video is like an antidepressant without any side effects. I watched it before going to bed, I relaxed, and I slept soundly.

EC A : Ah... You're so right. I'm getting my girls and I ready for nomadic living, tiny house on wheels and certainly we want to have a smaller footprint, we want to live less expensively and rely more on less all together. But there's no perfect way to do that, there's no pure way to do that but for maybe a handful and some indigenous of the Northern Americas... the majority of us still rely on manufacturers and technology in order TO do it in the ways that we deem successful ie: solar panels, cell and internet connection, gas for vehicles...we may believe in this lifestyle and want for it to spread but, we still very much rely on those that stay back and keep even our conveniences possible. We don't have half the know-how, we don't have the community, certainly not the means on many different levels. Even many laws keep us from fully experiencing that. For now we do what we can but hopefully this becomes more of a civilized conversation where we're putting in active, long term thought and effort where the individual meets the entities that rule our existences. It'll be people like yourself, like some in the nomadic communities (while the indigenous are shaking their heads saying, "we told you so" and a plethora of other more colorful things, rightly so) that will have begun forging this reversal should we even be fortunate enough to make it back. -We are ALL hypocrites, in more ways than the people asking these very surface questions realize. -Beautiful videos! Stay well and stay blessed.

Paul Lessard : Cali is an awesome dog. =)

Susanne I : I love this, I could spend both winter and summer in a place like this ♥ peace and quiet and fabulous nature☺

random guy : Wow just amazing...

peter skånberg : This is how dogs are meant to live their lives.

p 12 : This is one relaxing video. For the viewer obviously not for you working hard. :/

prokesuk : I watched this because of the ice storm, and while there wasn't much of that, the video was entertaining. It was more like a day in the life. I like how you don't yammer at the camera and no distracting music. Instead, there is the sound of the environment and what you are working on. I am easily distracted and often pause and come back to finish a video. This one kept me tuned in.

SaltyDad : Wow...incredibly relaxing to watch this video. I'll definitely be catching up on all of your other videos but man...what a pleasure it is to watch you work, and of course to watch your pup play in the snow. Nicely done sir!

Next Geographic : This is the life that millions of people wish to lives. I admire you brother.

Scrambled O : That sledding scene was great hahaha

Herald UK Gaming : Lol @04:46 typical dog. "Hey you're doing something hazardous ? Just let me put my nose in their... "

Josh James Kiwi Bushman : living the dream, lot of work went into that build, very inspirational, cheers mate

NorthShore Ireland : That dog is spoiled say she couldn’t be happier 😂