Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Don't Make Uncle Phil Angry

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TeamForwood : 0:00 to 0:12 can't stop laughing

Kairu Otaku : The funny thing is he actually sounds like Shredder in this scene.

Remy Lainez : Hit the bricks you little tramp! LOL

SodaBoy628 : "And then he slapped me with a subpoena!"

December's Child : Silence If want your opinion I'll beat it out of you 😁

Travis McCullough : Damn his laugh is scary lol

Will Smith : 1:03 Uncle Phil's growl!

Jonas Matthew Bahta : AND TELL YOUR MOTHER YOUR FATHER HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana : anyone else piss themselves when he did the evil laugh? vote up if you did

Kenzie Ross : R.I.P James Avery

TeamForwood : best parts 0:00 to 0:12 0:49 to 0:57

dennis nguyen : Don't mess with The Shredder!

ryukishifan0396 : lol his laugh is so epic, yet terrifying at the same time XD

Kevin Mora : 4 people are freeloadin' parasites.

Derek The Rubbish : It's...... it's..... It's him!

Matt Gabriel : Damn, something about that red shirt makes Uncle Phil look extremely evil.

Stephendw : ... Holy dammit, Shredder wished he was that intimidating.

SteamTeamRedubUK : Then he slapped me with his penis.

Jon Crabb : RIP :'(

Kyle Baxter : "HIT THE BRICKS YOU LITTLE TRAMP!! AND TELL YOUR MOTHER YOUR FATHER HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!! That scene had me lol so hard. James Avery owned this scene. I really miss the big guy.

DirkDigglerLuv01 : Tonight we dine on turtle soup!

job489 : RIP James Avery

Marcus Mims : Uncle Phil: SILENCE! If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you!

ChromatiKosm : I want your bodies.

Pimsleurable : Cool Predator laugh!

jasonmj123 : and why does Uncle phill looks like the old version of Suge knight who retires from death row lol

Qassim Ahmed : How can 5 people dislike this clip? This scene was awesome. RIP Uncle Phil.

jeffpro18 : Damn it RIP! :(

Fast Flash : Man that laugh at the end reminded me of Vincent Price In Michael Jacksons Thriller

MrJP75 : RIP Uncle Phil!!!

AllProG : that master shredder laugh

Candle : Enemy: *Uses a Full Restore on their pokemon right when I go for the killing blow* Me: 1:10

Constant Chinner : FOUR! LOL

Abhilash Gregory : Behold the SOUND OF JUSTICE ! LOL!

Sean Rogers : Why does Howard always lose?

emarine : 1> Jurassic Park water in glass check. 2> Speaking to his son and nephew like Oroku Sak from TMNT, which he voiced... 3> Sounding like the Predator when he laughs. My childhood was AWESOME, RIP Mr. Avery. ;_;7

Kiichi Miyazawa宮沢熹 : Yes, James Avery was the voice actor who played The Shredder on the tmnt animated series.

Jacob Waters : And than he slapped me with a subpoena 😥

The Goat : Shuge knights father

mashpolson1 : "HIT THE BRICKS YOU LITTLE TRAMP!!" Savage XD

Kryss Gamer : There is no doubt that there is a special place in whatever meets us at our physical end. And this guy prolly gets to run it now.


Cosmic Mind : Slightly more believable than Phill's version.....we all know Carlton cried like a pansy when his tube got popped.

R S P : And tell your mother your father has a girlfriend!

Jeffrey Fryar : “And tell your mother that your father has a girlfriend!” Me: I’m done

nepomusik : For all the Ninja Turtles and Fresh Prince mashups, I wonder why nobody has tried to sync up Turtles footage with THIS scene?

M00NWALK3R100 : Uncle Phil makes Shao Kahn look like a whiny bitch xD

BadulaJohnson : Rocksteady, Bepop and Shredder hahaha.

Wolfylink : Uncle Phil is the final form!

Jaleesa Trevelyan : I laughed so hard when he ripped off that duck head and died at Carlton's reaction. LMAOOOOO!!!!