Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Don't Make Uncle Phil Angry

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Jonas Matthew Bahta : AND TELL YOUR MOTHER YOUR FATHER HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Kairu Otaku : The funny thing is he actually sounds like Shredder in this scene.

Remy Lainez : Hit the bricks you little tramp! LOL

TeamForwood : 0:00 to 0:12 can't stop laughing

December's Child : Silence If want your opinion I'll beat it out of you 😁

Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana : anyone else piss themselves when he did the evil laugh? vote up if you did

SodaBoy628 : "And then he slapped me with a subpoena!"

Kyle Baxter : "HIT THE BRICKS YOU LITTLE TRAMP!! AND TELL YOUR MOTHER YOUR FATHER HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!! That scene had me lol so hard. James Avery owned this scene. I really miss the big guy.

Travis McCullough : Damn his laugh is scary lol

Kenzie Ross : R.I.P James Avery

dennis nguyen : Don't mess with The Shredder!

Will Smith : 1:03 Uncle Phil's growl!

Derek The Rubbish : It's...... it's..... It's him!

Matt Gabriel : Damn, something about that red shirt makes Uncle Phil look extremely evil.

ryukishifan0396 : lol his laugh is so epic, yet terrifying at the same time XD

DirkDigglerLuv01 : Tonight we dine on turtle soup!

Death Dealer : Yes, James Avery was the voice actor who played The Shredder on the tmnt animated series.

Candle : Enemy: *Uses a Full Restore on their pokemon right when I go for the killing blow* Me: 1:10

Qassim Ahmed : How can 5 people dislike this clip? This scene was awesome. RIP Uncle Phil.

Fast Flash : Man that laugh at the end reminded me of Vincent Price In Michael Jacksons Thriller

Jeffrey Fryar : “And tell your mother that your father has a girlfriend!” Me: I’m done

emarine : 1> Jurassic Park water in glass check. 2> Speaking to his son and nephew like Oroku Sak from TMNT, which he voiced... 3> Sounding like the Predator when he laughs. My childhood was AWESOME, RIP Mr. Avery. ;_;7

gor9027 : When Uncle Phil starts laughing, you know you messed up badly.

AllProG : that master shredder laugh

Frank Castle : Me when I have kids... "But Dad we didn't mean to-" "SILENCE! IF I WANT YOUR OPINION I'LL BEAT IT OUT OF YOU!"

Jaleesa Trevelyan : I laughed so hard when he ripped off that duck head and died at Carlton's reaction. LMAOOOOO!!!!

BoardWhareHowse : In this episode, Uncle Phil sounds like Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon (the 1980's one).

job489 : RIP James Avery

jasonmj123 : and why does Uncle phill looks like the old version of Suge knight who retires from death row lol

mashpolson1 : "HIT THE BRICKS YOU LITTLE TRAMP!!" Savage XD

BadulaJohnson : Rocksteady, Bepop and Shredder hahaha.

SteamTeamRedubUK : Then he slapped me with his penis.


Major Ramsey : I don't know how they ever got through a whole take without cracking up.


jeffpro18 : Damn it RIP! :(

Chris Peplinski : Phil sure has a crazy temper.

Abby Normal : You made the Shred dude angry. You do not want to make the Shred dude angry!

The Goat : Shuge knights father

Pimsleurable : Cool Predator laugh!

jackrobinson82 : Silence! If I want your opinion I'll BEAT it out of you!

Erin Miller : There seems to be a little confusion in the comments section, so let’s make this clear: this scene is not canon. This is just Will’s exaggerated retelling of the night in question. He’s deliberately making Uncle Phil look like an unreasonable tyrant. The way it actually happened, he never insulted the girl. He didn’t tell Carlton he was embarrassed by him either, though he did puncture his floatie.

thewelshviper : This is how imagine Suge Knight was like when running Death Row

Bloody Persistent : I love when shows do this overly exaggerated two sides to every story kind of thing. 😂

Cosmic Mind : Slightly more believable than Phill's version.....we all know Carlton cried like a pansy when his tube got popped.

Eric Fisher : Shredder was not as evil as Will interpretation of him and Shredder wanted to take over the world...

THE OUTLAW TORN 79 : Shredder laugh at the end. 👍

Jaegar Ultima : This was the episode Shredder possessed Uncle Phil!

omar yousef : I can watch this video a million times and never get bored R.I.P James Avery

Jon Crabb : RIP :'(