POP/STARS, K/DA - Videogame Style
KDA PopStars in 8 Bit

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TOP OPRIMIDO : The akali parts sounds like some desert level.

ClydePlays : 1:25 on 0.75x speed sounds so cool

Bnha Andrea : Me:"Why do i feel like rushing and running rn?..." K/DA: *"CAN YOU FEEL THE RUSH NOW?!?"* Me: Oh yeah, i'm feeling it.

Joshua Kelly : It took me a while to realize the platforms were synced and holy shit

Yix Chan : *A game turn into a game*

Halimah Nur : Dance cover *done* Acoustic cover *done* Drum cover *done* 8 bit games cover *do...* *Wait what?*

hornetkiller25 : If this was a video game I'd buy for $64.99

Euhchu 유쭈 : Bruh, it's so well done, that my little brother thought it was a real game.

Talonted Films : When is Riot hiring this guy?

가차키키 : Why Is This So Adorable? Oh God, My Heart's Hurt From The Cuteness!

Annie- mations : Akali's rap part and Kai'sa's chorus parts are so cool *-*💕💕

Van Payumo : I clicked on this expecting that I wouldn't finish it.... but then I suddenly found myself replaying it 3 times before leaving xD It's surprisingly accurate (even the MV itself LOL) This is so gooood!

Gut Eater : I want to cry just thinking how much effort you put on this . everything is perfect ! took me a while to find this channel !

Eve's Kpop : *This should be in the grammys*

XxSofia Barbosa Plays!xX : *Hear all the music in 2x of speed* ∆The crazines return∆


ThePopushi : sOMEONE CALL JAKE KAUFMAN BECAUSE I'M GETTING SOME REAL SHANTAE VIBES~ legit this made me tear up. lmao what's wrong with me.

•VertiX_x• : I would like this as an actual game to be honest. Probobly like a rythm game ((The video))

Valeria Bayer - Ingleborough PS (1491) : I played both songs together with the perfect timing and it sounded SO good!

Allora Paterson : i synched this video with the original song and it sounds amazing!

Boram Sim : Amazing!! You must have put so much effort into this it’s insane! Rewatching your videos to admire your crazy skills 😎

EyelessWorld : i just realized that the platforms are midi keys

Nekogami-Crystal : im slitly disapointed she dident get her tail in this. BUT 100000 -1 a is still over 9000

Pastel bagel : Yep. Instantly subbing to you this is so amazing and very impressive,keep it up dude 👍

Lovelove Mikira : I love Ahri's part so much 😩👏👏

giveaway accounts in games : HOW DID YOU EVEN MAKE THIS THING 11/10

Kacper Jacuński : I love how they're jumping on those platforms arranged almost like MIDI in some Music program xD

SiNDicate Zero : Imagine how many times Ahri fell onto the Washing Machines because of her tails uwu. So she put em down.

Owlette Dancer : I'm dying with laughter of the cute song

Franny Becker : Hello Parabéns belíssimo canal ótimo vídeo super Saudações 🇧🇷 beijos com carinho 😘 Love 😍 You

Miguel Borrero : Sometimes Youtube Recommended is crap. But for once. I got the perfect video in it. And that video is this.

Kira West : I love the beat it's so impressive and creative I hope to see more of your work!!!!! ain't no body bringing u down we pop/stars!!!

Daddy RM : This is what you call art

Chewy Donut : Wow I cant stop watching dis masterpiece I love it!!! KDA FOREVA

Chloe BobaSippinGamer : *I'm such a big fan girl of the song and this made me cry* 💞😭🌟

Andi Ma : That's sick but completely awesome. Keep it up ❤❤❤ Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→

Kirkendall Greene : My God, this is incredible. You somehow took an amazing song and made it amazing in a totally different way.

Revol Mardian : Where link download this game ?? XD

Twinni Gab : Omg im soooo in love with the song and details omg omg omg lmf lmfmfifmflgmgmgogmfmd A

Rioreusu : I can’t stop smiling. The hell’s wrong with me. This is great.

pang_zaTH : OMGGGGF IM SO LUV IT🙀🙀😽😽

1Shot Psycho : With the 8bit tone i get some hella egytion vibes from the beets of this ☺👍

Moni Enríquez : To you crazy little person who did this, thank you! It is the most amazing thing I've seen in a while!!!

Vivid 0 : For some reason that reminds me to Shantae's music, and I love It.

lrrichards1218 : Dang this must be hard. ;^;

nightfly_devil : It’s just amazing! I sing along with it for the entire video!

tAVASyo tv : WHY IT SO AMAZING U ARE DUCKIN GENIUS! (ducking means fu...)

Manaswin Pipatponglert : Late to the party, but yeah this is Great Video!

Jose Grave : I swear some people are really astounding in the things they do.