Razer Phone 2 | I'm Returning It.

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PandasCanEatYourTech : *UPDATE* I know now that as of October 26th this issue has been fixed with verizon and all Razer 2 models. I'm glad it's been fixed, but obviously this video was recorded and uploaded on the 23rd, which was 3 days before the fix and I already had returned the phone and purchased a new one. I hate repeating myself, but again the MAIN reason I returned the device was the lack of customer service on razer's end and not owning up to their own mistakes. I'm going to pin this so that everyone can see it before commenting. The reason I jumped the gun and decided to return the device instead of waiting for a fix (that could possibly take one day or maybe a month, OR NEVER) is because of two major reasons. This is my personal device as much as it's a phone that I wanted to make videos on. I need this phone to make phone calls and to send and receive texts. If my personal device cannot do those two MAJOR things, it's useless to me. Second, razer's customer service was horrible and provided no proof as to what was wrong or if they can or will fix the issue. They were telling me it was Verizon's issue and Verizon was telling me the opposite. I've been a Verizon customer for 10 years and have never had an issue with their service or their devices. I wasn't about to switch to a whole new carrier just to make this phone possibly work. I'm sorry if this video offended you as a Razer lover or if you work for Razer, but this video had to be made so that people are aware of this major flaw before they go out and buy this device.

alejandro mulero : Droid life has an article saying that the razor phone has been certified to work on Verizon network. It was posted earlier today that it was added to the network

alejandro mulero : Got my Razer phone 2 today went to my local Verizon store and got it activated let me tell you it's awesome everything is working like a charm

Girish Nanjangud : I think it’s better to return now.. once all issues are fixed u can buy it again ..

Henry's Life Reviews : Right because we always call Costco when our milk goes bad after 8 weeks of being left out lol or how we call the cable company because our TV won't turn on after not paying the electric bill, or when we call our banks every time an overdraft occurs, or the US government because cost of living is too damn high! Lmao bro this is a known issue with vzw and razer... This is a classic case of not thier (vzw) problem Sorry.

Aeman Abbas : Hey, sorry to hear that u had such issues with it. Would u be so kind & have a ReView for the camera ?? Thank you in advance

skyvaulter01 : So while understand you issue, you did jump the gun and I think you should consider something. To qualify what I’m saying, I had a similar issue with another phone company, Nokia. When the Lumia 900 Windows Phone first launched in the US it was plagued with problems. I bought my wife one before learning of all the issues. I called customer service a number of times to get the issue taken care of or find out when a fix would be done. Nokia sent me a new phone direct from the factory and it had the same problem. I called customer service and talked with a man about it and he was zero help what so ever and I hung up frustrated. I then called back customer service to ask to speak to a supervisor instead of the standard call agent, they said their policy was not to pass calls to management. Again frustrated I hung up. A week later while on vacation I received a call from Nokia, it was the same guy that was zero help. This time instead of offering me assistance, he stated that he saw in my record I called back and asked why I did so. I then said yes because I wanted to speak to a manager. He then repeated the policy and immediately chided me for even thinking of calling them back after he already told me there was nothing that could be done. I’m not exaggerating he literally yelled at me over the phone. I then took it upon myself and typed up an email and sent it directly to Steven Elop, then CEO of Nokia. Within two days I received a response from him, actually I was in the Cc line as he forwarded the email to one of his directors. I also received a phone call from one of his assistants and was apologized to. They were very cordial, asked me for all the details I could give them pertaining to the incident and did what they could to assure me this was not tolerated at Nokia. Then they sent me a pair of Monster headphones, likely since the 920 hadn’t been released yet. The point of this is, you can’t always judge a company based on a bad apple in customer service. My contact with Nokia spanned several days and usually they were the ones calling me. This showed me that the company itself was deeply committed to customer service. This situation is a lot different but I believe the CEO of Razer wasn’t just sitting back taking this in stride. He likely developed proper training for service agents and also really got embarrassed. They handled it poorly from a service standpoint, but hey, at least they weren’t telling you that you were texting people the wrong way like some fruit company’s CEO did with one of their phones (cough iPhone 4 cough).

Austin Hodgson : My phone did this same thing and its a moto, I just had the people it didn't work for redo my contact and it fixed it. Honestly dumb reason to return it. It's literally Verizon's fault

Nate Ford : I hear that if you request tier 2 customer support at Verizon and ask for a CDMA-less profile, it fixes issues of not getting calls and texts but not sure about your text-only issues. Have you tried that?

CRIME WAVE : Did you try adding Verizon's access point in mobile networks ? That would probably fix your problem

Shaun Robinson : I've got this phone on order have I wasted my money 😱

rxbuyer : I heard an update came out on 10/22...did you get that update.? Maybe that fixed the problem

wesley chester : Change your Carrier Verizon is overpriced anyway

Harry Ballsak : also if you want to use wireless charging you have to use their $100 wireless charger. Won't work on other wireless chargers

Kona X : I subbed due to your honesty. Thank you.