Amazing what marijuana will do to stains harsh cleaners won’t get out

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martinaee : The scientific accuracy of this video is outstanding. A+

Julibel Edits : Does this work on student loans?

Joe 30 pack : I sent you an email, it's not from a robot.

Godlike Jake : Is this patched on ps4?

josh miller : Funniest shit ever 🤣😂🤣. I shared the hell outa your video but they removed it.

Mr. Potato : Sounds like Ricky from trailer park boys

Enemeespoded : This is so damn relatable

Salty Diarrhea : 20 minutes later I'd be OCD all over that stain.

ap2_andretti : Awww shit man I laughed so hard

chypres89 : LOL

err : I love the zoom in, in anticipation lol

Kalamestari : Jesus, grind it up first.

KillaKiller TV : Saw this on Facebook might be the funniest thing I’ve seen been watching it atleast once a day 😂😂

woopie : im watching this high thought was infomoratioal 10/10 would buy again

Dillon Larson : This is a Rickyism if I've ever heard one

marinebean420 : The miracle fix all.

purpleprinc3 : Indeed, I must concur it is very good for dealing with stubborn stains as the evidence clearly shows. *lights up*

kenuty : Now this is some real scientific facts.

Carlos Roman : Hahahaha your the boss

ittotaq : I understand this reference.

Bot One : At first I was thinking it was going to be a fake video... but the end is real!

Chester Mccheesyton : Lol that was funny as hell

Siniestro Siniestros : Just don't smoke before cleaning the bathroom

CL Law : That stuff really works great for my mom. Only problem is, she thinks I'm a stain. 😢

Benjamin Gilbert : lmfao

HENNY C : Lmao

Fu Choo : worked brilliantly if ya ask me ... hahahahaha ...

Jozef-D : Torch a nug instead of breaking it up? Must be lucky.

Chipp SkyIark : Dude, you made my day, you've gained a sub.

Haans LeMon : That's just science.

GodSCulte : ahahahahahaahhahaha im dead I love this mad

bigbassjonz : And there's the truth.

ZEB : Heroin works even better

Jason Warner : I clean my lungs err day

Bobbly Wobbly : Is this a play on the use of Marijuana thing? It's not just for smoking. Read your history boy!

Chelsea Collings : lol

SilkSatin Paradise : All marijuana is considered medical marijuana if you believe laughter is the best medicine.

jannis joplin : hit 3 mill on Facebook yet?

alex : Ballistol FTW. Also, you should break that nug up a bit.

Cartello Fellow : you should try monster instead