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Sonar Vlogs : 2019 anyone

Sami Gaming : 3:14 these men can defeat thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet)

koel KAST : Life question: is Coby even trying?

Jakob Warner-Ruf : is it just me or does Tyler literally always win? I still like him. -2018 / 2019

Theo : I cant imagine the amount of self control it takes to work in a bubble wrap factory

Derek Nicholson : you need to make bubble wrap 2

Lachlan Pope : tyler always wins cuz he's the one who has the one ultimate beard

Juan Muhammad : March 2019. Anyone????

Steve Rogers : Lol they used Cody's face for the finalist's spots. For Symmetry ig.

ABU ReNeon : Tyler: practice makes perfect Me: practice makes dude perfect?

Ensar Aytekin : Hu ist loking The Video in 2019 😍

Joey Geske : I love you guys you make me smile every day and you are awesome and when will coby ever win a battle😥

Julia Perkins : Anyone march 2019

NoDefeat 527 : Is it jus me or does it seem like tyler always wins

peter_182 : You can only like if you have felt the pain of a scooter spinning and hitting your ankle

AAIF RABEEU : im on coby team

Ivonne Reza : Im on my moms phone my name is fabian and i am a in corys team

UltraDeath2u : The first and last of the bubble wrap battles


Why Do i exist : He fell on his face!

Justin Easley : I really want to hang out with you guy

Yesh Dahiya : Twin brothers😚😘😙😙😘😘😙😘😚😘😙😘😚😘😙😘😚😙😘😚😘😙



Amazing videos4u : These guys r really enjoying life without any money problems

Stewie Studios : They need another bubble wrap battle this was awesome

Jeet Thakwani : you gotta be bubble wrapping me

NeededKSA YT : I watched this video 1,346 times your welcome for those views

Max Winkel : Like for bubble wrap battle 2

Alycan8 Playz : Youtube: lets recommend one of there oldest videos

Steve Rogers : Perfect practice makes perfect . Not 'just' practice.

USEFUL APPS : 2020 anyone OR 2019 anyone

GMD Zenixle : First video I’ve seen from them I feel the nostalgia

Cozyy_ Vertex : If ty looses 3 battles in a row he should Shave his bear like this comment so they could see it

JACK SELLERS : Ty had both feet out of bounds so...

General Grievous : First battle, first dp vid I ever saw

mohammed kashif : Hey guys u all r awesome ... U make everyone laugh man great job.......love u allll

Epic Face : Call of bubble wrap paintball ops 3

Ablaze games : like if find difference 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😞😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Chloe Fornetti : Are Cory and coby brothers

Mubazir Haider : Dude seriously I laughed! Love You Dude Perfect, just keep making this awesome videos....😋😋

Rachel Harshaw : Corys nick name should be yellow yoyo

Fabyan Sakti : Dude perfect IS THE BEST.....

CREATIVE channel : Who watching in 2018??

Reid Goldsmith : Who else is watching all of dude perfect old videos

Connor Hwang : Do you feel like ty is left out

jignesh kumar : I am from India guys I love you

Katherine Goldin : can you do a go-kart hockey game?

Flame : coby got into finals for the first ever battle, took him 2 years to win one