Death Stranding - Official TGS 2018 Trailer | Troy Baker, Norman Reedus

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Silent Stag : This game is going to be epic when we finally get to play it in 2042.

VichyGlitterGun : I recognize Troy’s voice anywhere 👌🏻✨

jase276 : Under his mask... IS ANOTHER MASK!

עומר שרייבר : Is there an actuall gameplay for this game? What genre is it anyway? What the hell is goin on there?

DreadNawght : Kojima: Guys, we get the antagonist voiced by Ocelot to spawn a giant cat. Crew: Finally something that makes sense, boss.

John Stewart : At this rate Death Stranding will become a series of Trailers and never a video game. /s

Ouroboros612 : If someone told me 10 years ago that a boss I'd face in a video game one day would be an interdimensional rectum-lion conjured forth by a teleporting man carrying a fetus around I don't think I would've believed them.

Mimi bee : but does the cat's balls shrink in cold weather

SnackingOnAnts : *sighs because i know I'd probably die over 50 times before successfully getting away from that thing*

Chad Thundercock : Plot twist: it's a turn based board game

fieryspy64 : How high do you have to be to come up with these ideas.

ZonZalerHD : Mf wearing a mask on top of a mask

Aiden Harvey : Worth mentioning. Kojima stated in an interview that Troy Baker's character (the guy with the gold mask) will basically be a Patches character (if you play dark souls than you know who patches is). If you don't know dark souls, Patches is a side character/merchant that you encounter throughout the game; he is mischievous and can make your life difficult but he can also help you in various ways. Kojima stated that this character has "morally grey beliefs", he also plays a vital/lead role in the games story and you will encounter him in random parts of the game (or in this case he will find you) he will also help you (such as give you info or items to make your quests less hard) as well as make your life difficult as show in this trailer. This one fact alone shows just how awesome this game is going to be!

Wolfheart 445 : -"i have a PC !" -"We have a Kojima."

이진민 : Troy Baker attacks a FedEx employee with an Ocelot

NuclearProductions : I didn't know Bloodborne had a sequel

Pitchaxistheorem : Hideo Kojima: Did you rike it? SONY: We love it! Us: What is happening!?

majlosz21 : The title of this game is pure genius in its symbolism. Death, because each and every single one of us will not live to its release. Stranding, because we can only hope to cling to sporadically released trailers, like deserted islands in the ocean of postponements and promises.

Hafiz Mohammed : *Confusion increased to 100. Open skill menu to level up*


TheXpender : *Pokémon Black* by Hideo Kojima

bao112233 : "Weeeelll Shit" , Best part lmao

Nick Anderson : Loads up game for the first time: Kojima appears: What took you so long? Us: Excuse ME?!?!?!

Robert Hoerz : Actually, I have a theory that would actually explain a few things if it's the case. Has anyone here ever heard of Funerary Masks? It's a fascinating topic, really. Funerary Masks, not to be confused with Death Masks, were a concept practiced across the world a long time ago. You see, in this trailer and previous, you see the bigger monsters wearing strange golden masks. These resemble the Funerary Masks created by the Egyptians, Myceneans, Incans, and more. Royalty were typically the only ones to be given masks of gold, while lesser people may get masks of clay or wood. It's said that the Egyptians believed these masks could guide the spirit back to its final resting place... the body. This suggests that the strange shadowy figures are souls trying to find their way back to their bodies, while the larger more solid ones already have. This would all make sense in conjunction with the games name, "Death Stranding" which seems to be a reference to something called Cetacean Stranding, also known as beaching, where whales and dolphins become stuck on land. In this case, it seems as if the souls of the dead remain stuck on Earth and are desperately searching for their way back to where they belong. As the whales to the ocean, so too the souls to their bodies.

Joevace : I'm still confused. Is this game still going to be a backpack simulator?

MEGAFRANKENSTIEN : Is this the month-long​ boss fight?

Sceptile & Swampert : Honestly, I think getting the boot from Konami might have been for the better. This looks SO much more Kojima-esque than PT.

Tippu : This is what Ocelot should of acted like in MGS V.

TurkeyPillow : Every bit of footage released increases my interest in Death Stranding. Kojima dosent need the Metal Gear name or Konami to produce games that showcase his signature style and improve upon his previous work.

Jr jr : Kojima for president

Zodiac Boy : "So what do you want the game to be about?" Kojima: *Yes*

Mason Radabaugh : I love that voice actor

story mode : from walking simulator... now what ?

paco ramon : Did Venezuela recover from that oil crisis or the oil monsters only wanted to help China?

Umar ar : Behind this mask........behind this mask!!!! IS ANOTHER MASK!

CoreOfTheStar : Analysis: The man seems to be wearing similar gear to the cloaked person we saw in the last trailer. Same person? When he removes his mask and uses it to call on the shadow creature, we initially hear what sound like tortured screams from the human forms that bubble up below. His golden mask is reminiscent of the icon that appeared on the face of the body that was stolen in the last trailer. This makes me think this man harvests people (and/or their dead bodies) and uses them to create creatures similar to the catlike one seen here. Looks like this guy is gonna be dogging us for quite some time, Revolver Ocelot style.

Emanuel A. : Came back after 10 months. My first thought: Still no idea what the game is about... Second Thought: Doesn't matter, Troy Baker is in the game. Bought!

Yeetus McDab : Troy Baker you magnificent creature

CCronos : Sound like fun? Couse it does! Best part

Sarah J Jacobson : So part of the plot is troy baker attacks a FedEx employee with witchcraft?

T : Death Stranding: The more they show, the less we know

JackconReecetV : I'm so confused about what I'm confused about

Mourad Kadri : I hope i play this game before i die I m 17 btw

Golden Wolf : Troy Baker my maaan!


Sinclair Lore : I hope he can be our pet later in the game.

Griff Goldstein : Norman Reedus & The Ever So Mysterious Case Of The Funky Fetus

DigiFox : anyone else notice that the baby jar on troy baker is red when all of the other baby jars are orange/yellow?

Some Retard : this is literally like an anime

HupCapNinja : Plot Twist: This is Metal Gear Survive 2.