Towing A Flag - Flight 93 Memorial Flyover

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Kari Fogt : 🇺🇸

Robert Durbin : It was an honor to share this flight with you! Looking forwards to the next one.

Hutch214 : A day I'll never forgot. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. What a cool tribute. Love you man!

Robert : My brother was telling me we should get into PPG. I showed him your videos and now we are gonna die. Thanks!

Federico Graziani : How to do a Tucker Gott's video: -freaking -sick -more sick -gopro in weird places -motor's noise Love it

Andrew Everts : Outstanding gesture. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck at Icarus.

Stevie Genoski : NEVER FORGET

{MLG} Sharkz : Your awesome dude keep it up!

Jamel Ling : Tucker thanks for doing that flight and for posting.

J.Anderson The2nd : It was a inside Job. It was meant to happen.

Philrups : Glad you did this. You won't fly into Area 51, no balls.

John Esposito : GOD BLESS AMERICA. This is the best country in the World by far. Beautiful day. We should all get a chance to visit this spot. Thank You for sharing.

Michael Kennedy : At 10:55 checkout the smoke around the helmet, great shot.

Wetland Mariachi Band Inc : Great video and tribute

Mr5thWave : "Let's roll"...Todd Beamer's last words.

ThyHolyNickel : This gave me the chills. Thank you for showing love for our beautiful country, Tucker! You are a true patriot!

Robert Spalding : Really enjoy your videos Tucker - Thank you! But as an old patriot (retired military) I'm hoping someone caught that precious flag of ours before it touched the ground. It means too much to disrespect.

Steve Bratten : Great video & flying (as usual), but the music did not set the right tone (sorry). Shanksville is a battleground and cemetery, like Gettysburg. It was the first battle we won at the beginning of a 100 year war.

Austin Gardner : I used to volunteer there when as a kid because I lived near by. I am glad you enjoyed the flight!

Bill T : Wind TURBINES, not windmills. They don't mill corn.

Xterraforce : Great video and much respect for even attempting to tow the flag. Good job man. Every time you enjoy the freedom of flight just because you want to fly proves what an utter failure any attack on the U.S. has been.

Dave Cooley : No plane there..nice thought though..

Jonah O'Brien : Can you paramotor if you're 14 years old?

Asserting Word : Thank You for this Tucker Gott. Means a lot coming from an Army Infantry Vet that joined bc of 9/11

Sennen's Channel : the first time i saw your video it inspired me to paramotor i am going para glideing in a few days looks awsome

SplunkyTV : Love this

RockinRobbins13 : Tucker, this cooperation from the National Park Service opens up all sorts of possibilities! What would Mt Rushmore look like from a paramotor? And that's subject to whether it's safe to fly there, of course, but that's only an example. It would do both you and the National Park Service good from the great exposure. Salute to you and Robert Durbin for a job well done!

Kenneth Turner : Much respect, Tucker. A fine thing you do here.

Nick Hollister : U got some nice jams in these vids

donindri : Great tribute. Freedom is not about getting free stuff. God bless all those who risk and give their lives when needed to preserve and protect it.

Kyle Robey : You should film a video that can be viewed in virtual reality so that we can a more realistic experience!

Richard Hoemberg : What a great looking memorial for those who lost their life on flight 93 "Let's Roll!" amazing flight and dedication. Nice job guys !

TANGKAS REKA : Early and good video

805Unknown sam : what's up tucker!

Rugved Gaikwad : Whyy don't you visit India and fly over the beautiful places!? Will you give it a thought..?

Jedi Revan : When you are in the west could you consider flying around Moab Utah. We are in a canyon next to the Colorado River and while you would need to go to a park, field, or school if you want to take off in the canyon, there are large rock mesas up top where you shouldn't have trouble finding somewhere to land or take off (there is also an airport north of town). I don't know what the wind conditions are but we have sky diving and base jumping in the area so it shouldn't be too difficult to get those kinds of answers (haven't seen any paramotors though).

flashy5150 : I'm 46 and Canadian. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was at work in a warehouse. It was like 8:45am and I heard on the radio that the twin towers had been hit by a plane. I said to my co-worker, "this is terrorism, there will be another one" -- shortly after the second plane hit the trade center. When the building fell, I knew there was bigtime trouble.

Cyaic : Mercia

Wyrd Will : Great Video! 😎🇺🇸👊

steel belt scream : T-STYLE! Great memorial tribute, flying the🔴⚪🔵. And the custom wing that Rob has, is truly inspiring, it is a beautiful thing! You guys did good today. And most of all GOD BLESS THE HEROES OF FIGHT 93 !!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU !!! 🔴⚪🔵

Rick Kirk : Almost 1st. Thanks for all the vids Tucker. Been watching since about 1K subs. How things have changed :) Peace out!

Godseed Lee : tow a banner telling ppl that 9/11 was an inside job, Bush is a murderer !

Mick Harrison : Freedom? Lol the u.s is everything freedom is not with that clown in charge.

Neel Gos : wow nice long live America

John Abbott : Gorgeous wing, and beautiful park. I can't believe that after all of this time, I still teared up at the sight of that park thinking about why its there. "Let's roll"

Laura White : Sorry not an infant, I'm guessing you're about 23 yrs old? So you were about 6 at the time of the event. As a pilot yourself, I urge you to look at what thousands of professional pilots have said on the record regarding the impossibility of manouvering a Boeing 767 at 140 knots over max operating speed at sea level, as the official story tells us was the case for American 11.

Laura White : / /

ExRE_Sapper : Next time have three of you flying over the memorial site and have smoke one with white smoke and the other two Red and Blue smoke.. Great gesture guys and respect to those who died in the terrorist act

Laura White :

Laura White : Tucker 9/11 was an outside job with the consent of top levels of US government.