Towing A Flag - Flight 93 Memorial Flyover

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Philrups : Glad you did this. You won't fly into Area 51, no balls.

Robert : My brother was telling me we should get into PPG. I showed him your videos and now we are gonna die. Thanks!

Hutch214 : A day I'll never forgot. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. What a cool tribute. Love you man!

Michelle Maher : R.I.P to the victims of 9/11 and to the millions who have been murdered for it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Mali, Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine. Methodical Deception. Rebekah Roth.

Steve Bratten : Great video & flying (as usual), but the music did not set the right tone (sorry). Shanksville is a battleground and cemetery, like Gettysburg. It was the first battle we won at the beginning of a 100 year war.

aero e21 : Wow since the increase in subs the comments have become well a bunch of bullshit (flat earthers/conspiracy). Anyway love your vids Tucker keep up the good work.

Enjoying The Sun 577-Jersey Customs : Tucker supporting the flag unlike most of the NFL players. Way to go brother USA Forever!!!!!!!

JOSEPH PIZZARELLO : Tucker,a few months ago it seemed like you wanted to make a bad comment about President Trump.I don't care what your politics are ,but i wanted to say THANK YOU for this video. I lost friends and family because of 911. I still have a sick friend from being a volunteer at Ground Zero. So once again............Thank You.

The Green Pickle : my aut died on dis flight thank you

Peter N : You know what, I would try to stabilize that flag by using 2 SMALL drag chutes one attached to the rear top of the flag which is attached to pull SLIGHTLY UP and the other attached to the to the rear bottom corner attached to pull SLIGHTLY DOWN. This will keep the flag fully open and visible.

Robert Roman : Hey Tucker, I love your channel and love what you do, man. I'm inspired to pick up this as a good hobby. I was wondering if you could do a video on regular cruising altitudes and altitude location, etc. I would love to see what you think are good rules for altitude

State Vector Collapse : You forgot to yell out _Allahu_ _AKBAR_ when you landed

Roger Voss : Great flight & tribute Tucker. Surprised you didn't hit up your Skydiving Buds for advice on the flag tow. More weight (sandbag) and an easy release setup are good ideas for a simple one time setup. Weighted (sand) front edge for one regularly used is another good trick to help.

Matt Miller : tucker, what throttle is that???

David Jessee : That wing over was scary!!!

pattystomper1 : I really enjoy time-lapse drive videos, and I was wondering if you would consider doing a time-lapse flight video? The POV from your chase cam would be awesome.

Andrew Delashaw : When a carefully planned, and well rehearsed, plan goes of perfectly.

MrHelidude : Love your videos and your flying. And I love flag towing. I think a flag is the most important national symbol anyone can ever display. The country of Singapore has three huge helicopters towing their flag on their national day. Only one helicopter will ever be seen flying pass their CBD on display. The other two airborne helicopters are backup upon backup and they will not afford anything to go wrong with their flag towing on the day. It is amazing to watch. I have tried to copy with my little remote control helicopter too - and I also tow our flag on Australia day using a kite ........ (っ◕‿◕)っ I think America is so beautiful with flags flying on so many buildings and houses ........ ✔✔✔ and everywhere one goes.

Krommandant : Please don't vlog and drive.

TAA Fatal : I live in Shanksville, PA!

Stoker Wieczorek : I live 10 miles from the 93 memorial!

Jhamar Walters : How can I try this; great video.

Mikey Richard : So, I just used this exact song in my AviatorPPG Vlog... hah!

Dasdfjkl : The smoker is the best. Love when you hit the smoke.

telsah1 : Awesome. Hope that winter forgets to arrive so that you keep flying filming and uploading. Love to watch you fly. Everything is beautiful from up there.

Coding Neko : beautiful, but I don't get why you guys in the US are so obsessed with your goddamn flag, like it's a memorial for the people who died in 9/11, not the american national party....

Jared Kaufman : I live 15 min from that place

batfink : Fuck wearing shorts up there.. That would be cold on your nuts

Ma Sato : Whenever i see u put the paramotor in the rear of your car, i keep thinking your car can fly

Kyle de Montigny : Next time fasten a stick to the leading edge of the flag. Also, on tow behind banners I believe they have a long fabric tube stitched to the top edge of the flag to keep it from over flapping.

whelkshuffler : thanks for showing, wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Mikoto Suoh : Are you related to Kyle Gott?

Ganon136 : Love the flight footage! Did you guys see Tucker get helmet vortices when he started doing the drop before the landing? So rad!

DustyChevy : I was just there Sunday

gyrowanabe : Hey Tucker, what setup do you use for an intercom? Sounds so clear.

doubledeeeeeeez : Hey Tuck great vid. unrelated question: are you flying/considered flying a 4 stroke motor yet?

Kyle Robey : You should film a video that can be viewed in virtual reality so that we can a more realistic experience!

Gary Larson : This is what people need instead of cars until winter comes

RockinRobbins13 : Tucker, this cooperation from the National Park Service opens up all sorts of possibilities! What would Mt Rushmore look like from a paramotor? And that's subject to whether it's safe to fly there, of course, but that's only an example. It would do both you and the National Park Service good from the great exposure. Salute to you and Robert Durbin for a job well done!

Daniel Kezar : i find the idiots that think it didn't crash there hilarious... after the initial investigation they did find large amounts of metal and human remains. the other thing is, if it didn't crash there, where did it crash? it cant just disappear...

Bill T : Wind TURBINES, not windmills. They don't mill corn.

Sennen's Channel : the first time i saw your video it inspired me to paramotor i am going para glideing in a few days looks awsome

John Abbott : Gorgeous wing, and beautiful park. I can't believe that after all of this time, I still teared up at the sight of that park thinking about why its there. "Let's roll"

donindri : Great tribute. Freedom is not about getting free stuff. God bless all those who risk and give their lives when needed to preserve and protect it.

Richard Hoemberg : What a great looking memorial for those who lost their life on flight 93 "Let's Roll!" amazing flight and dedication. Nice job guys !

Kenneth Turner : Much respect, Tucker. A fine thing you do here.

flashy5150 : I'm 46 and Canadian. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was at work in a warehouse. It was like 8:45am and I heard on the radio that the twin towers had been hit by a plane. I said to my co-worker, "this is terrorism, there will be another one" -- shortly after the second plane hit the trade center. When the building fell, I knew there was bigtime trouble.

Asserting Word : Thank You for this Tucker Gott. Means a lot coming from an Army Infantry Vet that joined bc of 9/11

Xterraforce : Great video and much respect for even attempting to tow the flag. Good job man. Every time you enjoy the freedom of flight just because you want to fly proves what an utter failure any attack on the U.S. has been.

Joseph todd : Much respect!!