Arsene Wenger Is The Teflon Don! | All Guns Podcast ft DT

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Jim Jams : Shut up Robbie!! Let dt speak.

Gooner_Eagle_Eye1 : Haha Robbie "Devil's advocate" Lyle lol i love it personally cos i know so many people get triggered by it. Trust me people even DT understands Robbie's role as his antagonist. DT is a character with strong opinions, to do this on a weekly basis you have to be able to challenge some of those opinions. It would be dull as dishwater if all he did was say, yep you are right DT. lol

Mohamed Ali : Come on. Let DT explain why mourinho is finished.

Siddarth Chintalapati : Robbie, your attempts to defend Wenger are annoying now

David Hill : Robbie sometime you just need to shut up let DT speak

Abtahi Tishad : Robbie's devil advocacy is getting annoying.

Johnny Blaze : I'm not even an Arsenal fan and I support Robbie and this channel. However Robbie, this devil advocacy is becoming a boring broken record

Sha C : "Arsenal ladies could win the Scottish league" 😂🤣

Hippity Hoppity : This Devil's advocate thing with Robbie is getting frustrating now, DT has some very valid points and interesting view points but Robbie has it decided in his mind that DT is always wrong. Frustrating as a viewer to be watching this when they could talking about so many important things while Robbie wastes his and DT's time asking him to continuously justify his views and opinions

Jenky687 : DT always right, Robbie always devils advocate..

frank gunner : A third person around the table would add more opinions and make a good pod cast even better.

JOHNNIE WALKER : Deep down in his heart, Robbie is really more "Wenger in" than Ty but he can't afford to publicly state & admit it for the sake of AFTV's survival & future. The fact that he refuses to let DT speak freely without interruption proves that the power of AFTV has corrupted Robbie's mental, emotional & psychological well-being to the point where he craves absolute power & total control of the perception of Arsenal supporters' political standings & beliefs of the inner dynamics of the club's management, ownership & employees. To put it in layman terms, Robbie is Donald Trump & Wenger is Vladmir Putin. DT, Troopz, Claude, Ty, Moh, Kelechi et al. are the mere pawns in this game of North London chess. Do not allow yourself to be brainwashed by this propaganda. Dark forces are among us with selfish intentions that concern only money & power. One sniff two sniff three sniff four, Big Don Robbie's knocking at your door, Five sniff six sniff seven sniff eight, Watch AFTV & don't stay up late. You've been warned people.

Terro Sparkz : Robbie you chat too much man. Always talking over people you ask a question and before the man can answer you talking again stfu

N Mohan : Robbie the type of guy to go to funeral and ask people weather arsenal can win Europa this year or not ! 😂😂😂

3 Endz : Robbie pisses me off in this why does he act like he can’t understand what dts saying

Citrus : DT kinda ended the argument at the beginning, it’s simple, we won 1 trophy 3 times, but in the league, we kept finishing lower and lower then get knocked out of CL then we finished lower and got knocked out of “our” cup, now we in Europa.... we keep going down yet the players and managers wages go up? How can people not see that as a problem Didn’t Chelsea and Man City “hiring and firing” end up with them winning the BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE??

Daniel Jones - East London Blues : I feel like Robbie loves just winding up DT, getting way too hyped about just winning a couple of games, doesn't change the toxic situation at the club

Abdul Qadir : Why Robbie keeps sucking wenger

Yellow Scar Lightning Scream : Robbie is becoming the person Hector Bellerin talked about .... A hustler

England 1966 : Robbie shut up !


mak11t : Whys dt outing Robbie about the title, let my man make his money init lol

Raven Thomas : All you hating on robbie's devil's advocacy don't understand how presenting works

Tal Shaki : What a ridiculous debate, 90% of fans, the board and former chairman want him out. What club in the world would tolerate such a failure

Rakshit Shetty : I don't know if Robbie is actually this dumb or he is just trying to argue for the sake of it. Credit to DT for keeping his cool.

Unitone ismael : I believe Robbie as the view of an 11-year-old as if every team will go for the same target players, he's so frustrating to watch because is ' devil advocate ' is childish he's views have no backbone and do not hold

Sreerag Suresh : Robbie stop playing devils advocate too much.

JaePeaGee : Even as a Manchester United fan I love watching these podcasts week in week out, keep up the good work

Dean Ladden : Any Irish people here on St . Patrick's day 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Ritz Playz : You won't get Oblak for 50 million in today's market lol. He has been the best keeper in the Spanish league for a number of years.

Anirudh Takkar : DT is absolutely right about everything going Man City's way this season. A last minute deflected winner against Bournemouth, red card for Sadio Mane, countless winners in the final 2-3 mins of matches and a missed penalty by Palace. Add on top of that the fact that they never picked up any injuries to key players like De Bruyne or Silva. City are a very good team, but this is a freak season.

YungPaname : Every podcast lately is just Robbie asking DT or Troopz "should wnger get a chance", how about you get some new questions or get some guest in or something, you need as much change as Arsenal does

Naira Gatsby : Robbie was pissing me off a lot this podcast

Mr will : What the hell is Robbie talking about, we are not going forward now. What is he smoking 🚬.

JoeStunner : I understand wanting to compete for the Premier League, but hate it when anyone belittles cup wins. Winning three FA Cups in five years isn't a bad thing. Winning the Europa League and getting into the Champions League would be another major achievement.

j_sav : Robbie tryna pin things on DT

10k sub with no video?!?! Please subscribe! : Wenger out, even if he wins the europa league

coalikesdesi : dt is right. football had changed. I think post Wenger we'll have four managers in ten years.

A W : The only reason Robbie brings in different opinions and views is because it wouldn't be interesting if that wasn't there. The podcast would be the same shit that was released last time because all DT does is repeat his own points again and again. In a different way but it's the same thing. It's all too repetitive if you don't bring in new views and opinions and especially since this is a podcast. Robbie needs to start getting someone else on the podcast as well and let us know their thoughts in details as well. Its a getting a bit boring now.

N Mohan : DT be like - Let's bully CSKA Moscow

Craig Abc : Any arsenal supporter who dont care about winning the league are arsene supporters .

N Mohan : Meanwhile United fans are still in Spain celebrating there crucial cleansheet !

JaeSound Beatz : Ancelotti with Henry as assistant. You heard it here first :)

I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS : DT and troopz are the type of mandem to Walk into wenger's funeral wearing tracksuits and Hats

M Ahmed : I’ve got a feeling Liverpool gonna do Man City in CL

Jiraiyafo Namikaze : Robbie you are very irritating now

R : Is it me or robbie is getting bloody annoying

elyab berhanu : I’m an arsenal fan and it was a dive and a bad one how the ref gave that I will never know😂😂

Paul Brashier : DT is bang on 2 years minimum to determine managers competitiveness, we have the richest Russian in the Uk on our board. Wengers wages are ridiculous for his return in proper accolades in the last 10 years he’s ringed in nearly 100 fkin million for fkin what? 3 FA cups that most top 6 clubs look at as an add on club. Wenger is frightened that next candidate will win PL or CL and that’s the real problem it will show everyone that he is and was a tired out of date deluded stubborn man.

Adam Cracroft : Robbie clearly wants Wenger to stay for the good times to continue rolling!!