Akira: Retrospective/History (Part 2 of 2)

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Metropolis Pictures : Okay, here's the thing. The reason this took so long was mostly due to the fact that I went through a deep depression. My life took a hard turn due to several things, nearly losing my 9-5 job, self loathing and just being sick of editing in general. To make things worse I had no money for a long while and went hungry. YouTubing kinda sucks, but it's also very fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Grayson V. : great as always daniel

Joel Eli : It´s feels so obvoius that the AKIRA universe, or whatever you want to call it, would be a massive cash-cow if "hollywood" put the right people on the project. Wierd how we have yet to see it happen. Also, nice video! You have a great voice to listen to, and the content feels thought through and polished!

zomgllama : IMO Akira isn't a movie that needs a remake. If you're rebooting something you need add to the style/ideas/concepts that are already there and I just don't see how making it live action will do anything other than subtract from the original.

ShoeString Movies : Part 2 B O I Z

evilclown019 : Quality video man, very nice