5 Reasons Why Spider-Man is Unrealistic

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This video is SATIRE, aka don't take it seriously chief. Thank you for watching though, I very much appreciate it, and so does my Uncle Chester. Music by the ever illustrious, Seth Sotolongo Twitter: @whatisseth Soundcloud: Seth Sotolongo (please) Follow me on twitter (please): @liveshea28


Seth Samuel Sotolongo : Hey, the music sounds kinda dope but it sounds like its missing a kickin’ bass line idk. nice vid

Jose Vasquez : I love spider boy he’s my favorite DC character! Knife vid!

Life is Amazing : 5 Reasons why Spider Man is unrealistic. -He is a Spider Man! -He doesn't have 8 limbs! -Spiders don't wear suits! -He doesn't eat insects! -The webbing doesn't come from the same place it does on actual spiders.

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