Paula Abdul “FALLS OFF STAGE” during LIVE performance at Hard Rock Live

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Lance Reynolds : She took two steps forward when she should have taken two steps back 👩🐱

M : now why would the dumb dumb that recorded this stop right when she fell lol

Billy Mitchell : I like that you can hear the THUD when she fell.

adelghid : You got to love the single shoe left on the stage where she once stood.

John Overton : See you next fall

Larson Arsenal : At least she able to keep singing even while, during, and after falling! No lip-syncing there. ;-)

Mul Spikes : Small fall compared to her career.

Jolly Rancher : Paula, you were a little pitchy there but you worked it out dawg.

Go-go Akins : I would of caught her if I could👍😎

Rush Limpball : She old thats why! Old people they always be falling! LOL

Simon Johnson : Instant karma for lip syncing

Brian Esbensen : Promise of a New Leg

Nikolai Puharich : I hope she's ok!


siningwow : The Best move that Bi//h could do for the world

not2bignored : I guess if I had low tickets sales I would walk off the stage too!

JS : More like Faula Abdul.

extratv : We would love to use this on "Extra" — do we have your permission? Thank you!

David Gordon : It's newsworthy because it's Paula's first. Madonna has a ton of them now out on YouTube - Have they just stopped reporting them because it so common with her?

Whitevaliantwarrior : That was epic, do it again!!

Peninah-Isobella : That *THUD* sound is everything!

The AverageBroShow Podcast : We just gonna overlook the fact that she's lipsynching?

JOSHUA MC ALLISTER : Now that's what I call a bass drop

T. Harjo : She's def on her last leg for real

jerry j : Fucking hilarious.

Foggen : I was going to make a joke about how she didn't miss a beat in the song, but really you can hear her talking over the song beforehand. She wasn't even trying to look like she was singing.

The AverageBroShow Podcast : More like, Promise Of A New Knee.

Ashoud Anobetah : "Straight up now tell me if its goona be you and me.........oh Sh#t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Seth Martin : Publicity stunt...she knew what she was doing just look at her look at the edge of the stage

eddyvideostar : I appreciated Paula in her day and wish her well for the future. I am surprised that the didn't slip earlier with the unsecured cloth material she was walking across. I know she is resilient, as are the other stars who "fell from grace." She is a good performer and person; but, could ... could this be a sensational sympathy sales strategy? Seems not to be too far fetched, considering other falling stars are as numerous as the milky way.

Christopher Scott Hamilton : She wasn’t even singing . She said alright. Paused and then said you know it. Then she said come on. Getting people to sing along to the backing track vocals. Well then thud.

RVG1 : The bad thing about Lip Syncing is it doesn't know when to stop! LOL

academyofshem : I've been fooled before; Wouldn't like to walk where there ain't no gol-danged floor. How about some information, pleAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Hollon : I guess she couldn't stand "straight up" in those heels.

Cigar Dave : lol Straight up now tell me Are you going to fall of stages forever ouch ouch ouch Or are you just havin' fun?

Tee Jay : The symbolism is overwhelming. I'm sure she threw a tantrum and blamed someone for not making the stage bigger.

HotRodRay : As bad as talking or texting while walking. I mean....diversion of your attention can become a mess.

ANTHONY BERRIOS : In her defense, she hasn't been on stage in years. I think she was actually hanging by her right leg. 👀

Nicole Lajoi : I should'nt be laughing!!! 😂😂😂😭😭

Charay Vaughn - Moore : Glad she ok, but I mean she didn't see the edge was there when she looked down?

Tom Richell : Hey, did you film this video yourself?

jon freeze : that shit is hilarious! I guess she's blind

Dan Wilczynski : Cocaine is a helluva drug...

Kimber Fearon : and she didn't miss a note lol. another lip synching pop star

Sandra I : What the hell??????

Kyle 7K : Watch Paula Falla! Hope she's okay!

MajeztyQueen Mom : These comments are brutal! 😂😂😂

Ram Kz : She dropped the mic alright !!!

bailee : 💀💀💀

joynthis : I'll have what she's having.