Paula Abdul “FALLS OFF STAGE” during LIVE performance at Hard Rock Live

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Lance Reynolds : She took two steps forward when she should have taken two steps back 👩🐱

adelghid : You got to love the single shoe left on the stage where she once stood.

M : now why would the dumb dumb that recorded this stop right when she fell lol

Mul Spikes : Small fall compared to her career.

John Overton : See you next fall

Billy Mitchell : I like that you can hear the THUD when she fell.

Larson Arsenal : At least she able to keep singing even while, during, and after falling! No lip-syncing there. ;-)

Jolly Rancher : Paula, you were a little pitchy there but you worked it out dawg.

Brian Esbensen : Promise of a New Leg

Simon Johnson : Instant karma for lip syncing

Nikolai Puharich : I hope she's ok!

Go-go Akins : I would of caught her if I could👍😎

Rush Limpball : She old thats why! Old people they always be falling! LOL


siningwow : The Best move that Bi//h could do for the world

not2bignored : I guess if I had low tickets sales I would walk off the stage too!

The AverageBroShow Podcast : We just gonna overlook the fact that she's lipsynching?

JS : More like Faula Abdul.

extratv : We would love to use this on "Extra" — do we have your permission? Thank you!

Peninah-Isobella : That *THUD* sound is everything!

Whitevaliantwarrior : That was epic, do it again!!

David Gordon : It's newsworthy because it's Paula's first. Madonna has a ton of them now out on YouTube - Have they just stopped reporting them because it so common with her?

JOSHUA MC ALLISTER : Now that's what I call a bass drop

T. Harjo : She's def on her last leg for real

RVG1 : The bad thing about Lip Syncing is it doesn't know when to stop! LOL

J SH : Gotta train the employee that plays the lip syncing vocals should be trained to hit pause when the supposed "performer" falls on their head.

Christopher Scott Hamilton : She wasn’t even singing . She said alright. Paused and then said you know it. Then she said come on. Getting people to sing along to the backing track vocals. Well then thud.

The AverageBroShow Podcast : More like, Promise Of A New Knee.

Foggen : I was going to make a joke about how she didn't miss a beat in the song, but really you can hear her talking over the song beforehand. She wasn't even trying to look like she was singing.

Brian Hollon : I guess she couldn't stand "straight up" in those heels.

eddyvideostar : I appreciated Paula in her day and wish her well for the future. I am surprised that the didn't slip earlier with the unsecured cloth material she was walking across. I know she is resilient, as are the other stars who "fell from grace." She is a good performer and person; but, could ... could this be a sensational sympathy sales strategy? Seems not to be too far fetched, considering other falling stars are as numerous as the milky way.

academyofshem : I've been fooled before; Wouldn't like to walk where there ain't no gol-danged floor. How about some information, pleAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Charay Vaughn - Moore : Glad she ok, but I mean she didn't see the edge was there when she looked down?

Tom Richell : Hey, did you film this video yourself?

jon freeze : that shit is hilarious! I guess she's blind

Cigar Dave : lol Straight up now tell me Are you going to fall of stages forever ouch ouch ouch Or are you just havin' fun?

Seth Martin : Publicity stunt...she knew what she was doing just look at her look at the edge of the stage

Dan Wilczynski : Cocaine is a helluva drug...

HotRodRay : As bad as talking or texting while walking. I mean....diversion of your attention can become a mess.

joynthis : I'll have what she's having.

Ashoud Anobetah : "Straight up now tell me if its goona be you and me.........oh Sh#t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kyle 7K : Watch Paula Falla! Hope she's okay!

jerry j : Fucking hilarious.

Your Face : Well shes usually drunk, sooo...

Kimber Fearon : and she didn't miss a note lol. another lip synching pop star

sno0p3r : "hard rock" lol

Tee Jay : The symbolism is overwhelming. I'm sure she threw a tantrum and blamed someone for not making the stage bigger.

MajeztyQueen Mom : These comments are brutal! 😂😂😂

Ram Kz : She dropped the mic alright !!!

KingDennisJensen : Back on the wagon I see.