Ricky Gervais Meets... Garry Shandling - The Highlights

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@cookdandbombd - http://www.cookdandbombd.co.uk Ricky Gervais meets one of his comedy idols - Garry Shandling, creator of The Larry Sanders Show - and acts like a boorish tit through-out. The coffee moment in particular is fantastic. Not difficult to see why this was shelved for so long, bearing in mind Gervais' ego.


Junior Jackson : "Pretend that you are killing me." Then Ricky starts doing the worst fake hysterical laugh in history.

AlexanDr Moskalenko : Oh boy, Gervais is so plain stupid and primitive, he has nothing in common with such comic geniuses as Garry Shandling or Larry David

NoMoreHideTheBall : The fact Ricky was so gutted about this interview he cancelled the rest of the series, tells you all you need to know. Shandling chopped him up like meat.

metafis : Seems Garry was mimicking the sort of character Ricky plays(Mainly David Brent ) and Ricky didn't get it. I don't think it was staged with Rickys knowledge..why shelve it if it's staged?.

rabbitss11 : talk about awkward, the whole interview was deeply uncomfortable throughout and Shandling came across quite badly, there's an underlying hostility about him 

Dylan M Smith : Anyone have a video where Gervais is talking/reflecting about this?

Doyle Harken : "Don't touch me."

Utzpah : Like the way shandling spots the Gervais trademark audience glance and gives a puzzled look at camera.

Dillon Robinson : I'm here from AH rocket league

UnderTheAffluence : The first thing Garry did was accuse Ricky of looking down the hall, then he accused him of lying, then he snapped at Ricky not to touch him. Not the greatest start.

sgrate : Two comedic geniuses.

Wanderlost Jim : That's tragic. I feel sorry for him GS. Ricky is like a puppy that realises you don't love him. Doesn't matter though. I do. Sort of..

Lukas Schulz : "do you realize i'm not with you?" that's a deep question

heres johnny : Garry Shandling was fine in other interviews I've seen, its obvious he was trying to make Gervais as uncomfortable and awkward as possible as that what his shows are like. The whole thing is a setup and Ricky got schooled at his own game as far as im concerned..

JIDB : AH Off Topic

Dom Wynn : I think Rojo Rhino had it best when he noted that Shandling's show was based on the undercurrent of vileness and one-up-manship that goes with fame, which is then undermined by human scenarios which makes the protagonist look like an asshat. Gervais' is more based on the hapless placing themselves through idiocy in the awkward and unsure how to proceed. That's the clue to whether this interview is real :¬)

midwaymonster30 : Ricky sounds like a dolphin when he laughs.

Kiss 1O8 : 6:44 how ironic

Scott Matthews : I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure Ricky later said that Garry later called him up and apologized for this, saying that he was trying to joke around and play an angry character, but he took it too far.

gman84 : I think the whole thing was a practical joke on Gervais with Billy Crystal in disguise.

gman84 : 07:28 "How rude! Fucking hell..." Isn't it funny when people who are accusing others of being rude are being equally if not more rude?

0letdown0 : This interview can be summed up like this: Shandling to Gervais "I don't really like you" Gervais to Shandling "Yeah, but I don't really care"

crazytosh : It seems like he was just shown a tape beforehand; "you were playing a nazi"? he was playing a guy who was an extra as a nazi, cmon

Kyris Xiandrii : I can't decide if that shandling guy is purposely trying to be awkward in order to be funny, or if he is just an awkward guy in general xD

Julie M : dude, its a joke

0letdown0 : "Sweety" You gonna guy me a gin and tonic or what?

Badthoughts90 : Hmmm I notice you just completely ignored a key point of my previous reply, in fact you just quote from the very sentence I quote myself but left out the key word "Genuinely". But hey you can interpret my words however you like and make as many cute little snipes as you want sweety, it's the internet after all, fill your boots :)

0letdown0 : By summarizing the video as 'two masters of comedy being awkward' you're, whether you want to acknowledge it or not (don't' worry, you won't), giving the impression that these two men are still in full-on comedy mode, doing what it is they do best. A tough sell.

Badthoughts90 : I never said it was fake, in fact if you look back at my original comment I say they were "Genuinely awkward". I was merely saying that I found it funny rather than painful and I don't think Gary Shandling should recieve such verbal bashing based on this interview. Please don't tell me how my own mind works, I happen to know it better than you do.

0letdown0 : You have to lack all emotional awareness to come to this conclusion. Shandling has an axe to grind, he barely makes it through - even apologizes at the end for a rough interview. The fact that you can't tell the difference between real and fake is because you're so steeped in Shandling and Gervais' past work.

Jack Saint : The fact that Ricky Gervais fans here are unable to discern when somebody is being rude and awkward on purpose is insane to me.

LyovMyshkin : has anybody seen the episode where jon stewart dresses hank up as hitler? seems both shows were using a similiar theme, larry sanders show was absolutely brilliant but i cant for the life of me figure out why shandling is being so uptight.

marcos lopez : Gary exposes Ricky as the unfunny, fat, cheese-eating prick he is. He's only any good with Steve Merchant and/or Karl Pilkington.

Badthoughts90 : Ricky reportedly didn't, but go ahead and be offended on his part anyway, I'm sure he'd really appreciate it.

Benjamin Collins : 5:04 i thought they looped his laugh for a second there, what the fuck

nixtblack : wow. pretty pretty harsh for such a minor misdemeanour!

MrCAM3R0N : This is just like one of the gervais shows, works offa the akwardness

Jacob Taylor : I totally agree man, anyone who is not funny or engaging should probably die.

Martin Standley : At the end of the day, Garry Shandling is not engaging or funny.......I hope he dies.

seamac206 : Rick Gervais, Mitchell Huruwitz and Larry David need to bow down to Garry...

joshuaoha : Supposedly Gervais didn't like this experience. I think it was great.

nixtblack : garry shandling makes ricky gervais the very thing that ricky makes people in his comdies - the butt of the joke. Ricky expects people to get it and deal and Gary is pushing his buttons to see how he reacts when put in that situation himself. Brilliant stuff.

Rojo Rhino : on the larry sanders show, most of the stars have this real dry insulting humor and they all know it's a joke. This style however meshes terribly with Ricky's personal style (not, style on the office, just personal style)

TheClassicalSymphony : Not really, it's about 50/50.

TheClassicalSymphony : I think Shandling's got some kind of Schizoid condition, he acts weird and has a strange stare in his eyes.

imRyRy : I can't tell when they're acting, and when it's real...

Holymakinaw : Awkward and hilarious.

Matt Laidler : fuck off garry shandling

asdfdjhgk : It's wasn't intentional. Garry told a newspaper that he was very stressed that day, and that was the reason he behaved like this