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That Guy : it trying to make an original comment, but theres only soup.

Blythe Collins : It'sssssssssss *S* *O* *U* *P*

Oba Ando : Doctor: You have 2 seconds to live Me:

Ben Ewing : I took time to write out the lyrics so here you go: Its soup Thank you.

rainn 1826 : lyrics iittttsssssss soup

killyou126 : Why am I laughing at this? Humor has changed a lot.

Minecraftguy01 : Why the hell is this so funny

JackStrait : This video is souper funny

Kathryn Arkless : I just sent this to all my friends and now they are questioning why we are friends

Tim Sullivan : 2:57 am entire day made

Angelina Klenke : Iiiiitt'ssss *_S O U P-_*

british pound symbol : EAAAAAAAT SOUP

groovy coops : I literally have an audition for Mary Poppins the musical on Monday

Ford galaxie Fan club! : Vine aside, soup looks not bad

Terry : why am I laughing so much?!

冰安 : Why am I smaileing so much????????

person strolling through the internet : Eeeee SOUP

TheXplosifBrosif : Mary, what am I eating? *plays video*

jimmy2296 : top tier

MagicRat : *s o u p*

Cancer at it's finest : This video needed to be sponsored by Campbell.

Medium Approach Medium Productions : Lyrics: it's soup

rip in pepperonies : That actually looks really delicious

Fanny San : That's souper funny

ZetaEpsilon : It was a soup of chicken noodle, with vegetables

ThirdAgeFilm : LOL

Jessica S : nice

Throwback Channel : React brought me here

good meme : I came from mattshea

george ruch : reasons i should probably sleep: can't breath because of a two second video of mary poppins going "iiiiiiiiit's SOUP"

TheFangirlMusician : **winter at my house be like** Me: mom what's for dinner? Mom:

Emma Erasmus : hey, this took me about 18.5 seconds to write the lyrics, so please give this a like it’s.......... SoUp

Xcaliber 4257 : it's soup yeah, I said it

Sonic260 : "What's for dinner, Marry Poppins?" "IIIIIIIIIIIIITTT'S SOUP!"

marina and the summertime eyes : Who else here actually searched "Iiiiits soup"

Jordan Wight : I love this hahaha

MichaelR8783 : I never knew that a 760k viewed 2 second video can make me laugh.

Jamison David : soup irk al a fragile is stick X pea al add oceous (refering to the ocean)

Cype : Ok, thanks for clarifying. I was debating over whether or not this was, in fact, soup

Inkblot Games : Eight Year Old Me: "Mom, I'm sick.. Whats for lunch?" Mom: 0:00

Soup : did i hear *S O U P?*

Purple Mako : This kills me every time XDDDDDDDD

Giga Galaxy Gamer : Loop it, The AMAZINGNESS OF SOUP

VGG Brayden : DAGames brought you here I know it

Anna Dalton-kay : There better be a 10 hour version of this

Cyrus Vlogs : Who else got here from DAGames

Canned Salad Soup : person: what's your name? me:

Noodle Gaming : Lyrics: Iiiitss....... SOUP

Eve Ratchet's GF : Who else came from DAgames?