Miss My Ni
N gt W Miss My Wigga a song to play at ones funeral

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I been releasin da album out of order because of this. I can finally face da fak dat my G is gone. Dis da vid he asked me to make for his funeral b4 he passed. watch n 240p fo real version. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/miss-my-ni/id738914883?i=738915093 https://soundcloud.com/pissedoffgil http://gmcfosho.bandcamp.com/track/miss-my-ni


Alrolu : When you get a green screen for Christmas

CJ R : Now that R Kelly is cancelled, this is the new king.

Noah FancyGentleman : "This song is about equality" *white people can only say it with a W*

Bryan : *Asians left the world* i really miss my chiggaaa

Is This Better, Dad? : no one: white people: play this at my funeral XD

The Potato Assassin : Well boys, we did it. Racism is no more.

Benjamin Laschever : **All stand for the national anthem**

Strahinja Zivkovic : This song just broke racism

Bill Bobbins : Who else here from the recommended section 6+ years after this was released? Edit: thx for 1000 likes!

Nadežda Mirković : When I heard 'swag' i knew it was some 2013 quality conent.

kimchi • : clapping at the end rlly got me 😔✊🏾

Killer Lizard : Top 10 people Eminem was scared to face

Java : •Horror movies: •Me: *I really miss my niggaaa*

Celeste Munda : A truly artful masterpiece about the failure of affordable health care in America and how harshly it affects the working class

One Nibba byte : He sounds like he has been singing this song while his parents were asleep

Salvador Tjauw-A-Hing : The fact that I could listen to this for 6 years is very upsetting

DuhItsChristie : “I said are you dead” he said “yeah”

Hosanna Pwasanga : y'all think rhodey sings this now that tony is gone?

BARTAZ : 2019 YouTube: "Yeah he's interested in this."

Whisper The Wolf : Bruh, I haven't seen this in so long. Thank you YouTube algorithm.

Pimp Doggo : No one: White dude: t h i s l o o k s l i k e c a n c e r

Sergio Velasquez : Should’ve been featured in Black Panther.

Cold Ramen : We lost a ni🅱️🅱️a today. RIP Etika #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER

Comrade Cora : strongest argument for universal healthcare

Umm Ok : Mom: “Can you pick up this box?” Me: “Mom, do you want me to get cancer?” Mom:”what? Umm no”

AsianWhite&Black : This was way ahead of its time

Vaping Dad : "i'm not responsible for your well being"

Adrian Cruz : I hope my best friend died of a hernia for i can play this song at his funeral ⚰️👍👌🏻😂

blakeee : i'm surprised this is the only time i've seen the full version... thank you Youtube Reccomended

Kevin Ayala : *after watching this video* Well boys we did it, racism is no more

xScarz : This is a really good PowerPoint presentation.

K.O XOXO : When your best friend absent for only one day

Ninjay48 : on this rendition of "why the fucc is this in my recommended"

Ellark : Rest in peace, Etika

A Raichu : T'Challa: *dust* this song:

Cj Bridges : Give this man a Grammy

fisk : What if this guy actually lost a close friend and this is his way of dealing with the grief

justyourlocalme : Happy memorial day **drops flower on wiggas grave**


Magmord : some how i start watching this shit again for me the best lyrics i heard from this song is 2:28

loaded diaper : ( no homo )

Ben Kinsman : This one goes out to Stan Lee

gamer 5555 : I want this to be paled at my funeral

Biniam Gaming : I wonder how many times this has been played at funerals by best bros

JustSomeCringyKid : the 10 most tragic deaths in world history: 10. jfk 9. martin luther king jr 8. bob ross 7. michael jackson 6. stefan karl 5. xxxtentaclenation 4. tupac 3. biggie 2. freddie mercury 1. my ni

pepperoni pizza : sed wigga r u ded my wigga said yea waht the fu-

zikodeliko : Gonna miss you Etika

hotel? trivago. : me: i’ve got to wake up early tomorrow me at 2 am: *i tink i cot cansir frum liftin dis baaaawx*

Jaida Phillips : When you get your kneecaps removed: Read the title