Miss My Ni

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prince floof : *top ten saddest anime deaths*

Zarathustra Zarath : this video is so powerful, I'm holding back tears!!

surf boi : "So we went to a party. But my n**** died."

Zero Six : I miss the old youtube

Give me Subs : Dad: why are you crying so damn loud? *Me:*


Jefferson Estêvam : *This song is about equality*

fisk : What if this guy actually lost a close friend and this is his way of dealing with the grief

Ricardo Poyle : *Racism has left the server*

Julia_aaa : Hernias don’t care about race, age, gender, or sexual orientation


K.O XOXO : When your best friend absent for only one day

conrod hall : when your favorite cousin aint @ the family barbeque and you have to talk to someone you dont care bout

Lord anger : Rip my man Stephen Hillenburg, my favorite goofy goober

xPuste : This video is sad and funny the same time... The scene in the hospital got me 😂

bananamilk : when ur friend didn’t show up to school so you gotta eat lunch alone

Carl Johnson : ME: *breathes* Nigga: *SWAG*

Ryan Gall : I love they made this song inclusive to the Caucasian persuasion

Tezbo Wood : Waz aT thE hoSPItal bEd

Ozzy Cartel : this going viral again I hope lmao

figger son : Damn Joyner Lucas really is the truth

Raezer : There are 7 billion othet people in this world that have not watched this.

ya boi Guts : I knew 2pac was alive and would return one day

The Punster : Is that toilet paper around his head

egg : Its mandatory to listen to this on MLK day

ASAP Serva : Breaking News: World Peace rises to 100%

NakataModem : miss my nii-chan

Always_ Swishing : Anyone else not realize this song was this old 😂😂😂

Halosyndicate : *Top 10 rappers that Eminem was too afraid to diss*

Taz Saalim : This needs to be played at all funerals

im ugly because : This is so Sad. Press F to pay respect

YaManzGenesis - : 5 years later and still better than all these new rappers

House Productions : Flightreacts and icejjfish got some competition

Faisal Plays : NIIIIGGGGGAAAAAA swag

MattOmega : I thought about this the moment i heard about mac miller. RIP

Ben Kinsman : This one goes out to Stan Lee

Kiyoko Abo : Asian people you can sing it to just change that gg to a nja I really miss my ninja Why is this on my recommended in 2018?! lmao

Ruben Domingo : when you get a green screen for chrsitmas

TΛBBY : This is the saddest anime death of all time

Pendejulio XD : I think this song just ended all racism

anus : this song randomly popped up in my recommendations. i wanted to laugh, not cry myself to sleep.


Shoto Todoroki : This should be a try not to cry challenge😢

Fin : N I G A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A *S W A G*

Alex : I could have sworn someone said “I really miss my wigger”

all binardo : white people you can say it change the n to the w miss my wiggaaa i laughed so damn hard

Mellow Mero : After this song, youtube recommended Joyner Lucas's I'm not racist for me. Just thought it was amusing.

Jamie Buchanan : Inspirational

Graham Baker : A deep a poetic narrative that touches on the sensitive topics regarding the wellbeing of the general public and universal healthcare... beautiful

A2BS : RIP Mac Miller