Miss My Ni

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prince floof : *top ten saddest anime deaths*


TΛBBY : This is the saddest anime death of all time

Zarathustra Zarath : this video is so powerful, I'm holding back tears!!

GUusshel p : "So we went to a party. But my n**** died."

Mechanical : If this doesn’t end racism I don’t know what will.

Issa_Princess : “I said are you dead” he said “yeah”

Jefferson Estêvam : *This song is about equality*

St. beter : When Obama left office: Edit: Holy crap this blew up

Taylor Gregorich : "White people if there is a black person next to you and they look pissed you better stoppp iiiitt"

Cristian Taylor : Just realized he went to the hospital when he was already dead

fisk : What if this guy actually lost a close friend and this is his way of dealing with the grief

Shoop dae Woop : Dad: why are you crying so damn loud? *Me:*

xPuste : This video is sad and funny the same time... The scene in the hospital got me 😂

Dolphin MacKenzie : im grateful i grew up on this type of youtube instead of what the kids watch now

PotatoGaming : Me when Stefan Karl died from cancer. Rest in Peace our legend.

conrod hall : when your favorite cousin aint @ the family barbeque and you have to talk to someone you dont care bout

Michael Abreu : R.I.P mi wigga alecs he aint ded or nuthin but we use to play xbux together until he sold his xbux and now he plays fortniteMobile:(

Ozzy Cartel : this going viral again I hope lmao

Kylie McCleary : if this doesn’t play at my funeral , i’ll be mad , 😭

Murp Murp Serval : almost forgot to watch this today

Hannah Barron : this is hands down the best video in existence

Ryan Gall : I love they made this song inclusive to the Caucasian persuasion

SPLORGAN : Its mandatory to listen to this on MLK day

Raezer : There are 7 billion othet people in this world that have not watched this.

figger son : Damn Joyner Lucas really is the truth

Always_ Swishing : Anyone else not realize this song was this old 😂😂😂

Julia_aaa : Hernias don’t care about race, age, gender, or sexual orientation

Tezbo Wood : Waz aT thE hoSPItal bEd

Spooky Potatoes : When Stephan Karl died


Cyril Jones : Y'all here that ah-ha at 4:04😂😂😂

Faisal Plays : NIIIIGGGGGAAAAAA swag

K.O XOXO : When your best friend absent for only one day

Džeko Adagio : Plays this song in Robbie Rotten's Memoriam

House Productions : Flightreacts and icejjfish got some competition

《Wolfie》 : I want this played at my funeral

Taz Saalim : This needs to be played at all funerals

NakataModem : miss my nii-chan

Lolipopper : Of course this is in my recommended after stefan dies

Kylie McCleary : the background looks like peppa pig or something like that , 😂😂

Jamie Buchanan : Inspirational

The Punster : Is that toilet paper around his head

bigdawg402242 : This is the first time I heard the whole thing

C DC : This is so sad can we hit 5 likes?

The Drift : I miss the old youtube

Typical Caliber : When your duo dies in Fortnite

MattOmega : I thought about this the moment i heard about mac miller. RIP

bananamilk : when ur friend didn’t show up to school so you gotta eat lunch alone

HITMAN JJs : Grammy worthy