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Claudio Aguilera : When an Asian is actually better than another Asian, you realize that guy is an alien.

appmicro : The only thing I have over this guy is I speak better English

Midnight9 : *dabs in distress*

Amy Moore : Self esteem? Lowered. Wig? Snatched. Tea? Spilt. Hotel? Trivago.

サイレントソウル : If you can play it slowly, you can play is quickly.

Aashi Aggarwal : It’s nearly two years, Brett and Eddy. We are waiting...

isp100642 : But can he change b-natural to a b-flat?

Jeremy Raboin : Holy crap. the plucking and bowing at the same time? Sounds like two people. Amazing. He moves so quick it looks like the video is sped up.

T Series : Jeez. I don’t even play violin and my confidence in my playing skills dropped drastically.

Lenworth Wilmot : This was simply amazing! In music literature and history, I never understood why Franz Liszt was so impressed with Paganini. Liszt was a virtuoso and an amazing pianist in his own right before he saw Paganini perform. But after seeing Paganini perform, he basically locked himself in a practice room and went over his scales and arpeggios until he emerged as a beast. I always thought the story of Paganini's performances felt loaded with down with myth and exaggeration. But I was ignorant and wrong. This was incredible! And this Ziyu has a lot of work under his belt. Incredible.

George Garcia : I was thinking of picking up a violin. Now, I am just thinking of picking up a Kleenex tissue for my tears. You know.....maybe I should stick to wind instruments.

jebes909090 : Now I understand rock Lee's struggle against neji more

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : You see, usually I see great violinists that inspire me to practice more. Not this one. I feel like quitting.

Fiona Smith : The guy on the left like "WHAT DA FUK WHY HOW WHA" The guy on the right like "I've just accepted that my entire life has been a failure and I'm just going to sit here with this dead expression while I weep buckets inside"

Jeremy Christian : His name perfectly matches with his actions. "Zi Yu in a thousand years my dear baby violinists"

Yunghee Oh : I sexually identify as a violin

wendy yu : So this how brett and Eddy would react when they would see Ling Ling perform live.

tiptoptux : It looks like he’s on fast forward

I leave mean comments : He played: *Introduction and Variations on the Theme 'Nel cor più non mi sento' from Paisiello's 'La molinara,' in G major Op.38, MS44* by *Paganini* in case anyone was wondering.

Rafa Dominguez : Dec 11, 2017 to Dec 11, 2019, how are you guys doing with that piece? Almost nailed it?

EffeDiMarte : Watching and listening to people like this just motivates me even more. I wanna go practice soooooo bad right now!! Congratulations to the amazing and unbelievable Ziyu He, thanks to you guys for making me know this kid. Now I have to do scales.

Sakura Vlogs : How can he bow and pluck at the same time perfectly, yet I can barely hold my bow correctly?

Emily M : I''m pretty sure Brett had tears in his eyes at one point.

Thea Krische : I find it so ironic that while his videos in the Menuhin competitions have a couple hundred thousand views, this has a million. This is Ziyu's most watched video and he hasn't practiced in three days!🤣

Dani Cakes : Ziyu seems like a really sweet person, he’s very talented may good things come to him ✨

Pearly Wong : My god Eddy kept his mouth open the whole time😂😂😂 And Brett’s just sitting there like he just wasted life

Rae Leen : prodigies make me sadder than my piano when i touch it

ign Nolo / laliluza : he pluck?!??!?!?!? while continuously??!?!??!??! wha??!??!?!??!?!??????

ChaunceyDos : As a former kazoo prodigy I can relate to this guy. Hope he doesn’t burn out like I did.

Zhengyuan Zhao : He is half ling ling

PetraKim : He is born to be a violinist

Its Sherly : Even when you're asian, there is always an asian better than you.. :D


Rye Hots : i'm watching this in 2019. hopefully you do play it in dec 2019, even if you can't do it like that. gogogo ! :D

Joy Kirk : How is that possible to play a series of notes and pluck at the same time 😭 what is life ?!?!?

Eric Furman : He plays with such authority!

Duda Ferranda : the prodigy doesn’t practice for 3 days and plays this masterpiece when i don’t practice for 3 days i don’t even know how to fucking hold the violin

C. Camomille E. Arnabell : Several months :3 Pls post vid of you guys playing that piece! XD

Carlo Hu : Their faces are like " My whole life was a lie"

Jake Mello : Why am i watching videos about violins, when i have no idea what its about xD

Jialmaester : *cups pool of tears *I'M NOT EVEN A VIOLINIST BUT WHAT'S THE POINT*

JakulaithWolff : Eddy's cheekbones... They're sharp.

Lorelei : This guy must be really good with his hands 😳 ..Thats why he plays the violin so good! ya dirt bag 😑

Someone U Can Trust : You guys are hilarious !!! Oh my I am binge watching your videos :) Too funny !!

Ishita Bose : Pause at 5:15. They look like proud parents😂😂

Emily : My stupid brain didn't register that he was playing IN FRONT OF THEM. I though they were watching a video all along until they started asking him questions did I realize that he was actually replying. *edit: Jesus Mother of all that is holy, 2 thousand people liked...*

Persia Chan : Is he The *REINCARNATION OF KAORI?* BY THE way *2019 HEREEE*

Yoh Okumoto : in certain moment I had to check if the speed wasn't higher than 1.0x....

Someone U Can Trust : Don't worry I'm crying with you guys 🤣🤣