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TwoSetViolin : Ziyu only practices 1 hour a day. Ling Ling what the matter with you. Why 40.

appmicro : The only thing I have over this guy is I speak better English

Nekos arent furrys! : If you can play it slowly, you can play is quickly.

Oblivion gamer : When an asian reacts to a talent of asian.

Emily : My stupid brain didn't register that he was playing IN FRONT OF THEM. I though they were watching a video all along until they started asking him questions did I realize that he was actually replying. *edit: Jesus Mother of all that is holy, 2 thousand people liked...*

Gina and Prince : How can he bow and pluck at the same time perfectly, yet I can barely hold my bow correctly?

Vaalhalla : *thank God I'm a pianist but this is still hella depressing* Is he for real.

Its Sherly : Even when you're asian, there is always an asian better than you.. :D

Tot tota : I've always wanted to learn the --vio---- *watches video* the triangle

Claudio Aguilera : When an Asian is actually better than another Asian, you realize that guy is an alien.

Jialmaester : *cups pool of tears *I'M NOT EVEN A VIOLINIST BUT WHAT'S THE POINT*

Gracey K : It took me longer than it should have to realize that they were in the same room 😂

T Series : Jeez. I don’t even play violin and my confidence in my playing skills dropped drastically.

Quotenwagnerianer : For all those crying about their lack of skill: He said right in the questionaire at the end, that it took him two years practice on that piece to get it to performance level. So there is no magic at work here, nor an insane amount of talent. Just 700 Days of practice, practice and practice.

Ella W : prodigy: *sounds beautiful after no practice for 3 days* nOrMaL. me: *skips a single day of practice sounds rusty and horrible* fuCk

Glassy Star : The one dislike *VIOLA PLAYER*

Fiona Smith : The guy on the left like "WHAT DA FUK WHY HOW WHA" The guy on the right like "I've just accepted that my entire life has been a failure and I'm just going to sit here with this dead expression while I weep buckets inside"

Yunghee Oh : I sexually identify as a violin

Josh Dot : If you impress the Asians, you have ascended to a god level

Isabelle Blue : lol imagine being that good at something

Horse Lover : I had an orchestra concert today and we were trash... this video totally made myself feel better

isp100642 : But can he change b-natural to a b-flat?

Snowy Tiffany : They just look so sad and lost about their life Press F to pay respects to all the people out there who spend their whole life dedicating themselves to music but a child prodigy is already better than them

Lenworth Wilmot : This was simply amazing! In music literature and history, I never understood why Franz Liszt was so impressed with Paganini. Liszt was a virtuoso and an amazing pianist in his own right before he saw Paganini perform. But after seeing Paganini perform, he basically locked himself in a practice room and went over his scales and arpeggios until he emerged as a beast. I always thought the story of Paganini's performances felt loaded with down with myth and exaggeration. But I was ignorant and wrong. This was incredible! And this Ziyu has a lot of work under his belt. Incredible.

우유바나나4 : My self-esteem disappeared faster than my stand partner and his title as 1st chair.

brian marchetti : I love how the guy on the right seemed so uterly dead inside during his whole performance while the other guy was freaking out!!!!

Michelle Lu : HOW DOES HE LEFT HAND PLUCK LIKE 100000000 OCTAVES IN LIKE A SECOND?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad I play Viola.

Jeremy Christian : His name perfectly matches with his actions. "Zi Yu in a thousand years my dear baby violinists"

Shane Lin : He is not good at all . . . . . . . He made the word good look like nothing... He's beyond godlike

Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns : when it's 5 am and you just want to listen to classical but YouTube redirects you to a vid titled: 2 month old plays Carmen fantasy! makes you think what have I been doing all these years

Jake Mello : Why am i watching videos about violins, when i have no idea what its about xD

wendy yu : So this how brett and Eddy would react when they would see Ling Ling perform live.

Elli Bee : Welp, This makes me realize how thoroughly wasted my practice time is...

tiptoptux : It looks like he’s on fast forward

Minseok / Nyanko : Skidaddle skidoodle my self-esteem is now as thin as a noodle

Amy Moore : Self esteem? Lowered. Wig? Snatched. Tea? Spilt. Hotel? Trivago.

hobi's sunshine : I just realized it was live. I thought it was a recording...

Snowy Tiffany : And you tell me he memorizes all that...? *rate of depression to all viewers increase by 99999%*

daemonturk : What is the name of the pieces of music?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : You see, usually I see great violinists that inspire me to practice more. Not this one. I feel like quitting.

Jonathan Lee (Student) : I can only play legit 3 notes of that song.

Middy : It's 5.17am here & I just re-watch 3 times to hear Ziyu's playing. Feel like killing myself now (T_T)

Eric Furman : He plays with such authority!

yeonggyeoul : the way he made that shaky sound sounds like how I started out violin but it was so elegant you cant actually compare them in the first place

peachomelette : *dabs in distress*

Vishnu Nair : Who else was watching Eddy and Brett in the bottom left corner the entire video???

Matthew Helgeson : Imagine a (String) Bass player doing the EXACT same thing as that...that would be like.....amazing 😂

Jim Miller : You guys are absolutely FANTASTIC ! !! You have such GREAT Chemistry between the two of you. I could watch you guys for hours. Big Hugs, Jim

d34dbro productionz : Sarah Chang's lost son has been found!

Sparkleyheart 11 : 4:15 that's me inn math class when my teacher is teacher math...