Snoop Dogg - Mumble Rap Anthem (feat. 50 Cent)

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Hip-Hop Universe : My boi Snoop Dogg just took over my channel and uploaded his new single "Mumble Rap Anthem" on here. What do you think? I think he surpassed any other Mumble Rapper when it comes to flow and bars! Name one Rapper that can mumble better! Any artists out there who wanna get signed, come to Old Head Records! Label boss: Lil Universe. More Hip-Hop videos: Official Hip-Hop Universe Merchandise:

Santosh Hamal : Years of hard work to write this song.. respect

liriXus : Even their mockery sounds better that all mumble rappers' song 😂

RL Cross : Snoop Dogg & 50 just nailed this! End of story! lol

enoch bentil : Mumble rap will soon die, just like Crunk...

Dave Lopez : Both middle fingers to all you overrated untalented mumble rappers out there.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : He just knocked the shizzle out of these bizzles.

I say thee nay : mumble rap isn't rap though. It's just teen pop music. All image, no substance, no originality. Appeals to teenagers without taste. Studios sign some young puppet to their label, but their agent owns them and tells them how to wipe their own ass. 20 years later, they'll write a book about how they were controlled and it wasn't their fault they made shit music. That's not new at all. The only thing that makes it seem new, is that the studios canned it and sold it to little kids as "Rap". Which it's not.

CALiFORNiA LiViN : Lyrics please.

Ramses Stafford : Some 17 year old kid with a styrofoam cup in his hand is going to wonder why this ain't getting 5 mics.

Internet Viewer : This has to be the BEST mumble track of ALL time!! Haha

Hip-Hop Universe : Just to let you know... If this video reaches a million views I will reupload it with Lyrics on screen!

The FLY Company : Years of work..... And in the end they Just diss the rap music Without saying a single word

muthaphukkin' memes : uububububububububububububububuubububbubububu u ububububububububuub chichichichichichichi chechea uububububububububububububububuubububbubububu chichichichichichichi chechea Lyrics, no prob

mr stark i dont feel so good : 50's laugh tho

Kirby Lyons : I didn't know Snoop had bars like that.

port : Eminem’s latest album separated the sheeps from the GOAT. RIP Mumble rappers.

JJ Bang & Olufsen : Snoop made a trap song just by making fun of mumble rappers 🤣😂

Vishal Vijay : 1 million crossed now where tf is lyrical video

MrShortrohs : I wonder how many people are bumping this in the ride thinking shit is real

NetherWORLD : Pass the lyrics plzz. This shit Complicated. 😂

Jim Faner : I dunno. Was laughing my ass out. Just love Snoop and 50's laughter too

Ruel Farooq : That 50cent laugh got me rolling here🤣🤣🤣

Bryce Castle : These mumble rappers have all suffered strokes and are trying their damndest to spit their fire. We should give em a break 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

JrVtec : 0:49 That line alone ended every mumble rapper's career.

Kriszan Nicolasora : At least Big Shaq is not a mumble rappah 😂

Esvorion : Wayyy better than most of mumble rap music

Life Motivation : RIP mumble rap Forever. Snoop has killed them by 6 seconds mumbling... What a legend.

So what's the big fucking deal : This is really anthem of mumble rap. It's better than all mumble rap XD

XXX XXX : How can you dislike this masterpiece? No seriously...

Bagget Spagget : Not enough 50 Cent laughs

Charles Russell : This is the best mumble rap ever made. Lmao

Rodrigo Roa Duterte : finally some legend diss this hu hu ki ki ki dada skwrrt skwrtt yah yah! rap style generation~

Johnny : Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre If these rappers created a diss track for the mumble rap industry, it's game over.

PEACE MAKER : Man, this should be on hot 100

Jessica Hassock : 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥👏👏👏 This song and video needs to be trending asap!

Rosario’s Junk Removal : The first song in history that disses the whole industry without sayin a single WORD sick

Ghettosamurai 31 : Best trap song 2018 🔥

johnny1992black : thats what happens to young boys that skip the duty days

Anil Shrestha : Suggest me lyrical video plzz

Auron 888 : c´mon guys and girls we can do it ! let´s put this song to the top spot on the charts !!!

RAP SOLDIER : snoop is the GOAT at mumbling and he didnt even try 😂😂😂😂😂😂

darth revan : The closest you ever see Snoop Dogg Mumble rap

marlon strachan : Snoops version sounds better than them young dudes.

OG Mcleman : The old school original OG’s off the art should end this mumble rap shit for good. Without doubt the worst era in rap ever!!!

Aan Khunaifi : HAKUNA MATATA????????!!!!!

Chris ausm Krisengebiet : lel i love this scene :D Rap have no message any more. Its just drugs sex money

Chirayu Rohankar : Those lines of snoop were enough to roast the whole mumble rap universe

Dillon Josey : That 50 Cent laugh gets me everytime😂😂😂

Chain Cazer : This is the best mumble rap song I've ever heard to.