'Breaking News' New Zealand Police release EPIC new recruitment video
Super funny New Zealand Police recruitment video

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With over 60 real cops, a few paranormal and movie ones too, we’re here to help New Zealanders get all the answers they need to join our team. Take the first step at www.newcops.co.nz


Caelan Smith : Why is a 3-minute video by New Zealand Police more interesting than the entire country of Australia

Landwelder : Marketing department 10/10 give them a raise.

ASMR Muzz : That Austrian dude's facial expression kills me.

U24B6 : Can you teach the Australian Police how to improve their sense of humour?!

kwini bogan : an actual recruitment resource video..... British army recruitment team should learn from this example

Bob Joe : Wait... Australian citizens can apply to the New Zealand police?

Brian Paine : Only the Kiwi’s would produce that! (All other police forces exist in a humour free state.)

anridapu : Very unlikely to see something like this in Australia. Official government bodies here generally take themselves just a little too seriously

Fluff : Was this directed by Taika? Lol It's a really cool video

Richard K MuseVid-Metal RVREVO : What? No paranormal division? The Taniwha will not be happy

josiah O'Neill : OMG, this is EPIC! I had no idea you used real cops for this until 2:20!

Apple Pie : So Austrians can become Kiwi Police?

Pancake Historian : The Wellington paranormal reference was crack up for me

MrFaceeatingcancer : Man why are they So mean to the Austrians :-(

jaxta86 : Should make it harder for aussies. Its not that easy for kiwis to become cops in oz

Kuang Bowen : I am from China!I really want to be a New Zealand police officer!!I will try my best !

perfectly imperfect : Both educational and funny/ creative

dazmac15 : If I'm from Tokoroa can I still be a cop?

Xsharknz : Andy!! From HFTWP

Adam Smith : It's alright. It doesn't make me want to sign up, it only lets me know that I could (If I were a kiwi).

TheMelbournelad : 1:10 ahhh snuck in the Australia / Austria gag 😜 choice bro

Xsharknz : Aye!! And Minogue and o Leary. Gawd I love this

DoNot Need : One of the best recruitment videos I've seen of any organization.👍👍

Jamin : This is so good. But why Australians! ;(

Nifemi Omotosho : "That was close"😂

Christian Isaac : Amazing, as always.

Downunder Rob : Love the Kiwi sense of humour.😆

Gerry Stewart : These are brilliant clips. Particularly if one watches Auckland Paranormal first :)

Randy : Ok now this, this is epic

Harrison Wade : This is brilliant!

Cj Murray : Totally brilliant !!

NexoNuturious : neat video, you guys are really stepping up the production value of these and i can congratulate your all on that.

Cristine R : New Zealand is killing the game here.

Mark Mastrogiovanni : 😂🤣loved the ad

David gdf4521 : Finally a gov dept that had enough balls to think for themselves and outside the box, well done

Melanie Rippon : This is awesome, good luck on recruiting new cops!

Smith Arra : The best one so far!

TheViolentHydra : Now, this is EPIC.

Alexa Cannon : Why are the NZ cop videos always so good 😂😂

David Paul Clifford : Excellent production..... :-)

Tyrel Orrin : This is great!

Dan theman : DAT'S good bro!

Tania PinkSky : Excellent! Great video 👍

Trendy T : Keep it coming looks great...different.

mud_whale : Ok this is EPIC 😎

No U : Better than the British ones

Phil : You mean Constable Karen O'Leary and Constable Mike Minogue, surely?

Nick Jorss : fair dinkum ad

Ignacio B : Suddenly I want to be a cop