'Breaking News' New Zealand Police release EPIC new recruitment video

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ASMR Muzz : That Austrian dude's facial expression kills me.

Caelan Smith : Why is a 3-minute video by New Zealand Police more interesting than the entire country of Australia

Tarquin Farquhar : "Do you have a paranormal division?" "Yeah!" "NAH" "nah"

Landwelder : Marketing department 10/10 give them a raise.

U24B6 : Can you teach the Australian Police how to improve their sense of humour?!

kwini bogan : an actual recruitment resource video..... British army recruitment team should learn from this example

Bob Joe : Wait... Australian citizens can apply to the New Zealand police?

Brian Paine : Only the Kiwi’s would produce that! (All other police forces exist in a humour free state.)

anridapu : Very unlikely to see something like this in Australia. Official government bodies here generally take themselves just a little too seriously

Fluff : Was this directed by Taika? Lol It's a really cool video

MrFaceeatingcancer : Man why are they So mean to the Austrians :-(

Richard K : What? No paranormal division? The Taniwha will not be happy

Apple Pie : So Austrians can become Kiwi Police?

Kuang Bowen : I am from China!I really want to be a New Zealand police officer!!I will try my best !

josiah O'Neill : OMG, this is EPIC! I had no idea you used real cops for this until 2:20!

Pancake Historian : The Wellington paranormal reference was crack up for me

Praneet Castelino : Unfortunately that's your issue NZ Police. You need to follow what the Met Police (London Police) are doing. Scrap the two year street policing and acknowledge people come with various backgrounds and experience. Someone with over a decade military experience, a degree and raft of other skills does not want to start at the bottom as a 18 year from high school. Many ethnic minorities don't see the NZ Police as a career due to the two year aspect of street policing. These individuals will be perfect in financial crime, computer crime etc.

jaxta86 : Should make it harder for aussies. Its not that easy for kiwis to become cops in oz

haydenwardq : Lmao my mate rammed 3 of ur cars

Benjamin Hooton : This is so good. But why Australians! ;(

OTAGO NZ : Diversity is to settle for second best.

steff serpent : Im goin there to become a coppa..hope i dont have to run

Xsharknz : Andy!! From HFTWP

perfectly imperfect : Both educational and funny/ creative

dumbo7429 : Hope they have some token whites in there.

Adam Smith : It's alright. It doesn't make me want to sign up, it only lets me know that I could (If I were a kiwi).

No U : Better than the British ones

Spidermansucks : Sweet as Chocolate fish

Stellar Beats Official : Thank you for your service police. ♡

Ben Elia Leilua : That's my dream

Kereama Hape : Nice

CoastBricks : it's slightly better than the first one.


Nibbles : Awesome video!

Murder12345 : Awesome video!!

BettyBettyBoBetty : Kiwi's !! Yeah naaa

Jordan Mead : If we’re not the best country I don’t know which is

Blade : But i like money

R RAHMAN : Let's not forget politics when selecting a non kiwi. By the way do you get free petrol when you become a police officer?😂😂😂

Skylazer 44 : austria really

William Moses : Yeah nah

Moon Na : very cool.

Melody Buckby : Not as good as the last one

15 subscribers With no videos challenge : Why was this in my recommendation section!?

EDG : Don't 'toot your own horn'.

Gohan R : r/fellowkids

DEATH ! : lol first

Ronove : Do Ye heve to be able to understend what New Zealand People are talking about? I lev across the duch and I find it hard to understend everytheng you guys say. I have tried to write this in New Zealand Speak so that you can understand my question.

robert bertie : does it have hobbits and peter jackson ?, like every thing else they do

TMGs wolfpack : Do you need to be fit me 😂😂