IBA Boxing - Downs Syndrome Danny 'The Boss' Mardell v Mark Potter

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D C : Mark Potter , great guy.

Koyas Uddin : The oxygen mask was the cherry on the cake. So how do I love this video rather than like???

timoe : Is it bad I laughed when he pushes him over? Lmfao

Steven T : Lowkey wanted the guy just to fire a KO out of nowhere would’ve been too funny

Carl Mueller : Any person who would do something like this for someone with special needs is a great person.

Abandoned Explorer : This was 100 times better than ksi v Logan paul fight and wasn't rigged at all

robertg305 : Let's Go Champ!

nikoszzn : It would be hilarious if he knocked him out and everybody in the crowd would be like 😮

Miki Miyazaki : Lol, ok it's a fundraiser! Relax! People aren't being lied to! Danny's not being sold a dream to turn amateur, it's a simulation in which the kid can show the hard work he's put in and feel good. It's not like he sits on the couch and gets a trophy! He obviously trains as hard as anyone else could with his limitations and he's willing to go out in front of tons of people and put on a performance that given the fact that down syndrome causes severe coordination issues is indicative of a kid that practiced and trained hard. It's for charity, and the correct message is actually given in that he gets recognition and praise for overcoming his anxieties etc and gets up everyday to run and train to.

Jason Kilian : Plot twist...danny becomes a wife beater after defeating all these guys..moves on to beating women 🤣🤣😂

James Perry : Looked fixed to me...

Patrick S : They even brought out oxygen 😂😂😂 funny shit.

Christopher D. : 3:25 damn a lil push and dude goes flyin

Alex : Was hoping to see the guy lay into the downs with no mercy 😂

Stroppyafro Boii : Mark potter what a guy

Big Alex : not a good idea. now this guy is gonna start a street fight and get destroyed...

Jamie Carlin : BEKFAST!

Sal Dimarchese : although you think you're doing something noble by letting him win, you've let him win because he's different, he's got downs syndrome, if you treat someone different based on something like this, and it doesn't matter if it's "positive" or not, you're still discriminating. it's patronizing. you're not being nice, you're treating him like an idiot.

Adam Perez : I never seen a baked potato in the ring before

Ivan Jones : Did anyone else think this was going to be a proper fight haha

Little Uzi : Joshua's next fight instead of fighting wilder 😭😭😭

Citizen Juma : My faith in humanity has been restored. Amazing people.

Nicholas Catling has a SAC : Better than the WWE.

Koyas Uddin : This video makes me feel so happy <3

Kiesa : If that down syndrome guy got hit alot in the faces would be becoming more down you know then boxers get hit alot of times in the head there iQ is lower then normal people

Mark Westwood : How could you not love seeing this ? The good guy knocks out the bad guy. Love it !!!

boneair : Thought downs were supposed to be loving.. he wasn’t even concerned about matey pretending he needs oxygen lol

Dāvis Līvmanis : This dude vs Beetlejuice 😂

Alex A : 3:27 hahahaha goldddd

Alistair Lomas : Well done big boss!! Great fight with the correct result. Respect to all involved.

Youssef M : This fight was more real than KSI vs Logan Paul

Mr UV : The level of Savagery in this comment section..

matthew lopez : Holy shit I thought the boss was going to get destroyed when they squared up

Hbomb Hbomb : Legends say he’s gone back today to climb on them ropes one more time...

ItzCrews : I stg @ 4:24 he Fr stuck his ass, but respect for both boxers would love to see more like this

William Ruiz : Any chance if Potter got in a real fight; would he be wrong for saying I'll beat your non disabled ass!

gagge carlsohn : This is why Connor left boxing and went back to MMA. To avoid this monster

BIG BRO : Imagine if he accidentally knocked him out

Referee Quantity : In the Red Corner we have ....Potter Payper??..

Omarrr : More realistic than the wwe

Evan Cornley : I’m crying with laughter

Ritchie .T A : One of the best videos ive seen in a long time. Great win Danny and great fight Mark. What a lovely pair of fellas.

Zetron _ : *_Danny VS Floyd Mayweather_*

scabab : Still got better boxing skills than Wilder.

Oh so you're a wrestler now : CM Punk should fight him

Balentin Camargo : Thats nice

Khaos969 : I think it would be more funny if he came out and gave Danny his biggest right hand ever

Vegan No-Gains Lenny : Still a better fight than KSI vs. Logan Paul.

Aa AA : I’d rather watch this than TMT

Nick Menendez : So much respect 🖤