Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS - 'Bye, Bye, Bye'! | S2E1 | The Four

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Kieren Furnevel : All that hate pushed her to this standard. That's awesome for her.

Oceania Times : Friday is a shit song, but the way she took the heat is admirable.

Hazz : I'm not a fake fan I can honestly say that I was in love with Friday and was embarrassed cause everyone thought it was stupid so I listened to it in private😂😂😂

Kwanzaa : she was good but she didn’t have that wow factor, i agree with diddy

Lex Hates Herself : Besides one, the contestants were intimidated 😂

shorty_cake _ : *wig*

JASHAN PANDHER : Haters Go to hell. Lot's of love for Black.

Cederick Cuevas : This show doesn't feel authentic, it feels highly produced.

DaveTime DK : I feel so bad for her, I didn’t know she felt like this to the hate!

inspirepaul : Oh wow what a glo up 😍

Alissa Cook : This show looks confusing A F tho

Sander bosman : Why does No one press the golden Buzzer? She had A sad story right?😂😂😂

Karen Kameo : Meghan is honestly the mood

Rae Azanna : Is khalid like Jamaican or something “bless up bless up, more life!!” 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Hi my name is Jordan :D : she glew up thooo

Alanis Garcia : amazing performance but the thing that got me messed up was the fact that the girl said bye bye bye was by the backstreet boys it’s by *NSYNC so like what ?!? how could you not know

Zack Mont : I didn't get why she got death threats. I get it that you can have an opinion to dislike or like the song, which is totally fine, but commenting death threats to her is just wrong.

Sarah L : I remember how so many people in my middle school hated her and the song but look at her glow up. Her voice is amazing and the haters just helped her push to work harder

Man : Feeling old yet?

OhhMyAnnie : Awe. I’m seriously so proud of Rebecca!

andredollasign : she’s alright people only hyping her up bc she has a sob story.... but good luck sis

Gabriela C : this makes me feel so old lmfao

Dont Subscribe : *_friday plays in the background_*

BasicallyTyler tyler : I wish they didn't use autotune on her vocals. She's already really talented


David Boucard : This show is over-produced. I've seen this storyline too many times. IMO, Rebecca has improved much since "Friday" but is still an unremarkable, mediocre singer. IDK why people continue to act like simply having a passion/dream entitles you to achieving it. If you don't have it, YOU DON'T HAVE IT. Not everyone is blessed with natural talents. It's okay.

•L- L• : This made me tear up no one deserve that much hate

Cynthia Romero : Lol I never hated her but Friday always made me crack up bc it was pretty cringey but I am so proud of her now! Like wow she is sooo beautiful and she does have a nice voice.

Shannon Professional Aesthetician : The risk of putting yourself out there sadly. People are allowed to not like what you do or say BUT they're in control of how they express it. I wouldn't say this is mind blowing but I'm proud of her for facing all the negativity. ♥️ I honestly blame her parents for exposing her to all that.

keisha 21 : she definitely changed. good for her


Brianna Rivera : DAMN💯💯

hey! : Yeah backstreet boys. Hahhaha hey boy, that's nsync just so you know.

Isaiah Swan : Rebecca, you’re already famous sis. You’re almost at 1M on Instagram & you have 122M views on Friday.

Mrs. sheep Gaming : *my wig has been snatched!* *ITS A BIRD ITS A PLANE...NO....ITS MY WIG* *NOW ITS ON THE MOON* 🌙

camila cabello is my dad : oh my god wow. her voice improved. like..a lot!!

BROUDI NOI SSAP : I’ve always loved that Friday song lol , I never knew people hated til now

//Depressed Pineapple// .-. : I honestly love the song it’s Friday I sing it every week with my friends on FRIDAY 😂😂❤️

Huma Khosa : I feel like diddy is tryna act cool (but fails) and be simon

44GlenCoCo : Absolutely stunning.

Demon Unicorn : i feel even on fridays the school played it on the speakers... it was a joke... but it was also someones life

Lmao Talia : I didn’t like the song Friday, But I loved her voice this time. I loved when she sang Bye bye bye” ❤️

Andrea M : She redeemed herself singing wise a while ago for me but DAMN REBECCA YOU REALLY OUT HERE IMPRESSING MEGHAN AND FIGHTING BACK WE STAN

Carey : P-P-P-Puberty!

Tesa Morgam : Wow so this is what our parents tell us to BELIEVE IN OURSELVES!

ty : This is actually a good rendition of bye bye bye.

Oof Z : Auto tune lmfao really


Lamin JS : Rebecca Black you should know you are talented and have a bright future so what the haters think of you don't and will never define who you really are. They just haters and you doing incredibly well even at 13. I love what you do. Your number fan from the Gambia