Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS - 'Bye, Bye, Bye'! | S2E1 | The Four

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Luke Alexander : People really don’t think about the effect their word can have on people

shenade teves : id like to publicly apologise to rebecca black for my comments made about her singing when i was also 13, opinions change and ur killin it gal.

Javier Lopez : Best glow up ever..

Shay Griggs : Omg it must be so cool to just go on stage and Meghan already knows u

Alfa Uno : Dj Khaled a judge? Wow this world had been so generous to him, God bless his untalented ass.

biclexual : It's so sad to see how horribly her life was affected by all those haters when she was only 13. So inspiring that she never have up on her dream though!

River : "is this NSYNC?" "Backstreet Boys" *triggered*

Crazy Court : She didnt have a "awesome voice" on friday but that song was fr catchy

Cayden Shorter : That is disgusting that people are sending her death threats for doing what she loves I honestly really liked Friday I don’t care about the dislikes I just know that I liked Friday and this video

Amylisa C. : Wow!!! Her voice is gorgeous and she is lovely. My teenage son has autism and lately he loves listening to "Friday", it makes him very happy. I am sorry for what Rebecca went through when she was so glad for her now!!!

Dionis Leev : Friday is a shit song, but the way she took the heat is admirable.

Superkrem : I never left any comments but I spoke bad about friday to my friends and I would like to apologize for that, I was so young and foolish back then so, this is my apology, you have changed alot to the better and I am hoping you have great success because you’re a talented girl. Sorry again and do your thing.

jinmin is real : I'm sick of seeing this in the comments, so let me make one thing clear: REBECCA BLACK IS NOT USING AUTOTUNE IN THIS PARTICULAR SONG. Autotune is an audio processor that measures and alters pitch. Rebecca's pitch wasn't altered; she simply harmonized with background vocals. It's a very easy and common mistake for someone make, but please at least try to confirm that what you're saying is true before claiming it as fact on the internet. People are gullible. They'll believe you.

May Sow : Diddy please stop hating on everyone

Shannon D : She reminds me of Sofia Carson

𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑 : Her voice has deffo improved.

Léna Lockhart : Dude at 4:44 was so supportive, we all need someone like that in our life lmao

Liz Reeves : U Know ur doing something right when Meghan trainor is fan girling over u!

P L : I'm watching this on Sunday, Sunday Tomorrow will be Monday, Monday Tuesday will tomorrow Wednesday is the next day after Tuesday And after Wednesday is Thursday... Then it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

Taylor Brigance : Diddy is like Kanye West’s Twitter irl

Cutie Zalbu : If She can get that good, there’s still hope for me and my goat vocal chords 😭😭😭

Ginina Skye : Friday was my jammmm. IT WAS MY FREAKING CHILDHOOD!!!!!

Emerald Smith : Yeah shut all those haters up!

Oxelone Media : Hi Rebecca. Am from India and today I just realized your song "friday" having 3 million dislikes and I don't know why people hate that beautiful song. The reason why am telling this here is because that song was a part of my routine back in 2012 coz I were at hostel that time and I were only having few video songs in my laptop and one was yours. I probably would have heard that song a 1000 times and I really loved it. You are so talented and keep it high. Love you and god bless.

AestheticLexa Msp : 4:45 to 4:47 😭 the guy with the weave at the end is a mood

OhhMyAnnie : Awe. I’m seriously so proud of Rebecca!

Ωmega : shes been through hell and back but im glad katy perry chose her to be in TGIF and go on tour with her. some great things did eventually come out of it despite the haters.

Frozen Thorn : Honestly her mistake in this competition was not singing her actual music. She didn't write Friday, and she was 13, she has since wrote several freaking beautiful songs, any of them would have killed here.

최승현 : Correct me if I'm wrong, but I hear some autotune in this song. If she wanted that bad to prove people that she can sing, then why compensate her vocal? maybe it's not thoght as cheating in america..? i don't know...(sorry for my bad english. im a foreigner)

majd abass : 4:22 backstreet boys!?😂😂 it's nsync

Jenn'sCrazyLife : Meghan’s reaction is PRICELESS

OOF : I feel kind of bad for her because I remember making fun of her when I was like 9

Kat ie : What’s better Friday or it’s everyday bro Tough decision 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Lilly Kalwite : I love your singing im so sorry for hating you 😢

Calista Wolfsong : Holy crap, what the fuuuuuck happend? She is GOOOOOOOOD!


Taeyongshii ah : Alright people im kinda sick of this you can hear autotune in her voice im not blaming rebbica its mostly the producers fault.

Trevor E. : Her newer music is actually pretty good. Listen to The Great Divide.

Autumn Whittington : This is auto tuned. She's still really talented but there is auto tune

angel swift : I didn't expect the powerful voice gosh

pm1234 : Aw im proud of her

Nurin Nalyssa : how come no one talk about how beautiful meghan is

TheOffical Miya : She is a really good singer I don’t under stand why she was getting all that hate on Friday...I didn’t see anything wrong with it

Korean Judles : I kinda like Friday, the rock version 😆

Nicholas Daly : LOL whenever its friday i sing that song in class and evertone is like wth nick. I love her

Drew : i thought fergie was banned from TV after butchering the national anthem

AND SPRITE : Girl so glad you never gave up. Better than ever hun. I’m so sorry for everything I ever said about your song Friday. You have a wonderful voice! 💜

KODA PARKER : Your a good singer hunny but they scammed you

Nemiros : I listened to friday literally every Friday in eighth grade so I can definitely say I wasn’t a hater

Kivion Iles : Was she singing this on a Friday?