Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS - 'Bye, Bye, Bye'! | S2E1 | The Four

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Luke Alexander : People really don’t think about the effect their word can have on people


Luke Alexander : Omg this is so sad

Noob : Wait she was 13 in Friday? Um ok I thought she was like 17

biclexual : It's so sad to see how horribly her life was affected by all those haters when she was only 13. So inspiring that she never have up on her dream though!

shenade teves : id like to publicly apologise to rebecca black for my comments made about her singing when i was also 13, opinions change and ur killin it gal.

Shay Griggs : Omg it must be so cool to just go on stage and Meghan already knows u

Kahtia Howard : The most important thing to remember is that the company that wrote and created "Friday" were exploiting kid's whose parents had money and trapped them into these contracts where they had to sing these horrific cringey songs that blew up on the internet but only ruined the kids lives. She isn't the only one, she's just the most famous one. It's in no way reflective of her or her talents. She had to do it once contracted. Listen to "Satellite" that's a song that's her own and really good.

Javier Lopez : Best glow up ever..

Oceania Times : Friday is a shit song, but the way she took the heat is admirable.

Bizarro Game time : Wow i’m so shocked i mean i thought friday was a funny meme but her voice really got better

Robin Johnson : Did she just correct him and say it was Backstreet Boys?! LOL!

Jinx Luna : When she can't sing, people were like: Friday sucks Now she can sing, people are like: oh we actually loved Friday tbh And I'm not basing on the YT comments, I have a friend who hated Friday once and now she hears this and is all like, what are you talking about mate I loved Friday, always have, always will

LoriLion 76 : Am I the only one who loved Friday? It’s ICONIC😂

𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑 : Her voice has deffo improved.

Lujain Kamas : When the guy was like is that *NSYNC? And his friend was like nah it’s the backstreet boys😒 FIGHT ME😂

Rivka Van Breugel : Diddy knocks down every person who eventually makes it way bigger than the 'winners' on this show, like... Bruhh??!! Zhavia, Rebecca, who's next?

Crazy Court : She didnt have a "awesome voice" on friday but that song was fr catchy

Василия -x- Vasilia : *Why do these talent shows use autotune and back up vocals in the freaking AUDITION?!*

Jenn'sCrazyLife : Meghan’s reaction is PRICELESS

demi alli : Lol, I thought she made the video as a joke

blackvelvet : 2:15 lmao dj khaled is like..”who?”

Superkrem : I never left any comments but I spoke bad about friday to my friends and I would like to apologize for that, I was so young and foolish back then so, this is my apology, you have changed alot to the better and I am hoping you have great success because you’re a talented girl. Sorry again and do your thing.

Tatter Nutz : 4:44 dude is hella ratchet ..

OhhMyAnnie : Awe. I’m seriously so proud of Rebecca!

P L : I'm watching this on Sunday, Sunday Tomorrow will be Monday, Monday Tuesday will tomorrow Wednesday is the next day after Tuesday And after Wednesday is Thursday... Then it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

Shannon D : She reminds me of Sofia Carson

Amylisa C. : Wow!!! Her voice is gorgeous and she is lovely. My teenage son has autism and lately he loves listening to "Friday", it makes him very happy. I am sorry for what Rebecca went through when she was so glad for her now!!!

최승현 : Correct me if I'm wrong, but I hear some autotune in this song. If she wanted that bad to prove people that she can sing, then why compensate her vocal? maybe it's not thoght as cheating in america..? i don't know...(sorry for my bad english. im a foreigner)

Cutie Zalbu : If She can get that good, there’s still hope for me and my goat vocal chords 😭😭😭

AestheticLexa Msp : 4:45 to 4:47 😭 the guy with the weave at the end is a mood


Majestic Dogo : Alright people im kinda sick of this you can hear autotune in her voice im not blaming rebbica its mostly the producers fault.

Mashed PotatoYT : 4:27 BEST PART- “but it ain’t no lie, baby bye bye byeeieieieieieieieieeeeeeee!” Haha

majd abass : 4:22 backstreet boys!?😂😂 it's nsync

Ginina Skye : Friday was my jammmm. IT WAS MY FREAKING CHILDHOOD!!!!!

Lexi C : bro I found Rebecca Black again a couple months ago and she has a YouTube channel now and she’s actually a funny, sweet, down to earth person. This probably blew tons of people away, I’m so happy for her she deserved the praise and the claps !!

Léna Lockhart : Dude at 4:44 was so supportive, we all need someone like that in our life lmao


Taylor Brigance : Diddy is like Kanye West’s Twitter irl

henry ha : I would of just deleted the video after the hate started


Autumn Whittington : This is auto tuned. She's still really talented but there is auto tune

Drew : i thought fergie was banned from TV after butchering the national anthem

Kat ie : What’s better Friday or it’s everyday bro Tough decision 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Bianca Del Read-A-Hoe : shes been through hell and back but im glad katy perry chose her to be in TGIF and go on tour with her. some great things did eventually come out of it despite the haters.

Lilly Kalwite : I love your singing im so sorry for hating you 😢

May Sow : Diddy please stop hating on everyone

pm1234 : Aw im proud of her

iiamnancy._ Nancy._ : Watching this on Friday 😂love her❤️