Jason Mantzoukas' Absolutely Terrible Failed Prank Show - CONAN on TBS

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MajesticPubes : I don't understand why the audience was so quiet throughout the majority of the story, this was hilarious.

ATdaBomb : Only thought after watching that video: How do I watch 'Roommate Wanted'?

Bob Johnson : Dude looks like a homeless guy who got donated a suit.

Ezra Lennox : "Hey Chuck, it's me, Pimento!!!" XP

SharDaly : I am so weirdly attracted to him . He is so gorgeous.

smokelakes : Wow the audience is garbage. SHit's hilarious

MatadorCE : ZOOOKS- "What's up Jerks!!"

Joe Meredith : RAFI BOMB!

Podus81 : The widow Kulaps husband.

Otiloppi : That show sounds brilliant! They should have just made a deals with different apartment complexes nearby to have available rentals for the same price they told people they were paying on the show. That way they wouldn't have to worry about that afterwards.

rmoulton rmoulton : I was really hoping he'd bust out a pocket dog.

Timothy Verheyn Jr. : The fragrance guy from 'Parks and Recreation'!

Harald Haram : GATTACA!

erinisconfused : heynongman

BlackMesa RF : His twisted tie makes me so angry... !


Ali Alilou_DZ : Raffi is my hero and I hope to see him in his own sitcom.

Bruce Swayne : Man, Jeffrey Characterwheaties is looking terrible these days.

Dylan J : Story time with Jason would be amazing.

Gustin TV : Sadly I would watch that though, hahahah I'm horrible too

NutBuster : It's a prank bro!

grante101 : Zooooks!!!!

tolfdier : the lack of a tie clip disturbs me.

Yunchin Kim : well, that's horrible. I wonder how long it took them to figure out that it was a terrible and inhumane idea.

LotusEater : NADAL

Albin Lundholm : Hey nongman

xjippyx420 : Raffi is a all time top 10 tv show character. No doubt about it.

SuspiciousTumbleweed : Need to find episodes of Roommate Wanted.

Turbo9987 : Pimento!!!!

Marcus Chan : Hilariously sad!!!! Such a baaaaad idea for a show

Grundle Munch : his tie is so fricked.

JackDManheim : "Premiering this Fall; 'Bad Diagnosis'. Great pitch, Conan. We're runnin with it." - NBC

Arshan Assadi : Wish he talked about Tang

Oguzhan Filizlibay : Mantzoukas and Galifianakis should do something together.. love them both

iconocast : this guy is hillarious

Drock1467 : Heynongman, you're telling me they didn't get the apartment? Lame

Jon Jones : holy christ, fix your tie....it's all i can look at

Damir Ribić : Hello early people! :D

Ewan Lyons : I wonder if he had a pocket dog , the greatest unanswered question of all time.......?

Captain Canada : This guy was by far the best part of Dirty Grandpa


MSUC : it's just a prank bro

Jordan Anderson : It's kinda weird seeing him not wearing a white Oxford shirt and blue jeans

Soar Lozer : So he isnt even a actor or comedian,he just is rafi for real

Zachary Crates : hi:)

snailsonmopeds : Heynongman!

Aggelos : Hes greek, no?

thefatman69fude : What's up jerks!!!

Warvvolf : It's not creepy! And, put her in a bra.

Everett McIntire : El Cuñado!!!!!!!!!!!