How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended

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David Knight : Lost it at "....and demon wasp people".

TooL1993 : "Because I'm Ba-" "IT'S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU BRUCE!!" Best Batman shutdown to date.

אייל ג : Batman: "Hey, do you want to know my secret identity"? Me: "Can I say *NOT* Ben Affleck"?

אייל ג : How to make a wonder women parody: 1. Add heroes from other, unrelated movies. THE END

אייל ג : If Steven Rogers didn't get to have a parachute, NO ONE gets to have a parachute!

nicale fox : how war for the planet of the apes should have been ended?

Stealthy Company : How IT (2017) Should have ended

THE RPG KING : that's my wiener. Honestly anyone who saw the movie thought that was gonna be his line..

Simrit S : the moana part got me

Veteran Nintenerd : I was really hoping Steve would've crossed paths with Captain America while he was crash landing HIS plane (even though they were in different World Wars)

Sid Stark : It's justus league...... Drum rolls


Cc Alsobrook : How come wonderwomen has an Irish acent

kindnessisgold : omg the girls café that was so unexpected and the part when batman shows up is the funniest

Lego & Minecraft : BECAUSE I'M BATGIRL!!!

Batman Jr. : Batman= boss of puns.

Sammy Lui : i dont think steve could have survived either way. planes didnt have autopilots back then, so someone would have to manually pilot it. also, he would have been caught in the blast radius either way.

Ethan Bradberry : "She is SUCH a Mary Sue" Was not expecting that from HISHE. XD

Ariel Steinsaltz : I always thought Steve should have just flown the plane to the North Pole or whatever rather than blowing it up. Also when Batman said they had to fight Superman, Supergirl should have said, "Hey, why do you want to fight my cousin?"

RoyMooiBoy : 🎶I AM DIANAAAAA!!!!!🎶

All That JAZZ : MARTHA WARLOCK IS COMING! Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to hog the top comments. That's a legit apology tho.

LickeyMouse : How IT should have ended

Jodi Rueckert : Lol supergirl

David Haddon : Didn't include "because I'm Batgirl" 0/10

Finn Gilmartin : The just-us league.

renji90998 : I am Diana!! - wait wrong movie

GamingLaw : Muted colors lol dceu

Finn Gilmartin : *BECAUSE I'M BATMAN*

Queen LeLe : It’s not always about you Bruce !

Ut00bsux0rz : yeah, the "just-us league" joke has been in the comics and an episode of Justice League Unlimited probably before you guys were born. sorry to burst your millennial bubbles.

Joshua Hoge : Dam it I didn't get notifications till now.(wow Adam warlock at the end cool)

Alpha Freerunner : Hmm.......... wiener

Dogeplays Gameplays súper crack : Can you make how IT 🤡🎈should have ended

Rachel Chanel Cuasito : Wrong movie grandma

Mhit : Was that Adam warlock at the end

toshir100 : For a second there I thought they would go really dark and make a joke about how when everyone came out runniing from the trenches the germans could have just stoped shooting at her and kill everyone XD

Sytho : The Just-Us league

Rachel Holmes : she isnt a Mary Sue tho

Brandon Watters : bet ya green lanterns gonna show up its gonna be sick 😁😁😂

Caramel Schlag : And I'm a SPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm BATMaN!! !! : Who was more exicited for super hero cafe than the main content?

Evan Plays : The Justice league was formed from one

howdy1763 : Bruce(on English poem) It's the Just us league!! Get it? because its super exclusive and we fight justice get?get it? English teacher* "Very funny Bruce... However you still get an F" Bruce*"WHAT!!!! I worked super hard on that!!! English teacher* 'You plagiarized this and didn't correctly cite it from the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "Avatar Day".' Bruce* "How do you even know Avatar?!?!?"

Xela Amarillento : 😂

SURPRISE 29 : The scene with Wolverine and the female version of The café was really brillant. Keep it up!!

Veronica Schwartz : That DC inspired opening sequence is dope! Way to go HISHE!

Edward West-Summers a.k.a. CrimsonWitch26 : Believe it or not the "Just-Us League" joke actually originated on the justice league cartoon. It was in one of the episdoes.

The Lag : But I don't think she had the invisible jet yet

Jenna Mattson : “No really I CAN DO IT! I HAVE AN INVISIBLE PLANE!”

Marie : I am Diana 😂