How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended

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L Batman : First monna really I'm almost died too Second Logan cameo make me laugh Third Steve didn't do same thing in movie Fourth wonder women she had invisible jet I didn't know in movie And now Batgirl Supergirl here with wonder women Batman here tell Diana that Justice League And he was about say I'm batman this so funny

Edward West-Summers a.k.a. Sparkwing26 : Believe it or not the "Just-Us League" joke actually originated on the justice league cartoon. It was in one of the episdoes.

Anastasia : Serious question: Is this the only HISHE that Batman's in where he does NOT get to say his full "Because I'm Batman" phrase?

Kevin Andersson : How dare you?! IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT BATMAN!

Ut00bsux0rz : yeah, the "just-us league" joke has been in the comics and an episode of Justice League Unlimited probably before you guys were born. sorry to burst your millennial bubbles.

Koushik Talukder : Sounds like some Dream Theater at the beginning

Inwolfed Gaming : I died at the end

Benovix The Epic Gamer : I'm sorry I really hated this The jokes were pretty lame the last one I liked

NickNackPadyWak : Can we please get a HISHE of IT? I would like to see a Georgie scene done funny.

MirrorCatz : What is that? Oh that? That's my wiener hmm .... WIENER 😂😂😂

Citrus7TV : "I know a girl from an island" I lost it right there lmao

Artisforgeniuses : I love that they accepted Stucky

Umar Sidd : Please do one on IT please do it please please please it would be ousam

Dan Kelly : Batman the leader of the Justice League!? What a joke. Please tell me it isn't so.

Gdoctman121 : You should credit "the Tick" for stealing their "just-us" joke

Kenneth Rutt : I have tears in my eyes because I am laughing so hard from the JustUs league!!!!!!!!!!

Matt V : Y'all have done Disney flicks. Why not do one for Hercules or Tarzan?

Ben Glaser : A lot of this was straight out of Mad Magazine. The opening bit was a bit more on the nose (there was just a graphic of him chasing them in a speech bubble) and jumping out of the plane,

ThreeRiver Studios : You gotta make a how it should have ended

TPiper21 : Lolol that ending with the "what is that" "oh, uh, my weiner" *diana holds up his watch* "a weiner..." omg i died at that part

Snow Wolf : The moana part was so funny

LukeIsChilling : Any actual names or likenesses of movies or celebs are used in a fictitious and parodic manner.

FunTimesWthDaniel : is that a sword or are you just happy to me

Vee Ardy : You're right. This was way better.

Abbie Harff : It is my b day no one cares tho

Nico Di Angelo : I feel like I have just died and gone to spy heaven!!!

KingFanDisney : Do How IT should have ended

Gabreya Bradley : IT'S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU, BRUCE!!!!

tyler dun : BECAUSE I'M BATMAN

Mr small 8 : Come on guys do a KINGSMAN GOLDEN CIRCLE trailer already!

Casper : Yes where was the invisible plane

Hatta Zulzila : LOL! Man, this vid just made my day. I wanna see more of the female version of the super cafe now... hmm, wonder what would be the villainesses version look like?

Sada : Lol Yoda in DC. You guys should have added him to marvel crawl as Disney owns them.

Jeff K : That opener. Theres great openers from this channel, but maaaan that one totally killed me

TheMagnificentOrange : I love how you assumed it was green lantern

Khiew Ee Zen : When she fly with the plane,it looks so funny

Raf Cole : Sigh of relief. This is what the honest trailer was missing. Some actual funny takes on this barely okay movie. Great job guys!

James Kalacas : Before that day when you close down your channel, please make a video of "How HISHE should have ended."

Jon Cox : "It's not always about you Bruce!"so trueokay Wolverine showing up in the DCEU MAKES NO SENSE, the universe will implode

Sean Seaphan : you're, like, friends with my dad

PhD : Do a How IT Should Have Ended xD

blah blah : Am I the only one who saw that Martha tag on Adam warlock? XDD

Ameya Harshe : Entry of Wolverine in the middle of nowhere😂😂😂😂

the destroyer !!! : Do hishe to the emoji movie

Amber Chatmon : This is my favorite HISHE EVER! Great work.

Jimbo Marquez : Steve:i can save today you can save.. WW:no really i can do it,I HAVE A INVISIBLE PLANE Steve: you whhhattt!?

Citronen Bobbis : Do How IT Should Have Ended

Awesome Trivia : *It's not always about you BRUCE* 😂😂😂

Mukundmarvel 4 : Actually why dint he take a parachute every plane in this world has a parachute every plane

serenityq26 : why is adam warlock here???????????