How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended

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Batman Jr. : Batman= boss of puns.

Pizza Lover : Diana has to be my favourite character. When she was singing lol. I love Steve and Antopie as well

kindnessisgold : omg the girls café that was so unexpected and the part when batman shows up is the funniest

Finn Gilmartin : The just-us league.

Veteran Nintenerd : I was really hoping Steve would've crossed paths with Captain America while he was crash landing HIS plane (even though they were in different World Wars)

Jenna Mattson : “No really I CAN DO IT! I HAVE AN INVISIBLE PLANE!”

Finn Gilmartin : *BECAUSE I'M BATMAN*

Queen LeLe : It’s not always about you Bruce !

David Haddon : Didn't include "because I'm Batgirl" 0/10

Techno GJ : really a good one 😂😂😂

Ethan Bradberry : "She is SUCH a Mary Sue" Was not expecting that from HISHE. XD

SURPRISE 29 : The scene with Wolverine and the female version of The café was really brillant. Keep it up!!

Stealthy Company : How IT (2017) Should have ended

GamingLaw : Muted colors lol dceu

I'm BATMaN!! !! : Who was more exicited for super hero cafe than the main content?

Caramel Schlag : And I'm a SPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

אייל ג : Batman: "Hey, do you want to know my secret identity"? Me: "Can I say *NOT* Ben Affleck"?

Sytho : The Just-Us league

Alpha Freerunner : Hmm.......... wiener

CheeseburgerKitties - Food enthusiast : ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU BRUCE

Calaelan1986 : "I am Dianaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" bwahahaha! Love the Moana reference :P

Marie : I am Diana 😂


אייל ג : How to make a wonder women parody: 1. Add heroes from other, unrelated movies. THE END

All That JAZZ : Woah... was that a limited edition wiener? Edit: Woah. That's a lot of likes. Thanks, guys.

ArcyTA88 : No ones gonna mention wolverine, huh?

Brandon Watters : bet ya green lanterns gonna show up its gonna be sick 😁😁😂

TooL1993 : "Because I'm Ba-" "IT'S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU BRUCE!!" Best Batman shutdown to date.

Matt Cox : They totally missed a Princess Buttercup moment with Antiope.

KTM Trooper : *Shoout that nyakyad woeman* That accent has made me laugh so hard!!

Anne Hope : I am DIANAAAAA

OM Gaming : I know the yellow man in the ending and his name is "MARTHA!" Spoiler Alert

JessPeachee : I very much appreciate Supergirl being there

Jackson John : nooooo, it's always about BATMAN

Sid Stark : It's justus league...... Drum rolls

Xela Amarillento : 😂

Draelos : A parachute? Really?! Massive missed opportunity to have Scotty beam him out.

BlackB1RD : HMMMM Wiener

SAILOREARTH89 : random fact airplanes didn't have parachutes in them in ww1.

Keepsake Studios : It's wonderful You should be very proud

Cc Alsobrook : How come wonderwomen has an Irish acent

Felsy Flagstone Felston : "I AM DIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

TaterhooT : I AM DIANA!!

Nathan Lang : 17 seconds of god damn logos *ding*

Marvelmania360 : Justus league >>>>>> justice league

Stephanie Taylor : The Moana part killed me

Blaze33266 : The Just-Us League.

Sunnee Knight : I know a girl from an island SHE stands apart from the crowd SHE loves the sea and the ocean... oh wait this is the wrong island

T.Y.R GAMING : aa I am in this war too