Bo Burnham Performs "Art is Dead" in the Green Room (HD)
You can see the moment that Bo Burnham instantly earn the respect of these comedy icons from 131 142

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Source: The Green Room with Paul Provenza S02E01 Guests: Judd Apatow, Bo Burnham, Marc Maron, Ray Romano, Garry Shandling Original Air Date: July 14, 2011


mako : "hey Bo can you go up there and play the piano and roast all of us?"

Matthew Beam : "this song isn't funny at all but it helps me sleep at night."

Sarah Vilhelmsen : "oh, he's a prop-comic!" Bo: *murders piano*

Bubba Gurt : "Oh, so he's a prop comic" lmao. That look Bo gave him.

stevec1989 : That must have been really awkward for all of them to listen to Bo Burnham slowly describe them.

DeeKay : All the people laughing thinking the songs a joke... Then the other comics joking about it, know theyre dead inside.

Haisley Jimenez : notice how none of the comedians are laughing at the song because they all understand that song wasn't a joke, but rather a confession of his inner feelings towards his career. Makes me sad in all honesty

Starving for the Stars : Can we just all agree that Bo Burnham an amazing singer, pianist, comedian and writes deep lyrics?

Tyler Tompkins : The thing about Bo is not only is he funny, but his songs sound great.

ThatGuy 1805 : I love how interested Ray Romano is to Bo playing Art is Dead.

ShaDHP23 : I don't know if he's serious or satiracle here. Notice, here he said "we" instead of "I"

jason kotowski : Hearing how much his vocals have developed from then until now is incredible

Dylan Hall : Plot twist: Bo was showing off his talent in an attempt to seduce Ron Jeremy

votejello : Pretty ballsy performing this in front of Maron

Krock : "i am an addict" ZOOM IN ON MARON

Calypso Veil : I will never understand why the audience laughed when bo said he could have fed a family of 4 for 40 days with his show's budget . This part always breaks my heart ... you can feel how guilty he feels, how disgusted by himself he is. It makes me want to hug him.

LoquaciousLaners42 : He sounds so nervous compared to normal. 😔

Spencer Allbritton : Damn, Bo is a really talented kid, and it takes a lot of balls to sing a song you wrote in front of legendary comedians. Props

NoData : I also think that Ron Jeremy's purpose on this show is solely to confuse people as to why he's there.

Paul O'Dwyer : I don't understand how people are missing the intentional irony in Marc's comment.

TheConfusedVampire : Anyone notice that he changed the lyrics to use them at the others? The song goes, "I wanted my name in lights." He said, "We wanted our name in lights." He really seem to want to put as much fury and disgust in this as possible and I don't blame him. If I was him I don't know how I could possible handle my most serious work be taken this light by so many people.

Oh Hai Mark : damn he had the balls to perform this in front of comedic actors too.

NewBookSmell : 0.38 Bo is like; ha ha ha, I'm so sick of these mortals.

migg seeds : Hollywood would say: "wooow that was a very out of the box, thought filled, song he can we box it up and sell it??"

ZoulsGaming : "My drug's attention, i am an addict, but i get paid to indulge in my habit" Always loved that line.

lorddude123 : I like the change he makes to the song from " because I wanted to see my name up in lights" to "because WE wanted to see OUR names up in lights" its a good change and really quick witted.

Jesus Take the Wheel : I would absolutely love to be his microphone

Boe Dillard : Big deal, Art is dead.    I've never even met Art, his passing doesn't impact me.

TBD : To everyone saying "Poor Bo": "I am an artist, please don't respect me" "I am an artist, please don't revere me" "I am an artist, feel free to correct me" - Bo Burnham

3j : all i can say about this is: holy shit. bo is so talented, and this is where is shows.

Pouline Veber : Is it just me or can you literally hear Bo get angry and frustrated very time they laugh.

bethany mcdonnell : I like how it looks like Bo is just hitting the piano and playing random notes and still sounds beautiful?

rref _ : Its not really a funny song and I don't think that it should be interpreted that way. I guess there are funny parts but I don't get why people are laughing at a song with a deep meaning

Ha Kou : cringed through most of this sense it speaks directly about the comedians in that room

Jason Molton-Schneider : Are the people even paying attention to the meaning or words of this song!? THIS SONG IS SO #DEEP THAT I CAN'T LAUGH!

Lydia F. : "Yeah, I thought it was cute." why...

Tearyatobitz : The intimacy of this performance makes me cringe and I really don't know why

Yordle Dippy : I somehow find it extremely ironic how this song is basically Bo saying not to revere him, and then have all of his fans in the comments bitching about the other comics joking with Bo. It's like you can't say anything bad about him because he is "Pure Genius" or some shit lol.

Brooke Barton : I'm that one guy in the hat who's really into bo's piano playing

Giovanni Leo : Is that Ron Jeremy in the background in the beginning?

TitoSilvey : These comments are almost more cancerous than the industry Bo's mocking

Vinnie Kohler : all of these comments calling the other comedians rude for just doing their jobs and making jokes lmao.

JasonHook9 : I love how Bo substitutes “I” in the song for “we” in this version since he’s performing it for the other comedians.

Eliza McStabberson : “Oh he’s a prop comic!” *Death glare disguised as a smile*

Cleveland Brown : Maron spent the whole time wondering how he can compare this song with his own neuroses

Cash : "So your a comedian? Play one of your most depressing songs for us hahaha"

Stuff and What Not : It just hit me, Bo's songs are like when Tiny Rick would sing in that one episode of Rick and Morty. Everyone laughs at extremely depressing personal shit he says in his songs. I mean claim to know whether or not he's depressed but it's got that same feeling.

j e : this song feels like it is written about maron more than about bo

SirHadoken : I don't understand how the audience can just sit there unaffected by that. Were they listening? This song changed the way I view life pretty easily.. The first time I listened to this, I would've had to sit down if I was just casually standing.