A Narwhal in the St. Lawrence River

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Daily Dose Of Internet : Thanks!!

Álvaro Carrillo : If this video lasted 1 hour of the same footage, same music and ocean sound, I would watch it over and over again. Beautiful

Ricardo Cooper : This is so the other gangs of Beluga whales don't dare mess with this gang, or they will get the stabbed!

kevin amaral : Mom the new kid keeps on poking me!

Bulldozer : ..and then they had Narlugas and Balwhals

blaaka33 : he came to the right neighbourhood

diane9247 : This is a unique and touching story of adaptation, but it is also stunningly beautiful film making. It leaves me craving more!

Mail Eryas : +10 Defense

Niclasini The Rocker : Anyone know the name of the song?

Catherine Todd : "How did the toothy young narwhal get so far south? He probably fled there after his Arctic habitat lost too much ground to climate-related ice melt, according to biologists at the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM) — a nonprofit whale-conservation group based in Quebec, Canada." more: https://www.livescience.com/63584-beluga-whales-adopt-narwhal.html

Cynthia Peters : I can't love this enough!

You wish you were me : They are obviously very related by looking at their body shapes. I wonder if it is possible for them to produce a hybrid?

MavianMK : interspecies erotica

1000SubsNoVids : Who came here from daily dose of internet?

Debre Szabolcs Attila : They're so adorable <3

Luigiplayz fortnite : Daily dose of internet

No Name Here ? : What is the name of that lovely song?

Kronos : What's the name of the song? :(( Desperate for dis

Cheezay Ballz : Hm, I wonder if Narwhales and Belugas can crossbreed? Both species belong in the same cetacean family, the Monodontidae, so they should be compatible. And it's known that even species that don't belong in the same family, but superfamily are compatible for crossbreeding. Like bottlenose dolphin and false killer whale, melon-headed whale and a rough-toothed dolphin ( they are all Delphinoidea)

William Case : like Mac Miller swimming with the homies.. RIP

Mourad El hajjam : Great piece of footage ! Very lucky to witness and film this, thanks for sharing. Song name: Intervention by Lee Rosevere

Catherine Todd : Who did the wonderful music? And video director?

Joseph McFadden : Le vivre-ensemble québecois... une sacrée belle chose à voir! : )

Naerwyn : Can I have a 3 hour video? XD

Joseph Dyck : Lol so cute. I hope he knows how to not stab them

Ultidragonlord : People underestimate how smart other animals really are.

Catherine Todd : More about making this video: "In addition to continuing the photo-ID program, we also have a new project: aerial video recordings. Using a drone, the BpJAM team sets out to document a new facet of beluga life: their social interactions. Taken in a systematic manner, these videos offer a new glimpse of the daily lives of belugas under the surface, which was nearly impossible from aboard the boat. In particular, we want to better understand how and why belugas use a given habitat. Thanks to this new tool, we were able to make a great discovery last Friday. After completing the classic photo-identification tracking of a group of about 50 to 60 belugas, we launch the drone. After a few minutes in the air, a group of belugas resurfaces. And to our surprise, the narwhal is amongst them! After the initial excitement of this discovery, our first question was: is this the same individual as the one observed in 2016 and 2017? We therefore landed the drone and took out our camera to take a few snapshopts. After photographing our vagrant as well as his companions from both sides, we were able to confirm that it was indeed the same narwhal!" more: https://baleinesendirect.org/en/with-the-belugas-and-a-narwhal/

zeewann : Maybe they think he's a spotted baluga with a weird long pointy thing?

Sebastian M. : Beautiful fantastic image

Joanna Kokoshka : That's the sweetest thing ever - somebody should make it in to children's book.

Mj Malonzo : It's lovely. I could watch it over and over again. Belugas are smart and the lone narwhal is nice to see with the bunch. He is not alone and lonely anymore and this news makes my heart happy 💜

Fros ty : I think I broke the replay button

grecomic : Soon we’ll discover the beluga call for “Watch where you point that thing!”

Ruz : does the le narwhal bacon? xdddd lolroflmao

Maggie Lin : Every time I watch this brings me to tears. So beautiful. I'm so happy that he found a place. A family. A home.

Omega Ovnis Ufos : Simply amazing !

Dragon Butt : Narwal receive love c:

feliox : damn I was there 4 months ago and I didn't ear of that

Chococacaooo : Same family

Super Platypus : This is beautiful

Kakashi Senpai : Hope Orcas didn't find this pod

Putrid OG : They just need him for a back scratcher that's it hahaha

Ophelia : wow they look a lot alike dont they

ebarsby : So amazing!

Dereik Henschel : Soooooo adorable

Victoria FOOTE-BLACKMAN : The music is Intervention by Lee Rosevere.

Ophelia : they are angels

Kuroko Tetsuya : Wow

IVV : https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjXtN2h6b3dAhUOXKwKHTC-CfkQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.singleblackmale.org%2F2014%2F09%2F23%2F3-reasons-black-guy-corporate-basketball-team-amazing%2F&psig=AOvVaw2sGQXvUjyi_DdLIxvuAqOL&ust=1537128814442777

RockyLewisFilms : lower the music volume on future vids.