best pirate i've ever seen

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EpicDonutDude : I FINALLY found this video

Dean Natuno : *How rare it is for a video to actually make you laugh*

Number Muncher : People are amazing.

EphiTV : The beach umbrella is a nice touch

Kitty Hussain : I'm crying, this is beautiful. This is magical. This is inspirational.

MaxisFabulous : Wow, something good on trending? What's next, eating laundry detergent?

Soundamite : This is why YouTube was good. Real, funny, classic viral videos with no corporate sponsors or partnerships

Garon Moore : "If it looks stupid but it works, then it ain't stupid."

Will's Personal-Development Show : What a prodigy

Pear official channel : This belongs in trending

bernie b : imagine the gas mileage on this boat

man rom : this is what clean coal can do.

Pink Plant : I'm speechless. This is the most beautiful edit ever.

Julee-Anna V : This. THIS is the what YouTube should be all about.

Josiah Ayarzagoitia : a new meme is born

SuperMikeEasy : My landlord got a complaint that I was being too loud... it's because I was laughing so hard from this video.

aidan christensen : How is this only #47 on Trending

Carlos MP : High quality meme

adil11223344 : We're all living in 2018 whilst this guys living in 3018

Barrel Rider : This is what should be on trending

Fabuleux : Quality content.

TastyTobiko : Now THAT Is the best pirate I’ve ever seen

Nico The Rabbit : Why does it take a pirate so long to learn the alphabet? -------------- Because he spends years at C!

Steve D : Stupid, insanely dangerous, reckless, and I LOVE IT!!

Cazem : Best Huck Finn I ever saw.

Gabe Shakour : It’s videos like this that remind me why the internet exists.

lI Northern Il [NorthernFace] : Sea of thieves in a nutshell


brokein2 : Not bass/volume boosted enough.

Siddhesh : wow it's trending ! nice job youtube

Diego Hernando Cubillos : Hopefully Disney will not find this

speakable gaming : Modern black pearl

Thoi Manh : #48? too low

John Banks : you are without a doubt the worst pirate ive ever heard of

End Studios : This cured my depression

Star Wolf : When you take the uber with a low rating...

Gil Ramos : I thought this was one of those weird algorithm screw ups until 0:09


marlinfan1995 : That’s the best thing I’ve seen all year

Scuffed Andy : It's almost like I'm on YouTube...

Raven Adair : how is this on trending lol but for real it deserves it

Valerie Hudak : Finally, something worthwhile trending!!!

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Digging 606 : Row, row, row your boat....

Justin Cogar : Operating Engineers they are their own BREED! IUOE

Hoss Hydraa : Idk how I got here, but, I'm not complaining 😂😂

Chloe Weightman : 😂 Ok you freaking got me you sneaky deceiver 🤣 can't stop laughing!

Rafa YouTube : Mexican food

mojabaka : When you open piratebay.

Bunch Berge : In 10 years people will look at this and comment "good ol days of youtube"