Cheb is dead...

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Comments from Youtube

Daniel Sambar : This is so sad, can we subscribe to Cherdleys?

Versaucey : Can't believe Cheb died only 8 days through 2019.

Trevor Bigda : I got 10 packs of fun dip in my room, boutta risk it all to join cheb ❤️

Daniel Henry : I poured out some of the dirt in my Heelie’s in honor of the dead homie -R.I.P. Chebby Webby (ButterBoy)

Julesdav : 2018 claimed so many legends. 2019 claimed *the* legend. Pouring one out for my boy Cheb. Never forget.

Steven von Hofsten : That new character at the end is giving me the bejeebers.

Quinten M : “Sometimes the best ..uh.. parts of waking up is looking out to the cool view” - Cheb 2017

Kevin Swartley : 1 like = I rip Cheb

Amanda Sheep : If Cheb dies,I die.

Radical Trash : This is starting to get like some Pink guy Filthy Frank lore stuff.

7ongcat : This is so sad can we get 2k likes on this video for your boy Cheb.

Tiholee : 1 like equals one anti death potion for cheb

Ryan The Leader : Like this if Charles is a human just like you & me

TheGreenRocket : This guy got some serious multiple personality disorder :( he’s suffering and here we are just watching

Jake Mendelson : Kill rashish

Tacos & Gold Chainz : Waiting for this channel to grow is like waiting for Benjamin Button to grow up. Get it 😂😂🤘🏻🤘🏻🙌🏻💦

Spongebob SquarePants : Commit oxygen not reach lungs

Gage Kinsey : May he Rest In Peace. He will be truly missed. RIP Cheb you effin radical bodacious polymorphic organism

Fishtime22 : I can't believe we lost a celebrity this soon in to 2019

Gator : Sweet, I never liked him anyways

Joel Davies : can I have his heeley's? I can imagine he wanted to be buried with them though :(

TQE Icon : Witches of New Orleans Agree to bring Chab back ..... on one condition if they Can get half of his subscribers. From : Davina Clair

Ben Klewais : Does Cindy know?! 😧💔

George Beseda : Press “F” to pay respects.

Kketansa Art : The new Ai Cheb robot character is something to look for more in the future videos.

Aydo Mac : Chravis will save us all in the end ❤️🤘🏼

Bear with Boots : He just needs reverse cessitaion from his gf

Jake Guitar Guy : So sad Cheb will never be in Rewind.

AYD3N T : Actually what really killed Cheb was Lumbago

Haise : I went and brought all the fun dips I can so I can join cheb in the afterlife

AsToldByNoah : *There was only supposed to be one view my kid*

F : F

Alex Deeb : so funny haha i laughed xd

Euc : This is a so good I’m surprised you arnt bigger. All these characters I love this

Charles Ruhland : He's really dead.. My girlfriend is finally safe 😫😁

Ryan The Leader : Alexa... this 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 so 👏🏻 sad 👏🏻 Play BruhV3.mp3 😞

Wyatt : NOOO CHEB WHY DID YOU DO IT!?!?! 😭 😆

Gairick : i need more of this content

Nick Lampedecchio : We need to see Chravis make a guest appearance on the Real Bros of Simi Valley!!!

Sw3y Lionz : Top 10 Anime Death scenes that will BREAK YOUR HEART

Yeeter McSkeeter : Sweet dank. Love the content my dude! Loved the Chravis part too!

The Rex : As long as Chet's okay I'm fine. He saved my soul in november

Nukcall : Andrew killed cheb but you won't hear the media covering that story

edgelordx : We will miss you cheb 😭 legends never die R.I.P

Henrik Lindland : took a break from this channel because of the over the top usage of the scene cut sound fx still there sadly :p, funny content tho, happy new year :)

Johns Memesweatshop : Plz revive Cheb the heart and sole of this channel 😫😭😭😭😭

souleater307 : I'm gonna boof all three flavors in honor of cheb. dip in piece my man.

Nick D : I haven’t watched the video yet (because over six mins is a long time!) But I’ve come to pay my respects. My condolences toward the Cheb family. 😔😢

JedDraws : Rip to the realest 😓😢😦☹️