Taboo S1E01 Land Negotiation Scene
Tom Hardy Taboo Land Negotiation Scene

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Simon Mombrun : Are you Deaf?

natasha meliffi : Hardys accent and voice is hypnotizing

dominic : Some very expressive grunting here from all sides, but I think that Hardy outdoes the rest of them by a fair margin.

Marcus W : 4:30 pause it and look on the left back the ghost of his mother is their that’s who’s telling him things and that’s why he laughs

Scott K : I love how slowly it becomes clear to them that he's on a whole 'nother level.

webslinger48 : I don't think I have ever seen such a perfect amalgam or acting, writing, music, cinematography and direction in a film, never mind a tv show. This scene was the best.

Mr EBK : Second season Damn it!

Mohammed Barazi : 4:30 is that a ghost ?

Damian : Was this before or after Brexit??

Geralt of Trivia : :) are you deaf? -_-

Scott K : I know the evil that you do.

Nina Papp : ohhh god... im in love with James Delaney <3

Malik Reyes : Cant wait for season 2

Edward Mayer : At 4:51 you can hear 5 bricks dropping out of their ass's as he left the room

Zachary Shepard : I like that this scene mixes politics and business in a real but entertaining way. Except House Of Cards or Game Of thrones it is rare to find on tv. Usually politics on tv are boring

Χρόνης Παπαδόπουλος : I predict Tom Hardy will win 5 Oscars in his acting career

supernova girl : Tom turns me on so much its insane

Andres Cafe : Tom Hardy should be the next James Bond with less grunting of course.

Carrie Oakey : best scene of all of season 1

Lahcen Daz : I was really impressed by this show. Waiting the second season ...

Joachim Murat : Mace Tyrell speaking with the High Sparrow? Who would have thought!

Jim Dunn : This was a great show!

Beatrixx Kiddo : Dude's face @ 4:21 is hilarious!

drwarcloud36 : Ballin

Scott K : god I want this kind of power. (edit: made god lower case)

American troll girl girl : Just watched the 1st episode. Wow really exciting that boy his half sister and his son?

anthony alcock : Pretentious and portentous. Verges on self-parody. But the story is clever.