Taboo S1E01 Land Negotiation Scene

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C Mac : The Leviathan of the Seas, is it? The terrible shadow? The beast with a million eyes, and a million ears? Conquest, rape, plunder? I studied your methods in your school, and I do know the evil that you do because I was once part of it.

KungFuKenny : "MMMHAAAH"

Simon Mombrun : Are you Deaf?

Marcus W : 4:30 pause it and look on the left back the ghost of his mother is their that’s who’s telling him things and that’s why he laughs

Mohammed Barazi : 4:30 is that a ghost ?

dominictemple : Some very expressive grunting here from all sides, but I think that Hardy outdoes the rest of them by a fair margin.

Markus Magnon : 4:17 - The scene is in reverse. Look at his eyes. Sometimes editors do that if they could not find a good take and want a movement in the right direction. But it is very difficult if the actor is blinking.. and simple the movement just looks wrong. Like in this case. It is just a terrible decision to play this scene in reverse and edit it in.

webslinger48 : I don't think I have ever seen such a perfect amalgam or acting, writing, music, cinematography and direction in a film, never mind a tv show. This scene was the best.

Ants Ward : To Say That Delaney is A Psychopath Why Does He Say Sorry at 2:24 lol

Beatrixx Kiddo : Dude's face @ 4:21 is hilarious!

Zachary Shepard : I like that this scene mixes politics and business in a real but entertaining way. Except House Of Cards or Game Of thrones it is rare to find on tv. Usually politics on tv are boring

drwarcloud36 : Ballin

American girl : Just watched the 1st episode. Wow really exciting that boy his half sister and his son?