Snarky Puppy - Lingus (We Like It Here)

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Snarky Puppy - Lingus From the live DVD "We Like It Here" Streaming: Digital/Physical: Recorded and filmed live (free of overdubs) from October 7-10 at Kytopia Studios in Utrecht, the Netherlands, for GroundUP Music. For more information and upcoming tour dates, please visit or Written, arranged, and produced by Michael League. Personnel: Michael League - bass Shaun Martin - keyboards Bill Laurance - keyboards Cory Henry - keyboards (solo) Justin Stanton - Fender Rhodes Mark Lettieri - guitar Bob Lanzetti - guitar Chris McQueen - guitar Nate Werth - percussion Larnell Lewis - drums Mike Maher - trumpet (solo) Chris Bullock - sax (solo) Bob Reynolds - sax Jay Jennings - trumpet Engineered by Eric Hartman, Roy Van Rosendaal, Mike Harrison, & Colin Benders. Filmed by Andy LaViolette, Brad Holt, Emily Schwarting, Joseph Lafond, and Christi LaViolette. Mixed by Eric Hartman in Dallas, Texas. Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk New York, NY.

Comments from Youtube

Padakeno Ryu : The more i learn about playing piano and music theory, the less i understand how this solo was possible

Silesian Sailor : Cory ( synths ) & Larnell (drums ) are the proof that extraterrestial life exists on our planet.

Jeremy Medicina : They say it took 12 trees to produce the sheet music for Corey's solo.

Jesus Christ : Everybody's talking bout cory's and larnell but nobody talk about League who wrote EVERY FCKING TABS FOR EVERY FCKING INSTRUMENTS on the song

-Jr- : I hope those instruments were over 18

MIGUEL DAVIS : I showed this to my stairs And now it’s an elevator

SeanithanEgan : This came on automatically after another video I was watching. I had to go to work. I'm now late to work.

Davi Duff : Written, arraged, produced by Micheal League : Genius Bassist

Malletdude31 : I just love that during Cory's solo, right from the jump, he looks glassy-eyed, like he doesn't actually see anything else around him and the keyboards. He's just staring off into space the whole time he's not looking at the keyboard fiddling with things. Then about 6 or 7 bars before they transition out of the solo, he suddenly looks up and has a giant smile on his face like he just came out of a trance. It's hilarious.

Frank Bradley : 8:01 - 8:17 greatest musical transition of all time. fight me

Bazahaza : Is this the ending to the Keyboard version of Whiplash??

Simone Gusella : The drummer is at the correct gig

mrjmaverick1995 : I needed a cigarette after this.

gustafsone : When I stumbled upon this video the first time, I was a shy and naive virgin. 11 minutes later, I had become a man.

Jelle Wierda : Wow just wow. I just discovered Snarky Puppy yesterday. For the keyboard player who played the solo: you made me cry. Because to me you showed us people why we are here. Experience the beauty of music and it capacity to share energy words fall short. Thank you thank you thank you. Amazing.

Andre Gontijo : 5:33 when you gotta pretend you're ok

Funky Chameleon : His solo is in segments!! Lol 1.killa chords 2.killa synth 3killa chords+synth 4.killa 2-handed runs He da best, hands down!

Arpit Jain : How the hell are we supposed to cover this song

Jonathan Watson : Shauns reaction is my favorite thing

Kees de Wit : 1:46 Michael League's neck is almost as flexibel as Joe Dart's

Jepfrankie : I can cover Cory's solo on my maracas. I just need 83 more hands.

Fred Dosan : A very cunning Lingus.

Shelby67Hllyh : Lord, forgive me for my synths

Mr. Thorax : Anyone else just get overwhelmed with raw emotion watching this video? I start fucking crying everytime around the 6 minute mark. I don't really know why yet.. they're just blowing me away. Never seen such synchronicity and pure joy expressed through music.

SALESPRODUCTIONS : Wow . . . just wow. I have never seen a better keyboard player - EVER. And I am a lifelong musician and 51 years old. I've seen ALOT of Musicians / bands. He is a SAVANT. I have never seen anything close to the level of skills here. And it's everyone in the room. Just FINDING people of this skill level and getting them all together to create music like this is freakishly daunting. This is profoundly special.

Ciaran Cosgrave : Ok. The synth player and the drummer are from the future or something!

Ryan Harris : I pretty sure I'm responsible for about 16m of the 17m views. Gives me goosebumps every time.

Jamie : Props to the team who mic'd, mixed and mastered this. No less skilled or talented than the musicians. The mix is absolutely fantastic

Rafael Lourenco : I got it! The drummer is an Alien.

anonagain : Just discovered Snarky Puppy - I didn't know anyone was still making music like this. It reminds me of some of the fusion I grew up with in the 70s - definitely got a new fan here.

Guy Fawkes : That...may just be tighter and more impressive than Zappa's bands. And I'm a 40 year Zappa fan who has never said that about anything before. Un. Be. Lievable.

T G : Wow! Not usually a keyboard fan in jazz but Cory Henry's solo... unbelievable melodic sense! Man - does he work all through the "theory" on a subconscious level to deliver a stellar, original and meaningful solo.

Adam Lee : This video is incomprehensible to me. Firstly, because it's hard to understand just how crazy talented every individual in this room is. Secondly, because I can't believe how perfectly this many musicians lock with one another, when the music is this demanding. Thirdly, every single one of them is sensitive to the artistic motion of the piece. They move as a unit, and every one serves the purpose of realising Michael's insane composition to its highest form of expression. This band blows my mind - every single time! Yikes!

azorris : 8:22 => the smile from someone who's just played the best keyboards improvs solo of all time

Mohit Morris : My fav. moment... when Cory's comes back to earth with the biggest smile on his face @7:55 !!!!

Andrew Castellano : Re-release with commentary from the musicians would be fun. Hearing how this all came together, what was spontaneous, what actually went wrong but turned out right, etc.

Czheckproductions : who the hell thumbs down this video?

Adrienne Thorpe : I’m going to have call a friend and apologize for not listening to this band any sooner.

Dan Anthony : This drummer is blowing my mind. He must have to take an ice bath after playing like this. How do his arms not fall off ?

Dean Roddey : I just listened to this for probably the 20th time, and I'm literally sweating it's so intense. Is there such a thing as a double reverse, hyper-poly-rhythm?

Jam Jox : Me, Minute 1: This okay, I guess. Very experimental. Me, Minute 5: Is this genre even legal?

Damian Clarkson : Drummer is the secret star here! fkin unreal the whole song!

Philip Steenbergen : Come for the music. Stay for Shaun Martin's reactions to that keyboard solo.

Paisible Ourson : 6:36 to 6:42, listen it again, again and again : that tiny part finished to kill Shaun

Jason Washington : larnell lewis is a freaking MACHINE.......

MotoBandit ZA : Best performance iv'e seen in my entire life! Sheer brilliance in music complexity, individual talent and collective professional delivery. Mind blowing the variations, layers and colors of music. Beautiful seeing everyone locked in and getting it done. Wish i could have been in this room. Some things happen once in a lifetime and for those people listening this was one of those moments. What a privilege to listen to this! Thank you!

Ian Crumley : Lets not forget about the drummer! This man goes ham throughout the entire thing. What a GOD.

David Simpson : Every time I hear an old person in my family say "they just don't make good music any more," I think of bands like Snarky Puppy and laugh to myself. I've probably learned more as a drummer from young bands like Snarky Puppy, Intronaut, Animals as Leaders, and Meshuggah than I did all the rest of my drumming years combined. OK, well Meshuggah's more MY age but I digress :) The more I look, the more great new bands I discover who are not only "good," they can sometimes make the stuff I grew up listening to seem quaint in comparison. There are greats from every era, but the bar is raising over time.

LaBass666 : Everyone talking about larnell and Cory, I'm having fun watching little trumpet and tall trumpet blowing out the tunes!